Hamburg trip Part 2  

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Hamburg trip Part 2


She said "Are you Greg?", I simply said "Yes".
She said "Did you really blow my brother?"

Well I'm a pretty straight talker but not usually THAT brazen, so it was my turn to turn pink!

I quickly tried to recover from my surprise and said rather lamely "Why, is that what he told you?"

To my further surprise, she said "Yes, he said you were willing and I want to know if you do pussies too?" Well, blow me I thought...

I sort of stuttered out that I'd be happy to and out of caution added, "If you're serious, I am."

She said she was but then she stunned me totally saying, "Do you mind if my brother watches?

I thought for a few seconds, then said "Sure" I figured he could hardly say anything against me after what we'd done earlier. I repeated "Sure".

She opened the door and in he came, grinning from ear to ear, it turned out it was their joint idea it turned out.

Contd. from Part 1:

She pulled back my sheet and saw I was already naked so she stripped off and climbed on top of me facing the opposite way. She sat on my face and let he arse slide along my nose until her pussy pressed against my lips. My cock sprang skywards. Out of one eye I saw her brother had pulled his cock out and was stroking it slowly.

Suddenly she took hold of my cock and began licking the knob and the very tip. I slid my tongue between her moist lips and tasted her juices for the first time, she sure tasted sweet.

I gripped her arse cheeks with both hands and began massaging her butt while I buried my face in her warm wet pussy, licking and sucking in her taste and smell, eating her from underneath. She moaned and began sucking on my cock. I renewed my licking and sucking, seeking out her hardening clit for special attention while at the same time moistening a finger in her pussy juices. I ran my finger around her pussy and then her arse and at the same time, ran my nose all over her pussy and pushed it inside her wet slit.

She bit my dick in a shudder of pleasure and began sucking harder on my knob while tickling my balls! I was already excited before we began so I was soon ready to cum and took a breath and asked her to slow down while I licked her some more. She said, "No way, go for it, I'm going to to cum any second".

She started writhing on my face, pressing harder and harder against me and sucking furiously on my cock. I couldn't hold off any longer so I gripped her clit between my lips and sucked like mad, slipping my wet finger into her arse. I exploded in her mouth first and that seemed to trigger her orgasm, she went crazy almost suffocating me in her jerking and thrusting against my mouth and nose, she seemd to take forever to finish cumming and I was left gasping for air.

Finally she lifted her arse off me and I looked up to see her brother shooting his load all over her tits and her rubbing his cum in with her hands! Woa! What is this, I think, then she starts licking his cock and begins to suck all the cum out of it. Hmm, I haven't see that before, brother and sister, so I said, "Do you two usually have sex with each other or was it just the excitement this time?" He said, "Oh no, we've been doing this ever since we could but we don't fuck, just oral". We had a small house when we were kids and had to share a bedroom until we got a bigger house, then we had to sneak rooms".

She finished sucking his cum and turned her attention back to me. I don't shoot a lot of cum since I had my plumbing disconnected but she found some to slurp up that she had missed earlier in her wild thrashing about. (I was just grateful she hadn't bitten my dick off). Wow, what a buzz, it was exciting enough having her and having him watch me having her without me watching him cum over her too! I've done plenty of 3some stuff but that's definitely a first for me. My sister never sucked me off! (More's the pity now that I think about it).

Anyway, she seemed in no hurry to get off so I continued to play with her wet pussy and arse while she licked all around my balls and sucked on my limp cock. I began to rise again so she turned around and started sliding back and forth along my hardening shaft while licking my face and, of all things, she kept sticking her tongue in my nose, one nostril after the other, like she was fucking them. It felt good too! After a while of this strange sensation, I got into it and licked her chin while she licked my nose. Meanwhile my cock got hard again and she slipped over the knob and sucked it into her really hot, wet pussy and rode it hard.

I was so turned on again by then that my cock started twitching and my balls began to tingle. I mumbled "Take it easy, I'll shoot again soon" so she suddenly pulled off me and I thought that was it, she's going to finish me by hand, but no, she had something better in mind first...

She repositioned herself over my cock and slid it perfectly straight into her wet arse hole. It was tight, really tight and I was itching to thrust deep into her and shoot but I restrained my urges and let her slide up and down until I couldn't take it any more. I sort of hissed a warning that I would soon cum and she thrust me deeper into her arse then slipped off and finished me off with one hand while fingering herself with the other. Meanwhile her brother was pulling furiously on his cock again and he and I came at about the same time, this time he shot over my stomach and his cum mingled with mine.

She carried on for a few minutes while I fingered her arse and her brother twisted her nipples until she came, shaking and shuddering, almost falling off the bed. Then she collapsed on top of me and sort of writhed about in the mess of cum and pussy juices all over both our bodies. We were almost stuck together! After a few mins of her licking my face and wriggling and purring she lept off and ran to the shower. I lay there feeling drained and saw her brother grinning at me again. "What?" I said. "I bet you weren't expecting anything like that, were you!" he smirked. "No way!" I uttered, still in wonder of it all.

He got some toilet paper and started wiping the mess of my body while she finished in the shower and he said, "We can do that again tomorrow night if you'd like." "Bummer!" I said with true and sincere feelings of disappointment, "I'm only here tonight". "Oh, well then, perhaps in the morning he offered?" "Dam!" I muttered, "I have an early train". "That's ok", he said, she can wake us really early!" "Hmmm, can she spend the night instead?" I said hopefully. "I'll ask her" he offered doubtfully. Unfortunately she said no and when I got up to leave the next morning, he was still sleeping and she hadn't appeared, much to my disappointment.

Still, it was a great experience, one I would love to repeat someday. I hummed all the way to the conference and struggled to keep my erection under control every time my mind wandered back...

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