Interested Or Not???  

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11/23/2005 8:21 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Interested Or Not???

What is with people who claim to be interested and I reply to their mail or post and nothing? Seems like I waste my time more often than not. I wish people would just say hey im fucking with you, I really dont want to meet and fuck. If thats what they are thinking in the first place, that is. But ones that never reply damn sure keep a close eye here on my blog. They might be afraid they'll appear in it. LMAO
What im looking for is: straight (no gay/bi tendencies at all), White or Native American (im not into interracial), single (meaning no girlfriend or wife), 21-35, secure, good looking, height/weight proportionate, clean, at least 5'8", and 7 inches or more of cock. Real , recent face, full body and cock pic. I require the pics because I dont meet sight unseen. Since im married and have the man I want, its based solely on looks and attitude. And be ok with the fact I want more than one, and understand I dont do 1 on 1. Ok with the fact you may not be the only one there for my fun. Realize I only play on Friday and/or Saturday nights, no exceptions!I dont think any of that is so hard to comprehend. Its all in fun. There is a difference in LOVE and SEX. I love my husband, and sex is great with him. With others its just plain ol sex, and the few that have shown, ill go ahead and tell ya, not good at all. Sex to them was me blowing them and me riding them. Which most of the time, they werent even hard. If I have to do it all, I get bored quick. You guys think im trying to leave my husband or something. Im not, no one could ever replace him. He is always here when I play, for my safety, cause I want him there. I talk to a bunch of guys that say they are cool with it, but always ask "does he have to be there?". Yes he does. Cause if he isnt there, no one gets thru the front door. So guys, if ya run across my profile and are genuinely interested, email and ill decide if im interested. If ya just like my pics or whatever and arent up for what I want. Dont bother, its a waste of your time and mine to email with just "hey I like your pics, but I dont meet what you want". Please understand im not looking for chat buddies, friends, or a relationship, or even a friends w/ benefits kinda thing. If someone shows, they most of the time arent invited back. Most have the tendency to lie about something. Whether it be, cock size, stamina, body size...etc. Either way, I hate liars.Moral of the story...If interested and ya meet what im looking for, by all means email and we can see if im interested. But please dont be one of those who emails and I reply and ya drop off the face of the earth.


swe_fun_guy_4_u 49M

11/29/2005 8:41 am

This seems to be a too common problem on this site, and other dating sites to i guess. When browsing around you will find many profiles of women between 23-30 that have the same basic profile. A lot of them have the phrase "I am not changing my life" and "looking for a generous man". Then the ones with fake pic's of sometimes from known porn sites. I also like the people the doesn't want to tell about their body type, who would be interested in someone if you don't have an idea about what they look like body wise. And I don't know how this can be fine with the administrators of this site if not there are kickbacks from other sites. This is contaminating this whole idea and it will eventually make people to just avoid this kind of sites because it is all fake.

Then we have the picture collectors, asking for pic's and to be in your network to have access to private pic's. Then nothing, I wonder what these people do with all the pic's?

It would be good if we all could be up front about who we are and what we want, no bullshit and this would be a lot more fun. I have got some replies but nothing that is even close to become anything like a meeting.

So I wish you all good luck and let's try to have some fun and don't try to rely too much on this site for any fun.


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