Older Men  

LeggySuccubus 38F
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11/19/2005 6:59 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Older Men

Omg, yesterday I got the most emails from older men. Im sorry no offense meant to anyone out there, but men in their 40's and up hold no interest whatsoever to me. The occasional polite one that emails me, I reply back politely that im not interested. I just dont care for the ones who say if im real ill reply and set up a meet with them. Can they not fathom the idea that a young 27 year old decent looking woman, is not interested in someone that age? Theres lots of men who arent my type, theres no sense in being nasty or rude about it just go on your way. I do the same, if I see im not what he is looking for I just on about my business instead of wasting my time replying back telling him what hes missing and blah blah blah, like some of yall guys do to me. Whats the point in all that? To me there is none, its just showing how childish some people are. Yes when I get older my age range of what im looking for will probably go up as well, but for now, it stays put.
Why do people email just to be a smartass? I had someone email last night who at least read part of my profile. If she read part she should have read it all. She would have seen I was in no way interested in someone like them in the first place. She was "pleasantly plump". Im not into that. Either ya slender or you arent. Theres no pleasantly plump or big is beautiful in my vocabulary. My preference.
Does anyone else have trouble loading pictures onto this site? Ive had the most trouble doing that. First my face picture got denied. LOL then it was approved, and they said it was posted, but my profile had the silhouette of a woman and the ask me for a picture across it. Then I emailed them about that, they said it was approved and was posted, which btw wasnt. So I reloaded and was awaiting approval. My face pic was approved and is actually posted. Now my full body(clothed) was denied. WTF!!! Sometimes this site is sooooo ass backwards its not funny. Well good luck to ya all. Until tomorrow.


sittinlooking 33M
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11/19/2005 11:24 am

its good to have preferences... nice picture too by the way

LeggySuccubus 38F

11/19/2005 1:49 pm

LOL It does clearly state several times in my profile that im only looking for men 21-35 years old. Its not my fault people are morons. And either cant read, or they think they are god's gift to women, and they're are the ONE that would make me change my mind. I got news for them, they're not!! No matter how good they think they are.

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