Email I got today!!!!  

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Email I got today!!!!

Hi and thanks for inspiring me to write tonight. After watching you on cam and seeing your beautiful pictures in your profile I finally got some desire to write. I will send the story you inspired me to write tonight. Hopefully it will not offend you and if I did or if I crossed any lines I apologize deeply. Thanks again gorgeous.
I had very long day at work when I arrived at home. As soon as I walked thru the front door there stood my beautiful angel smiling at me. You have always greeted me with the biggest hugs and sweetest kisses when I arrive home everyday. But today was an exception. See today my you just ran at me and gave me the most biggest hug. I looked at you and asked you if you were ok. You just said I missed you is all and we proceeded to engage in such a passionate kiss. Our tongues danced within each others mouth like flickering flames. I could feel myself getting stiffer as the kiss lingered on. So did you feel it as the kiss ended and we just stood there for a minute and held each other tightly. You then made sure to press close to me so my stiffness would be pressing against you.
Finally as our embrace ended we headed toward the couch and sat down. We chit-chatted about both of our days for a few minute before you asked me what I felt like doing. I said to myself after that hello I just want to take you on this couch right now. But instead I kept it to myself and told her I would rather relax tonight. So you looked at me and said you did understood. Then you gave me this pouting type look that was rather sexy. Ok yes I melted like hot butter right there in your hands. I told you since it was Friday I had all weekend to relax. I asked what you wanted to do and you replied lets go out to eat. I have to tell you that I was ready to eat already and it was not food I was interested in eating either. I said sure pick the place you want to go to. So you picked a rather upscale restaurant where you needed to be dressed for dinner. That did not bother since I was still in my suit from work. You said to me you just relax and I will get ready then we can go.
I did not even notice the time when you shook and woke me. You stood there looking gorgeous in knee length black skirt with a silky button-down blouse just showing me enough cleavage to awaken my manhood again. But now was not the time and we headed out the door for dinner. I tell you this though you love to tease me and while driving we spoke again in the car as we headed towards the restaurant. But you just kept making sure your skirt was raised high enough up her leg so I could see the just a tiny bit of the silk panties and the top of the thigh highs you were wearing. I must tell you this that you have a body that is just so very sexy that drives me wild. You also know how to drive me wild by teasing me too. Don't get me wrong you are no tease what so ever in a bad way. You just tease me enough until you know I cannot take it anymore and then we are in heaven together.
As we got to the restaurant we pulled into the back of the parking garage where we parked. Then we were seated at our table rather quickly. We sat there and just talked non stop until our dinners arrived. It was amazing to see you sitting there and eating. Because you would just eat so sexily. You were was eating a carrot stick but I should say more like sucking on it between her lips. As you sat there and did that I felt your foot travel up and down my thigh. Once again I was getting very hard and you knew it as your foot slid right over my hardness. As your foot was massaging me that carrot stick just disappeared between your lips. With that I want you to know the hot passionate look you had in your eyes. You asked me to excuse you so you could use the ladies room. As you walked past me you just smiled as you dragged your finger across the side of my face. The images that were going thru my mind was total sexual pleasure. I was having problems keeping control of myself when you came back. As you walked by me I was too much into my thoughts to even feel you touching my arm. It was now my turn to be excused.
As I walked to the bathroom I was keeping the front of my suit jacket closed so no one could see the huge erection I now had. As I got to the bathroom and entered the stall is when I felt my jacket pocket. I put my hand inside my pocket and when I brought my hand out I was simply amazed !!! Once my hand was out it went directly to my face as I just brought your black satin thong to my face. I never even felt you slipped them into my pocket but I must say they were soaking wet. The smell of your wet juices were driving me over the edge and I was ready to stroke off right then and there. But I just could not take my mouth away from my your sweet juices. Youe must have been so excited because her black thong was soaking wet and I could already see a little bit of your cum in the bottom of the thong. I knew it was time to get back to the table so I just took one more taste before I departed the bathroom. As I stepped outside of the door you just pinned me against the wall and kissed me so deep and so hard. You just looked at me and said I love how you make me so wet and taste so good. I said you think it is time to go and you said imagine that I already paid the bill. You just grabbed my hand and led me out the door toward the car. Just as we got to the car you went to put the key in the door as I walked up behind you.

