On-Line Fantasy  

DreamViolsSarah 55M
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9/5/2006 6:00 pm
On-Line Fantasy

I see your profile on-line and find it very interesting. Your pictures are so hot that I have to send you an email to get your attention. Right after I send the email, you send me a reply asking if we can chat on-line. We chat about you and me for about an hour until I can’t take it anymore and ask you if I can talk to you via the phone. You suddenly say yes and call me at my house. I then find out that you are about to drive home from a very long business trip. We talk for three hours as you drive down I84 towards Boise. We talk about fantasies and other sexual things that make both of us very hot. I tell you that I am looking forward to the day we meet. You ask different questions to figure out where I live. All of sudden, you tell me that you are about a mile from my house. I wasn’t expecting you tonight but wasn’t going to turn down the offer. I meet you at my door with a big smile. You are more attractive and sexy in person. We hug as you come inside and sit on my couch. I just keep smiling as I watch you as we talk. You tell me that the long drive has made you tired and sore. I roll to the back of the couch and start to rub your shoulders. I suggest a bubble bath to relax you. You look at me and smile real big. That’s all it took to say yes to me.

We head to my master bedroom where I show my king size waterbed. I take you into the master bathroom where I show the large tub I am going to fill for your bubble bath. As you start to undress, I fill the tub with warm water and add bubble bath. I look behind me and watch you undress. I am getting so hot watching you. I stop so I can light some candles. I turn down the lights and turn on some music. I ask if you want a drink. You say yes and I head to the kitchen to get you a glass of wine. When I return, you are in the tub with the jets going. I hand you the glass and wine as I kiss your wonderful lips. You kiss so nice.  I ask if you want you’re back washed. You don’t say a word to me but turn around so your back is facing me. I start slowing washing your soft skin. It feels so good to touch you. I was as low as I can reach then work my way backup. As I stop washing your back, you say “Aren’t you going to wash my front”? I just smile as you turn back towards me. I slowly was your neck, shoulders, arms then work my way towards your chest. As my hands reach your chest, I hear you moan softly. I rub your firm breasts harder and as I scrap my hand across your hard nipples, you moan louder. I slowly rub down your stomach and towards your legs. As I reach your thighs, you already have your legs spread. I rub up and down each leg taking my time. After three times, you set your wine glass down and grab my hand and put it against your moist pussy. We rub your pussy together which makes you hotter. You shudder as you cum hard into my hand. You start to scream and I kiss you deeply to muffle any loud sounds. After you calm back down, I have you standup so I can rinse all the bubble bath off of you. I then hand you a towel to dry off that beautiful body. You dry off your legs and ass then suddenly sit on my lap and ask me to finish drying you off. I don’t hesitate and wrap the towel around you as we kiss again. I whisper in your ear if you want to stay the night with me. You kiss me deep and moan yes. I roll us into the master bedroom and wonder what will happen next.

As you standup and get off my lap, I suggest you get comfortable while I get in from the other side. It takes me a bit to get in and undress but you aren’t in a hurry. As I roll into the bed next to you, I find myself next to the most beautiful lady I have seen in along time. We start out by kissing and rubbing each other all over. I start kissing your neck and ears not missing any spots. As I get close to your mouth, we close slowly before we start kissing deeply. My hands roam and find your firm breasts. They feel so smooth as I feel for your hard nipples. I stop our kiss and slowly start kissing your chest while I rub your breasts. As my lips and tongue reach your breasts, you start moaning again. I see your hard nipples and reach out with my tongue to lick them. I hear you moan louder as I suck them into my mouth. I feel your hands on my head as I suck each breasts and nipple. I am so hot and want to taste your sweet pussy. I reach down with my left hand and rub your thighs as I keep sucking your breasts. Just as I am ready to rub your hard clit, you move hand on it and help me make you wet. Your juices are so wet and flowing into my hand. I lift my head up from your chest as you say “Please eat my pussy”. I just grin and slide lower to your sweetness. Your pussy looks so hot. I kiss each thigh up and down and blow on your pussy driving you crazy. After doing that several times, you shout, “Eat My Pussy Now” and shove my head between your legs with both hands. Your pussy taste so sweet as I start licking your clit. I flick my tongue up and down for a bit then flicks it back and forth giving you a different sensation. I feel you getting closer to Cumming but want it to last so I lower my tongue and enter your warm pussy. It feels so HOT being deep inside of you. I hear you moan louder as you are about to cum. I slow down but you grind your hips into my face and flood my mouth with your sweet juices. I lick as fast as I can not missing a drop. I look up and watch your chest move up and down from your orgasm. What you don’t know is I am not finished yet. I wait about two minutes and start licking your clit again. You try to stop me but I grab your ass and keep licking. After you relax and start enjoying my licking, I slowly insert a 7” vibrator into your hot pussy. I catch you off guard as I slowly get all 7” inserted. My tongue is still licking your clit as I fuck your pussy. I start pumping the vibrator in and out as I lick harder. Your hands have my head pushed deeply into your legs. I hear you moan louder and know you are going to cum faster this time. I start going faster and faster as you explode all over the vibrator and my mouth. Your hands are all over my head as your body shakes from your second orgasm. After you relax, I slowly pull the vibrator out of your wet pussy. I crawl back up to you and show you the wet vibrator. As you reach for it, I pull it back and say “Nope” and start licking your sweet juices off of it. It drives you crazy watching me. You can’t take it anymore and grab my arm and pull me close to your face. You stick out your tongue and help me clean off the vibrator. We finish up with deep kisses as you taste your juices on my lips and on my tongue. Nothing tastes better. Yummy

You stop our kiss and say you must have me inside of you. You get no arguments from me as I roll over onto my back. I reach over and help you roll on top of me. We start rubbing and kissing each other for a couple of minutes before you suddenly sit up and insert my hard cock into your moist and hot pussy. I put my hands on your soft hips as you slowly take all of me in you. You slowly go up and down until you have a motion that feels good. I look up at your face only to see your head is tilt backwards and your eyes are shut. I move my hands to your firm breasts as you increase the pace. I can feel you are about to cum again. You start moaning louder and louder. This time I am going to let you scream until you have the best orgasm of your life. You pound hard onto my cock as you start cum all over me. Your body tenses up just before you finish your orgasm. You then fall onto my chest as we kiss deeply again. You slowly roll over to your side as we hold each other until the next morning.

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