A Step At A Time... I Guess  

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7/19/2006 2:58 am

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A Step At A Time... I Guess

I have found my way around parts of the service, and so far one thing is very clear: "They" really want me to buy an upgraded membership!

I may very well do that, but for the moment I think a little more learning is in order. I have seen many thumbnail views and some titles that lure me. I have seen cities near me and cities I visit travel to. All these things draw on the same urges that brought me to this site to start with.

On occassion, I do fall upon a profile that has been opened up at the discretion of another member. Guess what I found? Reading through profiles is an awful lot like going to a party. This person may appeal to me but I am not what she is looking for. That person might be able to turn my head but as I learn more about her, I realize she will not be a match for me. And just like at a party, once in awhile you will find somebody that just drives an animal lust that you know is nothing but lust. But you think, that's not my normal style but given the right time and right place, gawd almighty, just give me some of that.

But I am stepping out on an adventure, I'd like to hike a trail or two before I stand on the edge of the first cliff I see. I just have to see if I want to try find my way with hardly a map, or break down and buy the map book.

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