Who says a club is just for dancing??  

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10/24/2005 5:53 am

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Who says a club is just for dancing??

Who says the club is just for dancing?

Saturday night, the weather is perfect…hot and spicy…everyone is itching to go out. The guys making sure what they wear makes them appear cool and smooth and the girls looking for that perfect outfit that will make all the heads spin. The outfit has to be hot and sexy enough to turn all the heads, yet comfortable enough to shake her pretty little tail on the dance floor.

Get to the club no earlier than 10 o'clock. Anything earlier than that is just not “cool”, but if I arrive any later I can't take advantage of “free drinks till midnight”. Although I intend on attracting enough attention to have drinks being bought for me left and right. “Oh well, why not enjoy it all!!” There I stand at the bar in my hot little black strapless dress cut in an angle at the bottom, the shorter side of the angle starting about mid thigh as the longer end cuts off about mid calf. Dress wouldn't work without those fence net stockings and black stilettos with the silver heel - would it? Can't forget how the hair is up into a nice up sweep with the perfect amount of curls hanging down around my face.

What else could I order but “my” drink…Licor 43 w/milk...just the right combination of that subtle alcohol and milk giving it the perfect sweetness. As

I turn away from the bar I notice that one “guy” that stands out from all the rest; tall, (somewhat) dark and very handsome. Even in the poorest of lighting, you can see how gorgeous his eyes are…how captivating. There he stands around his “boys” playing pool…now how do I work my way around to the pool tables without appearing obvious? When suddenly I realize, it’s not a problem anymore as I see him walking towards me. Well, play it cool…leaning back onto the bar as I sip from my drink looking in a completely different direction.

I hear a sexy voice calling out “Hello”, from this muscular body (about 6 foot tall) that is towering over my 4’10” short ass . My head begins to turn slowly towards him with that soft subtle sexy smile, returning the “hello”. He goes on to tell me how he noticed me from the moment I walked in and the fact that I walked in alone. He questions how such a beautiful woman could be out and about looking as hot as I was…all alone. We make small talk and he manages to get a couple of smiles out of me, which he compliments me on, followed by an invitation to play pool. What choice does he have considering he abandoned his game with his friends to walk over and “hit” on me? I accept and we walk over to one of the 4 tables and he racks them up. He makes cracks about how he will take it easy on me…shooting a deviant smile. I can't let him get away with that, but I don't want to get into a war of words…not just yet at least. Therefore, I just muster out, “Oh is that right? We'll just see about that ‒ won't we?” “You break.” We begin to play and we are pretty much head to head in shots, then I start to get ahead. He can't only believe the fact that I am beating him, but I can enjoy his reflection in the windows and the looks he is making as I bend over the pool table. How far I have to bend, reach and lean to make that shot…the strapless top of the dress showing just the right amount of cleavage to still leave “some” to the imagination. The angled length of the dress creeps up on my ass as I lean over…it’s a guaranteed win. LOL!!! There you have it 3 shots one after the other…down to the “8 ball”. I look, align, aim and sink in into the left corner pocket. Game over ‒ my win…lets dance.

Just then some other gentleman comes out of nowhere and invites me to dance. Now you know I have to make him (Mr. Pool) work for it ‒ so I accept his invitation. As I walk away I tell him to find me if interested in dancing or another beating (shooting him a wink) and “my” deviant smile. I'm led to the dance floor by this other guy whose name I don't even bother to ask for. We arrive on the dance floor to the fastest hottest merengue that could ever be played. His left hand sitting comfortably on my hip as we start to dance. My hips and feet moving in rhythm with the music as I keep up perfectly with his twist, turns and spins. In the middle of one of those turns my eyes meet with Mr. Pool, who is now at the bar closer to the dance floor. I can casually look at him long enough to know that he has been and is still watching me and likes how I move to the music. He raises his brow as he smilingly raises his drink to me. Once the dance is over I thank the gentleman and work my way to the bar for another drink. It is very hot in the club, so many bodies and the dancing; my body is slightly glistening from small pedals of sweat. Mr. Pool offers to pick up the tab on my drink as the bartender hands it to me…never mind the fact that I did not go to his location at the bar to order my drink. I accept and we move to the end of the bar where it is less crowded and a little more secluded for conversation.

