A Monday night fantasy ...  

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A Monday night fantasy ...

Another evening stuck in the notorious Northern Virginia traffic. What the hell made me leave my beautiful Southern California anyway? Oh right, work. Work work work work.

I walked into my extremely overpriced, one bedroom apartment, threw my keys on the couch and headed to the shower. This night, I would force myself to go out. It had been too long since I last made contact with other human creatures. The ones at work look a lot like humans, however I am convinced that they are some strange breed of caviar-fed, yuppy sub-humans who all got this job because daddy paid their way into Georgetown University and oh yeah, he is also fucking the boss lady who gave them a job with nothing but a whisper of their names and a glance at their god damned degrees. It's quite possible that they may all be Satan's henchmen. I needed a drink.

I started running the bathwater, extra hot, and turned on some tunes. I stripped down to nothing and headed back to my little bathroom.

I caught a glance of my nude self in the mirror. So this is 22, I thought. I've done well. I noted the light, silky skin of my neck, and the slight shadows my collarbone had cast in the horrible bathroom lighting. My eyes were drawn lower, admiring my breasts. B cups it is, I thought. I'd always hoped that they would develop into full Cs ... but I noticed how wonderfully shaped and perky my Bs were. My two light-pink nipples now stood erect, as I felt a chill moved from my bare feet all they way up to the back of my neck. The floor was cold.

I smiled to myself and blew on my left nipple for a few seconds. It stood up taller. I could feel the right nipple anticipate what I was going to do and I blew on it as well. I felt a familiar, slight tingling sensation between my thighs. Time to unwind properly.
I walked back into my bedroom, opened my bad-girl drawer full of goodies, and grabbed my favorite two toys. I escorted them into the tub, which had still been running until now.

Hello Mr. Penguin and Mr. Swizel Stick, my two boyfriends for the night.
I stepped into the tub and had a seat.

I inserted my long legs one at a time through the straps connected to Mr. Penguin's sides. I have had a relationship with Mr. Penguin far longer than any relationship I've had with a man. And Mr. Penguin can submerge under water. Yummy. I slid the controls to slowly vibrate Mr. Penguin, my wonderful clit stimulator. I leaned back. The beak of this delightful penguin toy was placed strategically under the hood of my clitoris. The slow vibrations on my clit made the inner walls of my vagina and ass tighten and twitch, jealous of all the attention just one part of my body was receiving. My heart rate sped up and I sank a little bit deeper into the water.

A moment or two later, I increased the vibration speed, and bit my bottom lip in delight. Still, the rest of my body ached, begging for love.

I grabbed the genius Swizel Stick off the edge of my tub. The Swizel Stick is silicone and pink, it swirls and has a ball on the tip, and it was screaming to go in my ass. I laid back once more and obeyed. With Mr. Penguin's beak still buzzing away, I twisted the Swizel Stick as far up my ass as it would go. In that hot bath tub, my entire body got the chills.

I fantasized that I had a long penis in my ass. I wanted one in my pussy, too. I wanted all my holes filled. I dreamt that I had a third in my mouth. I pushed the switch on Mr. Penguin to full speed and climaxed so magnificently that the water began splashing out of the tub.

Quickly, I turned it off and sank down into a gooey, sleepy state of post-orgasm.
About ten minutes later, I dried off and got ready to go out. While I donned the cutest clean outfit I could find, I realized that it had been nearly a month since I slept with a real person. Relaxed and confident, I left my house and headed to Lola's ... my favorite bar.
I was greeted by a kiss on the cheek from Garret, the bartender, who I know very well ... at least, in a bartender/barattender kind of way. I had been a regular at Lola's since I was 19. Garret was quite surprised when I brandished my legal ID on my 21st birthday and told him to "give me a god damned drink, I'm legal!"

It used to be a habit of mine to relentlessly throw myself at him. I did this nightly. 3 or 4 drinks and I'd start feeling brave. His large, dark eyes would make my heart turn over and his athletic build and delicious ass would make my pussy ache. And nightly, he would refuse my propositions, tell me how I'm beautiful and awesome but he loved his girlfriend. I believed the second part of that, and I remember longing to believe the first.

I stopped religiously visiting Lola's about six months prior. Work had begun to overwhelm me to the point where given the choice of sleep or fun, sleep trumped fun almost every time. As I slurped the last sip from my second screwdriver, Garret slid my next one over, without me having to say a word.

"You look good," I told him.

He stood there, with both hands propped on the bar. He winked once and smiled for long time. When he smiles, I have to smile. Cliché as it is, his smile really was contagious. Our eye contact stayed unbroken and we grinned at each other for an uncomfortably long time.

"I have a friend I want you to meet," he said. My heart sank a little bit. I thought all this smiling was going to lead to some conversation, some uhhh, fondling, some ... well, it HAD been a month since I'd had sex. And here he was, about to hook me up with some dumb bar back or something. Well maybe the guy is cute, I thought.

