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12/25/2005 3:05 pm

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While I'm at it...

Not that this type of stuff happens to me every day, but I figure I may as well ring in the newfound blog properly with a rather salacious tale I posted on my other journal. Enjoy!

I just had to write about a rather fortunate series of events that occurred to me earlier today at work. At the location where I work, we have an area that can hold a good number of people for large meetings or training events. Today there were a good number of people here for some random class and as I was making my way to the drink machine to get a Snapple, I saw someone I thought I knew from a while back. So, here I am with a Snapple in my hand trying to remember her name as she caught me observing her from across the room. She walked over and asked if we knew each other because I seemed very familiar and I agreed with her. We introduced each other and as we were both doing that "who the fuck are you" line of questioning and mannerisms, it hit us both like a ton of bricks...

Her name was Jackie and way back in the day when I did my extremely short stint as a male escort, she was someone I ummm, well accompanied to a shin dig in the city. I forgot where that party was (somewhere very close to the UN though because we could see it from the floor we were on), but the highlight of that evening was how we wound up fucking each other's brains out in a small utility room on a different floor of the hotel we were at. After that night, we kept in touch (and fooled around) for a little while longer and then we pretty much just lost contact with each other.

Anyway, all of a sudden the both of us were quite flustered realizing how we knew each other and we just started chatting and catching up on our lives up to this point. I must admit she looked absolutely stunning for someone in her late 40s and I just could not stop getting all sorts of fuzzy talking with her. She's a brunette who is bit shorter than me and she has these piercing blue eyes that could get you to do anything she wished no questions asked. She was wearing a revealing business outfit with some rather lovely heels and those stockings that have that line up the back of the leg (so HAWT!!) with the slight bulge of garter belt clips along the top of her long legs. She smelled heavenly and I could not help but still be drawn towards her as we chatted at a dining table just being lost in the moment. She was just as touchy feely as ever and compliments flew all over the place between us. I'll admit, I'm not nearly as toned and thin as I used to be, but she made me feel like I was [insert name of some hot ass actor] with the confidence to boot. We managed to talk about the old times and then the talk of significant others came into play. I told her I was single and she prodded a little more about things and I also found out she was recently divorced from a dickhead of a lawyer.

She wound up mentioning that she was in town for the rest of the week before she flew back to northern California. She did also mention her group was taking a 45 minute break to unwind from the long session thus far in the day. I told her I'd keep her company and then she happened to bring up that night of the party we attended. Apparently, I blushed because she started poking fun at me and then I just rather nonchalantly mentioned there's a roomier unused room on a different floor of the building where I am at. To my astonishment her eyes lit up and off we went to have some fun for the next 25 minutes.

As soon as we get inside the room, I lock the door and kiss her in the darkness of the unlit room with her back towards a wall (I don't know about you, but I've always found that exploring someone else's body in complete darkness is such a huge turn-on). She's undoing my pants and I'm undoing her jacket, blouse and bra when I start moving down kissing and biting her neck. She's moaning a little loudly now, but we're somewhat close to an office area, so as I start to fondle her breasts and suck and tease on her nipples, I use my free hand to cover her mouth and muffle her moans a bit. Apparently she really enjoyed me doing that because her nails dug right into my back and started scraping downwards which she remembered that I love immensely. My other hand went down to her soaked panties and I started playing with her lips and clit enjoying the wetness as she got off pretty quickly. When she composed herself a little, she told me she wanted me inside her, so I propped her up a little with one arm, slid her panties to the side and proceeded to slowly fuck her while my other hand was holding the both of hers above her head and I kept kissing her (at which point I also remembered the nights we just sat on her sofa at her place and just kissed for hours... such a great kisser). We were like two animals possessed clawing and greedily pulling ourselves tighter into each other as I think she came one or two more times. Then, I was feeling it coming and I whispered in her ear that I was about to come so she got on her knees and finished me off with her mouth...

It took us a good amount of time to compose ourselves and dress up in the dark, but when we came out of that room we headed off and giggled like high school kids who were making out in the hallway. We walked back down and she let me know where she was staying for the week and let me know she was expecting me there tomorrow night to "catch up on old times."

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