Standing there at the end of the bar, practically in a dark secluded corner we finally exchange names. He introduces himself to be Christian as I introduce myself as Nayelli. A song comes on that I love (reggaeton ‒ Pobre Diablo by Don Omar) and invite him to dance with me. He hesitates at first…realizing I’m going to be on the dance floor for that song with or without him - he follows along. What is this guy doing at a club and not wanting to dance? Smooth operator…truly just trying to pick up girls, but you know what…that’s ok with me at this point. Let’s see what he’s got…we start to dance slowly and pick up the pace gradually. I turn, facing away from him and his hands on my hips as we dance pressed up against each other. I push up a little closer to him, his knees slightly bent to where his body is cupping my ass. I begin to move in circles, grinding into him…a smile spreads across my face as he tries to pull back. I can feel him getting aroused and not wanting it to be noticed, luckily for him ‒ the song comes to an end and we make it back to the corner of the bar where our drinks await us. We go back to making small talk and he begins to compliment me on my mysterious eyes and full lips, he finally catches on to the fact that my tongue is pierced as we are talking. My piercing now becomes the topic of conversation. He proceeds to tell me how great he thinks it must feel and taste. I, embarrassed a little but very flirtatious tell him he is welcome to find out whenever he really wants to know.

Christian, already leaning on the bar and close to me leans in towards me and whispers in my ear how he would love to know right then and there how great it feels. As he starts to pull away I turn and kiss his lips…just press up against them. This towering man at that moment didn't seem as big as he stood there in mere shock…almost frozen. Giving him no time to react I start to trace his lips with my tongue. Slowly sliding my tongue into his mouth and kissing him in slow motion. I wanted to give him a kiss he would never forget ‒ tongue stud or no tongue stud. I then find myself being led backwards, further into that dark corner without even breaking from the kiss. How lucky for me there is a stool wedged into the corner? He lifts me up onto the stool. We kiss for what seems like hours as his hand slides down under my dress and in between my thighs…not much to get around as all there is is a black T-back with rhinestones on the back. He pushes the “string” out of the way and glides his finger into my pussy. My mouth breaks away from his in a deep sigh…his long fingers deep inside me. Mmmm!! Our kisses so long and hot, his exploring hands have gotten me so aroused and wet that he can't help but to casually work his way down to taste my juices. At that very moment, where we were seemed like a distant memory…club, people…what club, what people? All I know is that at that moment I didn't care who was around. I didn't care who witnessed the pure ecstasy I was in…as long as I was in it!!! His tongue danced circles around my clit and explored deep into the depths of my pussy.

He comes up towards me, his mouth (mustache and go tee) full of my juices; he clearly wants to share them with me. We dive into another seemingly endless kiss as I work his pants open…he’s got enough ass to keep them from falling to his knees (not that he seems overly concerned with that matter). My hand stroking his hard throbbing pulsating cock, rubbing the precum all over his head. I escape from the lock of his lips and whisper in his ear how I would love to know how he tastes. He proceeds to tell me that he does not want me out of that stool, he doesn't want to take the chance that someone will walk up to me and lure me away. He grabs a hold of both my hands by my wrist as he holds them above me against the wall. Christian begins to kiss my neck down to my chest as his free hand massages and squeezes on my breast. He finally starts to guide his cock inside my wet tight pussy as I lean back into the wall catching a deep breath. He is so thick and hard, I can almost feel my walls parting, spreading wide open for him. The tight walls of my pussy wrapping around his hard thick throbbing cock. He reaches up with his free hand and pulls the top of my dress down, leaving my breast exposed. Is he the only one that sees them? I don't know…I don't really care!!! All I can think is, “oh baby, you feel so good…don't stop!! Fuck me harder papi!!!” He is sucking on my breast, toying with my nipples and arousing them so much that he can't help but to gently bite on them. All this happening as his hips don't hesitate for a second thrusting inside me.

