All pumped up and nowhere to cum...  

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6/15/2005 1:49 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

All pumped up and nowhere to cum...

Well, hell, that was a bit of a disappointment last night, my friend the meater eater (Meter Reader) didn't call and he didn't cum either.

Bummer, although it may be just as well because sure enough, my wife came home early last night as my premonition predicted. Her boss went home early (as he often does because he's lazy) so she left early for once (because she's over worked), so there was a good possibility I would have been caught eating the peter on the meter reader or having my water works unblocked by strong suction.

However, he did call this morning and he's going to be reading meters in this area for a few weeks yet and will be over for another plumbing session soon, so all is not lost. He may even bring one of his regular ladies with him so we can share!

I wonder if they're into water sports? (kidding).

Whatever happens, it's got to be safe and fun or I'm not interested so if it means hand jobs or blow jobs all round, that alright by me too.

I still think we should form a masterbating group and meet occasionally for some self satisfaction, it's gotta be better than doing it alone every time and sometimes we can do with a helping hand

Such a shame SwtSthnGrl is in the US, she could have started the balls rolling and been the right hand gal to a founding member (pardon the puns).

Have a good one, whatever you do...


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