Wait a minute....I know her!  

LeftyMcNitty 41M
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12/26/2005 9:47 am

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12/25/2010 9:51 pm

Wait a minute....I know her!

I was looking over blogs from my area and clicked on on I thought sounded interesting. Then I saw her picture. It was mostly torso but damn it, thoses boobs looked familar. I read a couple entries and was almost convinced she was a girl I was in love with in colledge. I wasn't sure what to do. I was over her years ago but it would be nice to say hello. But how would she feel knowing that I was reding her sex blog. That could get weird.
Any way I read on and it turned out to be a false alarm. It easn't her. But that got me thinking. What if I did come across a blogging ex, or a co-worker or....the mind boggels.
We're all puting this out there for every one to read. I've written before about how it feels odd to bare my soul to strangers but what if some one I know is reading this? I take some consilation in that if they're here they're here for the same reason I am. So if you think you know me say hi. Then we'll both pretend it didn't happen next time we meet.

moonlightphoenix 45F
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12/26/2005 11:33 am

I've had that happen. I rented a video that starred my next door neighbour. Then I ran into her on a swinger's site.

I got divorced last year, and I can't shake the feeling that my ex and his gf are keeping tabs on me through the sites we used to be on.

What can ya do??? LOL.

LeftyMcNitty 41M
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12/26/2005 12:27 pm

If they're keeping tabs on you live it up and make them jelous. Liveng well is the best revenge.

FriendlybutKinky 49M

12/26/2005 10:22 pm

Amen Lefty!

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