Fantasy lady come true,,, long since lost...  

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11/11/2005 9:57 am

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Fantasy lady come true,,, long since lost...


I saw you pass by me on the interstate 95 near Fredericksburg, Virginia at 70mph. Over the next hours worth of miles, we exchanged glances,, cute smiles,, and that teasing little throw of the hair.

I paid for your tolls as I happend to be in front of you as we hit the same tollbooth. You could have simply stayed behind and let me disappear into traffic ahead of you.

However, you pulled up to me and mouthed "thank you"

This happened two more times,, each time with us both laughing about how funny this was. Then much to my surprise you got off at my offramp. You then followed me into a nearby mall.

I was absolutely rock hard with the prospects of meeting this beautiful tall blonde with the sensual face.

When your legs stepped out of your sports car,, I thought I would blow my load right there...

You were an amazon goddess!! Tall, blonde, fit, soooo very sexy. Dinner with you was a whirl of conversation. Our evening was a delicous exchange of conversation, flirting touches..

Your foot ran up my the inside line of my suit pants,,until your toes found my aching croch!!!

The next few minutes were living heaven and hell for me... Until you switched sides of the booth to be with me..

Your fingers found my ROCK hard cock waiting for your touch. I couldnt believe it when you released it from my pants,,, and you slipped under the table cloth to suck on me. The waiter who stopped by to fill up our wine glasses HAD to have heard your sucking...

Your suction on my member was immense and I released into your waiting mouth with such ease that I could hardly breathe afterwards.

You came up just as the ole blue haired lady was walking by and your response to was to lick your lips and catch the edge of your mouth with your little finger.

I quickly paid our bill and we headed back to my home for a full night of exhaustive passion.

My pleasure was magnified when I learned that you would be here every other weekend and that you wanted very much to spend that time with me.

Our sunday was spent just getting to know each other, and to find out what we had suspected from the very beginning... that it was just the start of something wonderful,,,

More to follow...

(if this was you, I would love to find out where you are today)

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