I Put Your Picture Away  

LazarusLongines 62M
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2/19/2006 10:48 am

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I Put Your Picture Away

That being said, and my diatribe in defense of capitalism being done, and the lovely one I am seeing feeling the future with fear, and another selection of Joe's chocolate on the counter, and my best bud drifting in parent wasteland, and a medium TDY at the front door, I am leaving this, what I assuredly hope is my last blog for several weeks, in the hands of the cyber gremlins.
I was wrong to think I could reasonably debate a self-proclaimed revolutionary. So I took a hint from Neil.
I was wrong to lay one down and pick up another so quickly. So I took a hint from the Kid.
And I am wrong in my silence. I need to take another hint, I think, this time, from me.

Peace until March, compadres.

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