I now sit at the edge of the stool, pretty much only being held up by his cock deep inside me. I move closer to him to give him that freedom to pull in as close as possible to me and enter far and deep beyond what he thought possible. We are so carried away with this little world of our own that we have created in that mind blowing dark corner. I then find myself being lifted up into his arms as he leans me up against the wall. Christian has now put me into the perfect position to ride him as if I were in the air. I ride his cock into what seems like “heaven” at that point. Is the club this hot to everyone else or is it just me/us? I ride him harder and faster…what pure ecstasy, the orgasm I feel building up. The best part is that the music is so loud and the crowd is so wound up that I can clearly express how mind blowing that orgasm will be and no one will ever be the wiser…well no one aside from the people at the bar in front of us. Then it happens, I feel him begin to tense up as he pushes me up and down against the wall. I work my mouth near his ear telling him, “Don't you hold back on me!!! You've brought me this far…I want to here what you've got…let me hear you cum good and hard papi!!!” The more I speak to him in his ear, the more excited and harder he thrust. He says, “Oh yeah mami…you want it good and hard?” He does just that, he goes harder and stronger and deeper…his breathing so rapid and heavy. Listening to him carry on this way is “the” hottest thing he could ever do to push me over that edge. Now my words change…now it is more like, “ay papi no pares = oh papi don't stop. I'm cumming for you…are you going to cum with me? Cum with me dammit!!! CUM WITH ME!!”

It happens…I tense up as it hits me…my back arched as far as it can go and he pushes up further as to want to shoot it so far in me that it is lost forever. I don't hesitate at all to scream out…screams of pure pleasure. At that point I think we are both lucky that the stool was still near by…as he places me onto it. He can barely stand straight; none the less continue to hold me up. He moves away from me, just enough to where he can lean on the wall to keep from collapsing and compose himself. The mere exhaustion of all the “movement” and the heat of the club, who could blame him. I am not sure I could stand at that very moment either. He leans over asking me in my ear if I would like to step outside for some fresh cool air.

I manage to bring myself to my feet and compose myself. We work our way through the crowd to the outside. I have never been so appreciative of “air” in my life. Our eyes cross as we get outside and he gives me that deviant smile that he did when he was antagonizing me about the pool game. I smile back, telling him what a bad influence he was…LOL!!! In a laughing tone I ask him if that is what happens to all the girls that beat him at pool. He musters a laugh (in shock) and tells me that no girl has ever beaten him at pool before. Deviant as I can be, I say, “Well, you can't say that anymore…can you?” LOL!! He pulls me towards him, pulling me down he kisses me hungrily and says, “I sure hope no one has given you a club experience like that before ”. I refuse to give him the satisfaction of an answer, so I shoot a smile with that shoulder shrug that neither confirms nor denies. I start to look through my purse for my compact so I can adjust my make-up. As I proceed to look through my purse I tell him what a pleasurable evening it has been, but that I guess I better get going.

I start to walk away as he calls out, “Hey!! Will we see each other again?” I stop in my tracks, turn to him and reply, “Yeah, my car 15 minutes. (deactivating my alarm so he knows exactly where I will be) and don't keep me waiting!! I don't like waiting.” I don't wait for a response or an acknowledgement…I just walk. I know he will be there and although he gave me that look like “What?!?!”…HE knows he will be there too. I pull my compact up to my face, holding it at an angle to where I can look behind me and see him still sitting there watching me walk away. Laughing on the inside, but just smiling on the outside I continue to walk to my car. When I arrive at the car and proceed to get in I notice he is no longer sitting where I left him. Once inside I receive a call…just chatting away looking at the time on the car radio.

15 minutes later…as I finish up my call…I hear tapping on my window. I reach down and unlock the doors; he starts into the car…

I'm sure you can figure out what happened next…all by yourselves!!

For those of you that can't…lets just say Round 2 is always more exciting and sweat is flying…windows are completely fogged and the “shocks” on the car are “ALL GOOD”. LMAO!!

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