"Alright, honey," I replied.

I felt a hand touch my left thigh. Caught off guard, I glanced down and saw a very feminine hand with a perfect French manicure still lying on my lap. I didn't recognize the girl it belonged to. She had a suspicious grin, similar to Garret’s, and was also making piercing eye contact with me.

"Hi?" I asked awkwardly.

"What's up? I'm Mandy," she replied.

I smiled. "Tracy."

A thought occurred to me and I glanced back at Garret. He winked again and walked away.

"I love your blouse," she stated. I glanced back down to remember exactly what blouse I had worn. It was silk and champagne colored and I loved it because it made my tits look delicious, like two plump peaches you just had to nibble. But it wasn't the blouse I noticed when I glanced down. Her hand was still on my thigh, and had crept up an inch or so higher than before. I felt my face turn warm but I also noticed that my nipples were very visible in this blouse ... and they were standing straight up. My heart fluttered a little bit and I looked back at her.


I was not sure if I was being hit on or not. But every second her hand weighed persistently on my thigh, it grew harder to dismiss. And I wasn't quite bothered by it. Every time I looked at her, her eyes beamed at me. I broke the awkward silence and swigged down half of my drink. My leg felt a bit lighter and looked up to see Mandy's hand waving Garret back over.

"Hey babe! Get me two of whatever Tracy's having, okay?!" she demanded.

"Screwdriver," I told her. She just smiled back.

"Must have been a long Monday, huh?"

"You have no idea."

Garret had the juice, ice, and vodka in the shaker, and as he was shaking it his biceps flexed a little. I smiled inside.

I looked back at Mandy. She was looking at Garret also. She pulled back her long, dark brown hair impatiently, swirled it around her manicured fingertips, and silently waited as he poured our drinks.

I tried to make eye contact with Garret again. I wanted to raise my eyebrow in a telepathic "what's-going-on?" kind of way, but he started speaking before I could send my silent message.

"Hey, Trace. You know this place closes at 11:00 on Mondays. I get off in ten minutes. You wanna join Mandy and me to another bar?"

I don't know what made me say yes. It could have been the fact that after years of throwing myself at this man, he was asking me to come out with him. But was this his notorious girlfriend? Some other girl, maybe? I just knew I needed to socialize, and the far-off hope of getting Garret in the sack was enough to convince me.


I left my fresh drink where he had poured it, grabbed my purse, and headed upstairs to the ladies room.

Shortly after I entered the stall, I heard a pair of high heels enter the bathroom. When I went to wash my hands, Mandy was standing at the sink, holding a paper towel. I went to dry my hands and she grabbed them, and dried them for me. She was still holding my hand when she threw the towel in the garbage. She pushed me backwards, into the counter and smelled my neck.

Surprisingly, my body started moving almost by itself. I didn't over-analyze the situation. I just reacted.

I leaned my head backward while she inhaled the perfume on my neck greedily, and kissed the back of my ear. I let go of her hand and put both of my hands behind me, on the counter, and lifted myself up on it.

Immediately she grabbed my breast and with her other hand, she grabbed the back of my head, forcefully pushing me toward her lips. We had the most passionate kiss I have experienced so far in my life. Her soft lips were more plump and smooth than any man's lips mine had touched. She pulled away, smiled, and said, "We should go back downstairs and find Garret."

She grabbed my hand and dragged me downstairs. When we approached the bar again with my hand still in her hand, Garret was waiting for us with all of our jackets. He smirked and we all headed for the door.

"Why don't we just have some drinks at my place?" Garret asked.

"Sounds like a plan," I said, and Mandy pinched my ass.

We climbed into Garret's 4 Runner and headed to his townhouse, like I had drunkenly begged to so many times before. Only this time, there was a third person. A woman. Two of us. Could Garret handle this? Handle what? What did I think was going to happen? Certainly not what happened next. Mandy leaned over to Garret's ear and whispered something while she winked at me. He kissed her on the cheek and to my surprise, she took off her seatbelt and climbed in the back seat with me.

"Hey," I said, disarmed.

She removed my seatbelt, and unhooked one more of the buttons on my blouse.
Then another.
Then I was topless.

"Lay back, okay?" she said.

I obeyed. I scooted my body so I was lying on the bench in the back. I saw Garret adjust the rearview mirror so he could watch.

Mandy started right away. She pulled my left leg off the car seat, moved my thong to the side, and inserted a finger inside my pussy. I hadn't realized how wet I was. She grabbed the crotch of my panties and pulled them off. She actually threw them all the way to the back of the car, and I was bursting at the seams with anticipation.

She lifted my skirt up and teasingly nibbled on my pussy lip. She tortured me with licks and nibbles all around the surface of my vagina and around my clitoris. Then, with both hands, she spread my pussy lips apart and hungrily ate me out, as if she was starving for my juices.

"We're almost there," Garret warned.

"YES WE ARE," I said, in-between several moans.

