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11/20/2005 7:32 am

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The why...

So why don't I have a Silver or a Gold membership ?

I'd say it was about two weeks ago I was browsing around on the net and came across this site. I was already feeling seriously horny when I did the "search for women" thing. And up pops a list of women looking for have sex with them !!!! .... with photo's, mostly naked photos!!!!....and jaysus...look, some of them even live near me !!!!!
Now, beeing the eternal sceptic I'm thinking "Nah, this can't be real"... but because of the mood I'm in I quickly ditch thatthough and go for "Yee haa, payday!" instead.
... so there's me salivating and eager to get to talk to some of these women. Out comes the credit card, I enter the details and....nothing... the fucking card gets rejected !!
Now hang on a minute I sez to meself... There's nothing wrong with this card. Lets just slow down and try again. Entered the number again, carefully this time, double check the expiry date, put the number from the back of the card in...and nothing.....arrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh .... what does a man have to do to get a bit of lovin around here ..... browsed around a bit more and then buggered off to bed. Horny as fuck and frustrated as fuck.

The following day.. got a phone call from the credit card company. To make a long story (a tiny bit) shorter. I had use the card elsewhere but quoted the wrong expiry date so the card was "on Watch". "So the card is back to normal now?" I asked. "Yes, thank you Mr X" says the woman on the phone. "Cool" says I to myself.

So back home that evening, I slowly enter the details again....nothing..... What!!!!???? she said it was back to normal!!!!

A day or two later, stooped for petrol on the way home from work, paid with the same credit card. No problem..."ahh" sez me, "back in action" connected, entered the details, clicked the button....... Nooooooooooo !!!!! ..... ah come on for chrisakes, what the hell is the problem here ??? Is there a conspiracy against me ? Did I do something wrong in a former life ? Maybe I really living in the Truman Show...the site doesn't really exist and now there's hundreds of people working behind scenes to get it up and running for the next episode ?

Try again tomorrow ?

silkysmoothlegs3 105F

11/20/2005 2:10 pm

You dont need gold or silver to blogg and make friends babes

save your money

Welcome to bloggland and to hotmatch

Love silky xxxxxxxx

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