Christmas Eve/Christmas  

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12/25/2005 1:13 am

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Christmas Eve/Christmas

It seems a bit odd to be spending hours masturbating on a religous holiday, although christmas is about as religious as I am anymore. A digital camera I recieved for christmas turned out to be quite fun during this little play time, and I updated my profile with several new pictures. I have a habit, I have noticed, of edging it for hours at a time. I stroke myself until I am about to cum, then back off, then do it again. I don't know why I love it so much, I suppose it just prolongs the pleasure and when I do get off it is like a cannon. Not like I have much else better to do really. I also have a habit of doing this for long sessions, and then not getting myself off at all. I know, to those guys who read this that sounds absolutely MAD, but I love it. It puts me in a sexual mind set for as long as I can keep myself going without breaking down and masturbating to completion.

One thing I love about my friend from work, for blog purposes I will call her Jamie, is that she knows I love being edged and has mastered getting me close and backing me off to the point where I am ready to scream. Either I let her continue with it until she gets bored which never seems to happen, or I grab her head and force her on me until I cum. Sounds mean, but she gets into that sort of thing, so it works.

I tried to chat with some guys today online in some of the local men for men chat rooms. Horrible places really, but not a whole lot of options around here. Found absolutely nothing interesting and only chatted with three guys in several, several hours. All of them were NOT at all what I was looking for. *sighs* Oh well.

The question remaining is do I get myself off tonight or tease myself? Hmmm...


Fantasy of the Day: Meeting a beautiful women who turns out to be a transexual in disguise and doesn't tell me until it's on.

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