Mandy laughed a little bit with my clit in-between her lips and it nearly made my eyes roll to the back of my head.

With her tongue still valiantly caressing my sopping wet vagina, she inserted her forefinger and middle finger deep inside me, and her thumb followed in my ass. I moaned. I was shivering. I was in love with that feeling. Her right hand came forward and gently massaged my clit. I let out some sort of orgasmic yell, pulled her head inside me a little closer for just a second, and almost fell on the floor.

"Don't worry about your clothes, babe, we'll just run inside," she instructed me.

We were already in the driveway and Garret was opening up the front door.

I grabbed my purse, grabbed Mandy's hand, and ran into the townhouse wearing Mary Jane heels, a skirt, and nothing else.

The cold night was a strong contrast to my hot, wet pussy, as I stepped out into the darkness, stark naked. The three of us walked in the front door.

Mandy grabbed Garret.

“You want to taste her pussy, honey?” She licked her lips. Garret nodded yes and she kissed him. He looked at me.

“You taste wonderful.”

“You like that?” I responded. I was getting into this. Garret nodded yes again.

“I want you to give him head,” Mandy said to me. I looked to Garret for approval, and he smiled and sat down on the couch.

I got on my hands and knees and playfully crawled over to him. I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Impatiently, Mandy helped me pull them off. Bad boy. Garret hadn’t worn any underwear.

“Go ahead, honey,” Mandy demanded.

I licked my lips and grabbed the shaft of his delightfully large, thick penis. I pulled the head toward my open lips and looked up at him. Without any part of my mouth touching his penis, I lowered my mouth over the first 4 or 5 inches of his throbbing erection. I exhaled my warm breath, and he bit his lip in anticipation, but I pulled back, slowly, teasing him.

Breaking eye contact with him for the first time since I had knelt before his penis, I glanced down. I could see Mandy out of the corner of my eye, fingering herself, watching us. I looked into Garret’s eyes again, massaging his balls, and firmly and greedily took his entire penis into my mouth, desperately sucking it while stroking with my tongue. I pulled my lips back to the tip of his penis, and decided to spoil the head with firm tongue strokes and flicks. I took the shaft of his penis into my hand and slapped its head around my lips, chin and cheeks. I licked the very base of his shaft with the tip of my tongue and worked my way back up. Once again, I took his entire manhood into my mouth and sucked, longing for his cum to flood my mouth with wonderful, warm, sticky moisture.

“Save some for me,” I heard from the other side of the room.

I loosened my lips and slid Garret’s penis out of my mouth. Not yet satisfied, I spread his thighs further apart and took his balls into my mouth. He fell back into the couch a little further and moaned. As my tongue moved closer to his ass, his groans got louder. I gently stroked my tongue around his anus, up toward his balls, over his balls and back down.

“Are you ready to get fucked?” he asked.

“Oh my god yes,” I responded.

I grabbed his hand so he would follow, and crawled over to the corner where Mandy had been enjoying the show. I positioned her on her back and took her pussy into my mouth, while propping my ass in perfect reach of Garret’s member. Mandy’s pussy was shaven and tight, and I was delighted to find that her clit was pierced. I heard Garret spit into his hand and saturate his long penis with saliva. Slowly, he entered my ass as I flicked Mandy’s piercing with my tongue and inserted two fingers inside her. He was being gentle behind me, so I backed my ass up over his penis, so that I could feel every last inch of him in me. He knew this was permission to pound me hard from behind. I could feel my anus flex and tighten around his penis, thanking him. He began rapidly thrusting my hungry anus, sliding his entire shaft in and out of me, pushing my face deeper into Mandy’s sweet tasting, beautiful cunt. Mandy was grabbing her own tits, begging for me not to stop. I moistened my finger by sliding it inside her, and slipped it into her ass. Another finger crept into her pussy and as I was eating her out, I felt my fingers touch each other, blocked by the wall inside her that separates her twat and her ass. She let out a large moan and began shivering. Garret’s thrusts had gotten progressively and wonderfully violent behind me.

“I’m gonna cum,” he said.

Quickly, I spit into my hand, removed his penis from me, while stroking it firmly … and guided him over Mandy’s pussy. He began to ejaculate and his warm cum squirted all over the outside of Mandy’s vagina, like yummy icing on the sweet, pierced cupcake I had been enjoying all this time. Very deliberately and very greedily, I licked every last bit of his cum from her pussy lips, around her clit, all the way up to her belly button. I wanted all of his cum inside me.

Mandy sat up, licked my lips, and kissed me. The three of us wandered upstairs into the shower, where the two of them spoiled me with back scrubs and rubs and kisses. We all dried off, and crawled into bed. I slept between them, and we all held each other the entire night.

What a wonderful way to unwind.

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Ah, a writer among us. Well done, with the erection I got from this story, I can hang my jacket on.

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Damn... just.... that anal part was a nice touch...

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