And the girls...?  

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8/10/2005 1:34 am

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And the girls...?

As I dream on about one day having the coveted threesome, I've had time to think about the differnet factors that come into play. I have had many thoughts about it, and some of them I have shared with you so far. Another thought I've had is this:

With a girl-girl-guy threesome, for the guy it's a no-brainer: two of a good thing? I'm game! But for the girls it's different. It is a bisexual experience in the sense that you are engaging in sex with people of both sexes. Not every girl sees it the same way either. From my experience of talking to women who have been involved in threesomes or even thought about a threesome, you have different types of women:

A. The woman who is straight up bisexual, loves to be imtimate with both men and women, which includes of course having sex with either or both at the same time. She is in the threesome to please both the man and the woman and is seeking to be pleased by both.

B. The woman who is curious about women and even more-so intrigued with the thought of another woman, so uses a threesome to explore this boundary, having the male there as a familiar buffer to help herself feel comfortable. She may get either lost in the woman during the threesome, or will decide she does not like the experience and will retreat to the man, or simply end the threesome altogether.

C. The woman who is participating in the threesome with the intention of pleasing the man. To her, the second woman is only there to help. She chooses to ignore pleasing the other woman, and will only perform sexual acts on her simply because she thinks the man will get off on it. But inside, she gets no pleasure from having the other woman there.

D. The woman who uses the other woman as simply an accesory to better sex. To her, it could be either another woman, or another man in the fray; she just wants a threesome, and to enjoy the feeling of sex that only multiple partners can provide, for example, getting her nipples kissed and sucked on while another goes down on her.

For one reason or another, these types of women seemed to be drawn to the prospect of a threesome. I guess it's just a matter of figuring out which type, if any, a woman is.

So, what type are you? Does anyone disagree? Please input your thoughts.

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