The Virtual Journey  

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3/15/2006 7:08 pm

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The Virtual Journey

how can I trust
how should I feel
about this possible beginning

her written words whisper to me
a gentle, irresistible voice
a voice I know
a voice that soothes
a voice I love
to hear

I reply
with passion
that betrays
my insecurities
my desire for warmth
my need to breathe

and we talk . . .
who is this voice
that seems to know me
so careful, so tentative

be still
be calm
allow her to happen
allow her to unfold
the delicate petals
that are her

ask a question
smile to the phone
tell her . . .
how to know
too soon from
too slow

can we meet
this is me

are you the who
I want to meet
am I the who
you say you seek

so awkward
be me
is that safe

who else could I be
to be understood
to be appreciated
to be wanted

may I,
please, kiss
I inhale the yes
in her smile
I breathe her in
I sigh
our lips
are my lips/her lips
so touching
so soft, so moist
so warm, so welcome

2b continued

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