I pinned you from behind against the car door and whispered in your ear that I was going to take you here and now. I also told you that there was not a thing you were going to do but enjoy me fucking you against your car. Your only response was a low pitched moan as I bit your ear. In return you just spread your legs as I pushed my hard cock against your tight little ass. Your hands were now on top of the car as I raised your skirt above your thigh. All you did was moan as you felt my hand travel up your leg to your inner thigh. I whispered into your ear and asked if your pussy was still as wet as you were inside the restaurant. You just said why don't you finger my pussy and find out for yourself. You then raised your leg up on the car door a little bit giving me easy access. Now it was my turn to tease you since we are both great at it. I slowly inched my hand up under your dress and I was already feeling the heat coming from your sweet hole and I also felt your wetness already traveling down your thigh.

So I just rubbed my hand on your thigh for a moment before I brought it up to your face were you sucked on it like you were giving my finger a blow job. All the time my other hand traveled right up your leg to the outside of your soaking wet pussy. Where I rubbed the outside of your lips all the way up to your clit. I circled your clit a few times before you turned your head to the side and said I want you in my pussy now. I just took one moment to slide one of my fingers in your wet pussy as you just about screamed your head off as I turned you around to face me. You just looked me straight in the eye and said Fuck Me NOW!!!! I finally unzipped my pants and freed my hard cock and you raised your skirt and spread your legs wide. For the first time I saw that perfectly trimmed patch and soaking wet lips. You raised your leg round my waist. As I picked you up you wrapped both legs around my waist. At the same time I kissed you hard as my throbbing cock entered you. You just kind of moved yourself up a little as you rode me while I pounded hard in and out of your pussy. You were biting my neck as we were moaning in tune and you just screamed I am going to cummmmmmmmmmm as I exploded inside of you. It felt like it would never end as we came together for the first time that night but definitely not the last. Good thing the garage was empty while you had your legs wrapped around me as we sucked on one another's tongues.

The kiss was not a kiss more like two animals going at each other. When we finally stopped to catch our breathe you went down on your knees and started to lick our cum off of my still throbbing cock. As you finished you kissed me again as we tasted each other together. I could not get enough of you and I wanted more. But first we had to leave this parking garage before someone called the police on our little party. I must say that we have been getting riskier since our last public display in a glass elevator. But that is another story.

So now it was time to get home before we both exploded. So I decided to drive home and what a good choice it turned out to be.

You gave me a quick kiss as I started the car and off we went. But you were still very horny and I always can tell when. Since I still had that delicious thong in my pocket I knew there was easy access. So you beat me to that by sitting in the passenger seat rubbing your breast thru your silk blouse when I put my hand on your thigh. I traveled straight up your leg to the top of your thigh highss closer to your wetness and started to run circles over your swollen clit again. You just moaned and squeezed your breast tighter as your hard nipples poked straight thru your blouse. Now you lowered your seat back and spread your legs wider as your hand went down to meet mine. Where we both rubbed your clit harder, faster and made you crazier. As I rubbed your clit you slid one finger into your hot pussy and squirmed in the seat. The restaurant was not far from the house but you did not care because you needed more. I kept rubbing your clit and you now had two fingers inside of yourself making you scream very loudly. Just as I started pinching that already swollen clit you just came very hard with your fingers deep inside your hot pussy.

