Short List, continued.  

LegsnLaPerlas 58F
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11/13/2005 3:32 pm

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11/15/2006 4:31 pm

Short List, continued.

My next two nominees, in no particular order:

Matthew McConnaughey ‒ how am I supposed to resist a man who plays the bongos in the nude?!

Sean Connery ‒ brae and brawny Scot. He would make me feel tiny next to him, and I would just want to crawl all over that masculine bod. And I will never care how old he is.....

rm_glb25 53M

11/14/2005 1:33 pm

It's so hard to put an actress or musician on a short list when most of them appear less than we would expect when captured by the papparazi! All have had their sexy moments of course, my all time favorites being Olivia Newton John in her red pumps at the end of Grease and Bo Dereks perfect posture and tight ass (even though she was a horrible actress)in 10.

ongold 52M
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11/16/2005 7:26 am

I will admit that there are some sexy female actresses past and present, but one of my favorites is Maureen O'Hara, shes strong and can go toe to toe with John Ford and John Wayne on screen and best friends off screen too, plus shes sexy! Not that I favor red heads more than others but another is Gillian Anderson (Scully from The X-files), people might think shes all 'suit-and-tie' but off the camera shes a down right sexy whore in the bedroom...and is nice looking naked too!

LivingDaylights 51M

7/25/2006 8:52 pm

Lets talk about actresses. I found the Japanese female lead in The Last Samurai a very powerful woman. She never spoke a word of english yet she had a classiness about her. The Music in this movie was very powerful and moving. I could listen to it forever. Kate Beckinsale is one of my favorite actresses also. Thank you for such a classy and refreshing profile.

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