Chapter 4 - The shower  

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Chapter 4 - The shower

Chapter 4 - The shower

Chrissy slips off the blindfold, smiles at Geoff, and says “that was lovely hun”. Geoff removes a pubic hair from between his teech and cheekily says “Good, but we might have to do something about that later” looking pointedly at her pubic hair.

She gives him a peck on the lips and at the same time grabs his balls and cock in her hand. “Now”, she says “You have been a very naughty boy teasing me like that and shoving your finger up my arse. Do you agree to do exactly as you are told for the next bit?”

Geoff’s throat goes a little dry and he swallows, nervous with anticipation. “Yes Mistress”

“Good” says Chrissy “for the moment then you are my slave and your body is mine to do what I like with, you may only speak your opinions when asked to but you must reply Yes Mistress to all commands.”

Chrissy picks up the silk scarf, the baby oil and goes and gets a vibrator out of a drawer.

Chrissy takes Geoff by the hand and orders “Come with me, slave” she leads him up to the shower.

Chrissy turns on the shower and sets the temperature. “In” she commands. “Yes Mistress he replies.

“You may wash me slave” says Chrissy “but mind that you are gentle or you will be punished. Of course you have already been rude and disobedient once for which you will be chastised”

Geoff takes a sponge and some shower gel and starts to gently create a lather all over Chrissy’ body. As her touches her sensitive parts she starts to give out little sighs and moans.

“MMM quite good” says Chrissie “you deserve a reward ‒ you may kiss my arsehole”

Chrissy bends over slightly and spreads her legs. Geoff pushes apart the cheeks of her arse and starts to lick her arsehole. He then puts the tip of his tongue in the middle of her hole and pushes it in slightly. He then wiggles his tongue in a rhythm.

“Lovely” says Chrissy “But enough ‒ stand up”. “Yes Mistress” replies Geoff

“Now for your punishment , you naughty boy ‒ bend over” “Yes Mistress” replies Geoff.

Chrissy takes a plastic back brush and gives Geoff three soft strokes on each cheek of his arse. “There” says Chrissy “You may now hug and kiss me”

They stay in their embrace for a while with the water cascading over their bodies.

Then Chrissy takes the sponge and lathers Geoff all over lingering for longer than she needed to on his cock and balls. “I don’t do this for everyone you know” says Chrissy and takes Geoff in her arms again.

Chrissy breaks the embrace and commands “Turn around I have a surprise for you as you have been such a good boy” Geoff replies “Yes mistress”.

Geoff turns around and Chrissy spreads the cheeks of his arse and starts titillating his arsehole with her tongue. “Do you like that?” asks Chrissy. “Yes Mistress” replies Geoff

“Don’t move” commands Chrissy “No Mistress” replies Geoff

Chrissy takes the baby oil and pours a liberal amount into the crack of Geoff’s arse. She starts to massage his arsehole with her fingers gradually lubricating it with oil until she slips in first one and then a second finger. She starts to move her fingers gently in and out to a rhythm and asks “how does that feel slave? “ “It feels good mistress” replies Geoff

Chrissy then takes the vibrator and turns it on, she covers it in some oil and then gently inserts it into Geoff’s arsehole.

Chrissy then turns off the shower and picks up the scarf. “Stand with your back to the shower and cross your arms above your head” she commands. “Yes Mistress” replies Geoff and does as he is told.

Chrissy takes the scarf and ties Geoff’s hands to the top shower rail support.

“Now I have you exactly where I want you” says Chrissy “Its time for your reward for being such a good boy.

By now Geoff’s cock is as big as it is ever going to get, standing up proud and twitching slightly with each beat of his heart.

Chrissy puts a towel on the floor of the shower and kneels down in front of him and takes his throbbing hard cock deep into her mouth. She gently massages his balls with one hand whilst gently moving the vibrator in and out of his arse.

As Chrissy feels Geoff start she eases back to tease him a bit and then finally she feels the salty taste of his cum surging into her mouth, she swallows every drop sucking him dry.

“Was that nice slave?” asks Chrissy “Yes Mistress, absolutely fantastic, but it may be a while before its up again” replies Geoff

Chrissy is gently removing the vibrator from Geoff’s arse and says “we’ll have to see about that.

She unties his hands and they fall into a lovely embrace. Geoff is completely satiated but Chrissy is already getting hot for it again.

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