Chapter 1 - The Invitation  

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Chapter 1 - The Invitation

The Characters

Chrissy and Geoff are both like minded people, both in a secure relationship but lacking that bit extra.

Chrissy has a curvy figure, lovely skin, she has played a few times and had fun but says that she has not really connected enough to let herself go completely.

Geoff is big and very strong, being an ex rugby player. He has played around a bit and is quite adventurous and imaginative but like Chrissy he has yet to click in a holistic way.

The invitation

Geoff and Chrissy met on the internet and have exchanged piccies, emails and chat for a while now. They have become really good friends as far as it goes but somehow its just not the same as meeting. Eventually Geoff asks Chrissy whether she would like to meet. They are both a bit nervous but also enjoying the anticipation.

Chrissy says that she will be free on Wednesday with plenty of time.

Geoff asks if Chrissy wants to meet in a pub or cafe or anywhere else really that she feels comfortable with. Chrissy suggests a little country pub that she knows where they can meet discreetly.

"About 12 then" suggests Geoff, "avoid some of the business crowd".

"Fine" says Chrissy " I'll look forward to it".

"So will I, keep well"

The Meet

Geoff arrives at 5 to 12, orders a drink and notices, with approval, that there is a table

free in an intimate corner. That will do nicely he thinks.

At a quarter past 12 Chrissy still hasn't arrived. Maybe Chrissy has shied away at the last minute. I'll have another drink and give her ten more minutes, Geoff thinks, maybe the traffic is bad,

At half past 12 Geoff is just about to leave when in walks Chrissy looking all hot and

flusterred."I'm soo sorry" says Chrissy

"Hey no problem" says Geoff "Just give me a hug"

They hug for a moment, but what a moment both are thinking Phew! That's the first physical touch sorted and the world didn't end.

Geoff gives Chrissy a peck on the cheek and looking directly into her eyes asks "do you want a hard one or a soft one?"

As quick as a flash and looking directly back Chrissy replies, in a soft voice as she
doesn't want the whole pub to hear, "You cheeky bugger - I'll have a fizzy water now and a hard one later mmmm"

They both smile at each other.

Geoff gets the drinks in and they sit and chat for a while.

As their drinks are nearing an end Geoff asks Chrissy "what do you think of all this
clandestine stuff then?

Chrissy replies "Well it adds a bite of spice but I am not entirely comfortable here in case someone sees me"

Geoff looks into Chrissy's eyes and asks "can I smell coffee brewing?"

Let me know if you want Chapter 2 - Getting Comfortable

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Go on then, give us chapter 2.

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