Are girlfriends a good idea?  

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8/14/2005 9:39 pm

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Are girlfriends a good idea?

Say you're in a relationship and you've been together for a good amount of time. You are quite comfortable with eachother and have great sex. Then one night, the proposition of a threesome comes up for whatever reason.

One night you manage to find a third to join you for a hot session of three-way action. When it's all said and done, what will everyone be thinking?

From my point of view I think it would be very dangerous to get a serious girlfriend involved in a threesome, no matter how open you find your relationship. There are many places where it could take a bad turn. For example, what if, for whatever reason, she can't help the jealousy she feels when you sees you pleasuring the other woman. What if, you moan louder or cum harder for the woman who is not your girlfriend? These occurences, however uncontrollable they may be during a threesome, could have a devastating effect on the relationship. She may start to feel threatened by the presence of the other woman and after the threesome is over, she may walk out of your life forever.

Talk about a great dream turning into a horrid nightmare. If I would ever decide to get into a threesome with my girlfriend, I'd be very careful about what I said, did, and performed during the WHOLE encounter. While a girlfriend may think she's doing her man a favor by agreeing to a threesome, she may not realize what kind of psychological juggernaut she may be unleashing to herself and her partner.

Since I have not yet had a threesome, I can't say for sure that this is really the case, but I can sure imagine it to be. Perhaps someone who has been there before could add something to this topic? : )

Personally, the way I see it right now at my age, I'd want to have a threesome when I'm single, with casual partners. It'd be a lot easier on everyone that way...and a lot more sexier!

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