Caught with my pants down...  

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6/14/2005 7:18 am

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Caught with my pants down...

Hmmm, well that was a surprising and interesting experience, talk about getting caught red handed!

I was sitting here this morning updating my AdultFriendFinder profile and writing to the bulletin board playing with my cock when the doorbell suddenly rang.

I wasn't expecting anyone over so I was sitting at the computer with no pants on playing with myself and there was nothing to put on within easy reach. I raced to the bedroom and threw on a pair of track pants and answered the door. It was the Water Meter guy and I had forgotten he was coming and needed to not only read the meters, he was to replace them all with new ones too.

I noticed that his eyes kept going to my crutch while he was trying to explain to me in German, and over my shoulder too. I suddenly realised he could see my computer screen with pictures of hard cocks and naked asses. I looked down and saw that my cock was still pretty hard and nicely outlined in my track pants. I was pretty embarrassed and turned bright red because for all I knew, this guy was straight.

He suddenly switched to English and told me he needed to get under the sink to change the water meter. I took him to the kitchen and left him to work while I shut off the computer screen. Then I watched as he worked and decided that he couldn't really have realised I was wanking when he came in so I relaxed, until while reaching for his screwdriver, his hand brushed past my trackpants and I felt it against my still throbbing cock!

Then he changed the meters in the bathroom and brushed against my cock again so I decided that this time it was no accident or coincidence. I adjusted myself and said "Did you do that on purpose" and he said "Yep, what are you going to do about it?" So I pulled down my trackpants and let him have a good look. He seemed interested.

Well, this was new to me, I've had people I knew were looking for sex touch me unexpectedly but never a total stranger before. Then he grabbed it and began pumping it to make it harder with one hand and undoing his jeans with the other. Once he had he own cock out he started jerking off and put my cock in his mouth and sucked like crazy. Man, this guy sure knows how to suck cock.

I was already primed and ready for sex, so with him sucking like a commercial vacuum cleaner and me watching his cock growing hard in his hand, I shot my load right down his throat pretty quick.

When he had finished swallowing, I asked him if he made a habit of doing this and he said he didn't, he usually gets to fuck women because it's usually women at home alone when he comes around, not guys, but he's had luck a couple of times before with men. Aha, I think, so he's bi-sexual like me, that's cool.

Meanwhile he was still kneeling playing with his cock so I got him to stand and went down on him. I tried to suck like he did but I came a second best, but he came pretty quick too so that's OK.

He finished his work and I asked him if he could come over again soon for a repeat performance and he said, "Well I know where you live (wink, wink) so I will drop by again when I've finished work". I gave him my phone number and said, call first in case my wife comes home early" He said "Why, do you want help with her too? Ha, I like this guy!

... and I can't wait 'til he gets back tonight!

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