Common Courtesy  

LeggySuccubus 38F
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11/26/2005 11:47 pm

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3/6/2006 8:25 am

Common Courtesy

I got a lil gripe. LOL, I know, go figure. What in the hell is wrong with people? Why would a guy message ya, then when ya reply that youre interested, and ya wanna make arrangments, why does that person not even have the common courtesy to at least reply back to tell ya hes changed his mind? I love it. Guys, I know ya not actually interested in meetin for any good clean sex, thats not why ya are here.I know this.I swear, its only ugly, or old,or bald,or overweight, or just plain black guys that seem to have any interest anymore. I know those guys are hard up. Im not.I look thru the profiles to see whos online sometimes, and i see these gorgeous , built hung guys, and when i look at their profiles, theyre gay as a football bat.WTF Truth is, Im thoroughly disgusted with these guys here who just want me to send my pics so they can have jack off material, and it seems, thats all there is.If i were 250 pounds the good lookin guys would be begin me to meet, cause i see what you guys want, ya just about say it in ya profiles. If a woman has any self esteem, you want no part, cause ya cant dominate her.Whats so damn wrong about a decent lookin, non-fat woman being able to have a couple goodlookin STRAIGHT WHITE guys to party with once in awhile? Ya say ya want a woman who knows what she wants, and isnt afraid to go after it, but when i do, yall slink away, and curl up in ya invisibility of NON REPLYIN.Yes, ive had a couple drinks tonight, but what im sayin is the absolute truth.Most of you guys, can bite my ass.And im not sayin that in the fun way.Bottom line, guys, if you message someone, CLAIMING to be interested,when the person messages back, at least have the goddamn common courtesy to reply back and let them know ya are just fuckin with them, cause most of ya are.

swe_fun_guy_4_u 49M

12/1/2005 10:06 am

I understand your frustration.

This seems to be a problem both with women and men. First you get the message and then you reply because it sounds intersecting. Then what, nothing. You said it, if you show no interest I will drop you off my list but at least let me know. Don’t go fishing if you are not ready for the catch!

One other thing might be is that they are having second thoughts about you having your hubby close by when the playing begins. You have to understand that there are not many guys that will play with the hubby looking; it is just the way we work. Unless you can find swingers that are used to the situation and will do it. It can also be that you are too much assured of what you want and it gets intimidating. Yes I know that we say that we want a woman that knows what she wants, but most of us are not up to the challenge to deliver the goods. I don’t know if I could do it, honest.

I have seen so many profiles that I like but because the amount of fake profiles I am just not doing nothing about it. I have got some messages from women but most are just a way to get me e-mail address and then span it with links to pay sites.

Because I am a person that tries to keep myself in fair shape I prefer women that are the same. Think about it if I with my BIG 145 lbs would have fun with a woman of 200 lbs she would squash me
And most of these good looking women are not for real and are just here to get publicity and compliments about their looks, as they don't already know! How many of these profiles have you seen for guys too?

I hope you are having some fun and enjoying yourself.

smackyman 46M
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12/5/2005 8:53 pm

'Gay as a football bat'? I've never heard that one before! You are right about common courtesy on this site. It should be a standard for everyone to treat everyone else with respect.

LeggySuccubus 38F

12/6/2005 7:54 am

LOL I guess sayings sorta orginate where ya gorw up or something. People around here say it all the time. FUnny as always. LOL Yes I agree, whether you are interested or not, it just takes a simple no thanks. But then, I run into the youre trash anyway wouldnt fuck you if my life depended on it sort of people. Why stoop to that level? Theres plenty of other people on this site. My husband has a lil saying...If theres 100 women or men whichever the case on a beach and you ask each one to of them will say yes. But yes I think alot of people on this site are just very rude to start with...its like they like being that way. Anway thanks for the nice comment..

longislandmale4 65M
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12/7/2005 9:05 pm

I agree 100% with you my dear.There are a lot of "RUDE" members here but not just men .A reply one way or the other would be nice.

LeggySuccubus 38F

12/8/2005 7:00 am

Yes I agree, a lot of the women are just plain rude too. I didnt mean to put it all on the men. Yes a reply either way is nice, that way you can be on ya way instead of wondering.

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