You just laid there and shuttered while moaning loudly as I pulled into the driveway. Now you finally sat up where you took my face in your hands and said thank you with a huge slow kiss. You kissed over to my ear and bit it lightly where you whispered it is your turn. I immediately laid my seat back while you undid my pants and started to stroke me while you stared at me all big eyed. My size is not the biggest but you looked at me as if you saw it for the first time. I thought I was going to cum as soon as you stroked me but I was able to hold off. You looked back up to me and said would you cum in my mouth John I want to taste you so bad. I just moaned because I know you always swallow all of me and love it. You are addicted to my cum just as I am to yours. You slid your mouth over my head and down my shaft very slowly as I gripped your head making you take all of me. No complaints from you as you started to caress my balls while you sucked me. There was not much more I could take and you were not teasing. I can tell when you do not want me to cum but this time you wanted me to very badly. You were now rubbing my balls and sucking on my head when my body tensed up and I shot a huge load of my cum in your mouth. Oh it was such an amazing feeling as you kept sucking my head taking every last drop. You finally pulled your mouth away from my cock as I grabbed your hair and just kissed you so hard. By this point we just had to fuck hard and I mean right at that moment.

We walked towards the front door and went inside where we just hugged for what seemed to be an hour. When the embrace ended I walked over and turned on the radio. The radio was playing a slow type of song which I do not remember but I looked at you and held out my hand and said would you dance with me. You just said yes very softly and walked towards me where we embraced again. As we danced slowly we started to rub one another softly but very tantalizingly.

We stroked each others hair, kissed very softly and danced in rhythm. You started to pull my shirt out of my pants while I was unhooking your bra from the back. You now had my shirt free and slid it off of me very slowly as you kissed my nipples and my chest. Now I had your shirt free of your skirt and I slid that off of you. When it fell to the floor your bra went with it. You moaned when the air in the room hit your bare breasts and very erect nipples. Now we were not dancing to the song anymore but dancing to our loving attention of each other. The music played in the back ground as we explored our bodies together.

You kissing and biting my nipples as I was squeezing your ass as we stood there. Your kissed down to my belly button and started licking me all over while undoing my pants. When my pants slid down my legs you stood back from and took your skirt off. You now looked at me and said what shall we ever do now ? No more undressing needed since you were naked in front of me except for your low leather heels and the thigh highs you still wore. I slid my draws off as I saw you raise your leg on the couch to unbuckle your heal. All I saw the most exotic view of your pussy that was so wet and screaming for attention. The moisture was glistening off your thin patch of hair. The other heal followed in the same fashion as I just started stroking my cock. All I heard was do you like what you see ? I responded with a moaning yes as you bent over the front of the couch with your knees on the cushion and your ass high in the air. Walking over behind you I bent down and started kissing your neck while I placed my hands on your swollen nipples. I squeezed them hard while I rubbed my cock on your ass. You said I want you in my now and reached back with your hand guiding me towards your wetness. I released my hold on your breasts and grabbed myself rubbing your lips with my swollen cock head. Now you leaned a little forward and spread your legs a little wider as I slowly slid into you from behind. We both just screamed with pure pleasure. As I slid into you deeper your pussy just clenched my cock like a suction cup. You said Fuck Me very forcefully which just turned me on as I started to pump inside of you harder and harder. I felt myself getting close and you said don't you dare cum yet. I felt your hand reach back and stroke me a second before I saw you rubbing your clit very hard. Then you started bucking your hips with me in the same motion as I was fucking you. I went in and out you and when I went in you pushed back harder. I felt you getting wetter and wetter because I knew I was hitting your G-spot with each thrust inside of you. Your pussy wrapped around my cock like we were one when you I noticed you were rubbing your clit even faster now. All I heard was cum with me John. I started to thrust into you harder as you slapped your clit very hard when I felt your pussy just strangle my cock. That was it I just came so hard inside you as I felt you just flood me like never before with your own cum. We just collapsed in each others arms on that couch and had one final deep passionate kiss. As we held each other I whispered in your ear that I would love to fufill your deepest desires. You just smiled and fell asleep right on my chest.

Again I hope none of my words offended you in anyway and if they did I truly apologize. Have a lovely evening.

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8/26/2005 11:17 am

Now that is the type of night we all need....Very Nice

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3/4/2006 6:58 pm

WOW! other than that I am speechless.....

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