iPod observation  

LickYourYoni 67M
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12/22/2005 12:30 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

iPod observation

i finally got myself an iPod a month ago.
the L and R on each of the ear buds is so
small, that i quickly memorized which bud
goes in which ear.

so, now i notice many, many iPod enjoyers
with the ear buds in the wrong ear. they
have the L in the right ear and R in the
left ear. that's like facing away from
the music ~ turning their back to the

maybe i should try it. see if anyone notices
and says something to me. maybe i will hear
things in the music that i missed before.
now, wouldn't that be something? not like
playing a record backwards and hearing "Paul
is dead," but interesting to think what i
might hear. i am slightly more right-brained
and this kind of stuff intrigues me.

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