Hypnosis and Sex #2  

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12/17/2005 3:41 pm

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Hypnosis and Sex #2

While chatting with someone earlier who had read the first blog on sex and hypnosis, they asked a couple of questions that I thought I should answer here...

First, someone asked could they actually have sex WHILE hypnotized. The answer is, of course, yes. They then wanted to know if this would mean they would not remember the sexual experience or would not be able to enjoy it. Hypnosis is not like the things you see in comedies. Under hypnosis, you are not unaware of what is happening... far from it... you are "hyper-aware". Your awareness and ability to experience is far beyond the ordinary while hypnotized. We always say that if a person were under hypnosis and a fire alarm went off, they would respond and be out of the room faster than anyone else! Although you are in a heightened state of relaxation, you are also in a heightened state of awareness.

This is also why we cannot make you do anything under hypnosis that you would not be willing to do -- because you are aware, although extremely relaxed. So I cannot hypnotize someone to rob a bank and bring me the money. Nor can I hypnotize someone to do a gay or bisexual act who has neither of these tendencies.

Normally, I would hypnotize the person for sexual experiences and bring them out of it before they have sex -- and we can then see how well it "took" (did their orgasms become more powerful, for example). But hypnotizing the individual or two individuals and letting them stay that way during sex is a great experience for many people as well.

Also, hypnosis makes for fun party games, sexual and comedic, when having a group over for a fun evening.

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