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11/4/2005 9:12 pm

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some of life's curves necessitated a fair
amount of self-sexploration over the last
few years. you know - broken relationship,
not knocking on the right doors just yet,
unrealized fantasies...

and...a changing libido. the rebound seems
to take longer. so, when that certain tingle
comes over my body, i am reluctant to let
it go. you know? wanna peek at a typical
day? a day.., that is, when that certain
warm tingle grabs me?

i often awaken way too early. snuggled between
the flannel sheets, wearing nothing, i lie
there on my stomach. i happen to be positioned
such that my left had finds a growing opportunity.
there's some nice foreplay ~~if you have read
my other musings, you know where my thoughts
are~~ in the dark. i imagine her in multiple
different fantasies. i get myself so close.
then stop my hand. wait a bit... then, start
again. my hand varying its grip, sometimes
firmly, sometimes softly, perhaps with only
two fingers. i love to feel the smoothness.
i get within three or four strokes and stop
again. wait... and again. and a.a.a.again...
whew! almost went over the edge, there.
i may do this for 30-120 minutes before getting
out of bed. still having not orgasmed. there
is plenty of pre-cum, most of which gets licked
off of my fingers. more teasing in the shower.
throughout the day, multiple breaks, dozens of
'on the brink' moments. some call it edging
then i found out this technique is used in kundalini or tantra.

at some point during the day, usually early,
i get a wave of fairygnomes [TM] wash over me.
i start feeling delirious. like i'm on some strangely
wonderful drug. i notice that my fantasies are, well,
naughterier, wilder. and still, i stroke myself
just within two strokes...and i have a little
orgasm. i don't cum. well, sometimes a little
slips out, which i can actually feel as it leaves.
a moment later, a few drops of my cum oozes out,
onto my finger and licked off. mmmm, i guess eating pineapple is helping!

when i allow myself to finally cum, pehaps
very late in the evening, it is almost always
all over myslef ~~i visualize a dozen different
ways in my delirium, but that takes a partner ~~
it is more intense than you can imagine. a lot.
i love feeling the warm pulses land on me.
a lot lands on me. wave after wave of mind-shattering,
electric bliss washes over me and lands
on my chest, once in a while, hitting my neck
~~it used to fly past my head when i was a teen~~

naturally, i can't do this everyday. i would never
get anything done and i'm busy with several projects.
but if you see me stopping in here, i
just may be in a lusciously delirious state.

rm_Kissmystuff 61F
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12/10/2005 12:20 am

Yes...tantra. I understand the Japanese also use a similar technique to prolong the sexual act...can go on for hours.

Blessed be the man who practices either..


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