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10/24/2005 1:00 pm

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Road Assistance

Thank God It's Friday and the workweek is finally over, boy has is been a long week. Seems as though the days crept by ever so slowly one after the other; each one longer than the next. Next obstacle to overcome is the two-hour ride to my family's house. Luckily my bag for the weekend trip is packed in advance; no need to go back home I can depart straight from work.
The day is approaching its end, so I begin to clean up and leave everything in its place for my arrival come Monday. Finally!! It's 4:30...time to leave distant memories of the long week behind me. Gathering my belongings as I heads for the door my cell phone rings, family confirming my visit. I confirm plans on arriving sometime this evening. As I proceed to turn the lights off and lock my office, I end my call. Working my way out of the building and towards the car.

Now, the challenge is to get through the Friday traffic. Doesn't anyone have a desire to get home or to that wonderful "happy hour"? Perhaps it's my incessant desire to be through it all and able to relax. Well, I guess I should come to that realization that becoming agitated will not get me through the traffic any quicker. When all else fails, BLAST the radio, roll down the windows and ride. An hour has passed and the traffic has all begun to move at a reasonable pace and I'm on my way. Evening has fallen and I close the windows to avoid all the late night bugs as I drive down that long, dark, quiet road. There is such darkness and solitude on this road, its is almost crazy to be on it alone. Just as those thoughts cross my mind, I hear this "clanking" sound.

I reach for the radio to turn it down and pay closer attention to see if I am hearing correctly or not. Just as I begin to think it was all in my imagination and lean forward to turn the radio back up¡Kthere it is again. All I can think is "Oh my Out here? Why me?" I downshift from 5th to 4th and reach for my phone...great (dammit) no signal!! I've traveled this road enough times before to know that there is no gas station for miles and I can feel the car stalling. Throwing the phone in to the passenger seat, I attempt to maintain control of Mustang "Sally". My reliable V8, 260 horsepower machine has failed me at the most inopportune moment, along with my cell phone signal. I proceed to downshift from 4th to 3rd, quickly decreasing my speed, finding a good and safe place to pull off the road. Fortunate for me, I find a spot that is semi well lit, those are hard to come by on this road. (Relieved that one thing seems to be working in my favor) I throw the gears into neutral and pull over. Exiting the car cell phone in hand, I walk to the other side of the car away from the road. Standing there trying to figure out what I'm going to do, how I'm going to get myself out of this mess and praying for a car to come to my rescue¡Kall at the same time. Then again, what if a car does come by, will they know how to fix my car? What if it is a homicidal killer, or psychopath? (OK - stop it I'm screaming in my head) I begin to walk around slowly staring at my phone hoping for a signal to come up; suddenly I hear a car. Turning around quickly to look behind me, I see this gleaming white gorgeous Escalade with 24" chromed 6-star rims, low profile tires and dark tints pulling up behind me. Standing there almost frozen, not knowing who or what is in this SUV and weither I should approach it or not¡Kits passenger window lowers.

I walk over and look inside to see this friendly smile looking back at me from the driver¡¦s seat¡Khe asks, "Are you having some trouble?" Replying, "Yes, I am and have no clue as to what is wrong with it." He proceeds to tell me that he can look at it, but has no guarantee that he will know what is wrong with it or the ability to fix it. Climbing out of the car, he asks me if I had been there long and had I been able to call for any help. As he is looking under the hood trying to evaluate the situation, I tell him that I had been there about 10 minutes or so and had been unsuccessful in locating a signal to call anyone. This man is tall, muscular, clean cut and very attractive, very masculine, but welcoming voice. There I stand examining him from head to toe as he straightens up and begins telling me that what he believes is wrong with the car is the alternator. "I believe you have a faulty alternator which has drained your battery. I'm sorry, but there is absolutely nothing I can do for your car. I can give you a ride somewhere if you would like¡Kdepending on which direction your headed or drop you off somewhere where you can call for help."

Extremely hesitant to get in this vehicle with a total stranger, I stand there at a standstill contemplating if I should or not. (All in a split second) Realizing I really have no choice, what if no other good Samaritan comes by, then what do I do. Looking up at him, "I would greatly appreciate a ride. I'm not sure where you are headed, but I do know I will take what I can get." As he very gentlemanly helps me remove my things from my trunk, I tell him where I was headed. How much of a coincidence or luck is it that he is going to the town right before where I was headed? I begin to feel more relaxed about getting in this car with this stranger...handsome, but still a stranger. He takes the liberty of putting all my things in the back of his SUV, as I climb into the passenger's seat. Once we are off and back on the road, we begin to talk and get to know each other, we both live in the same approximate area and have a lot of things in common. The more he talks, the more at ease I begin to feel and the more I find myself looking at him as he concentrates on the road. He has such a defined face, full lips and GOD HE SMELLS GOOD!!!

Our conversation dies down and we enjoy the ride and music, I have continuously been checking my phone for a decent signal and finally get one. I proceed to call roadside assistance and give them the location of my car and make arrangements for it to be picked up and taken to my mechanic back home. "I guess now I should make arrangements on being picked up from your location." He replies, "Your family is not far from where I am going, so I'll be glad to drive you to their doorstep." (shooting me a wink) I thank him accordingly and tell him how generous and kind he is, as he comes back with a "thank you" and telling me how attractive I am. (blushing of course) We come to a stop light in the middle of nowhere and he reaches over turning my face towards him. (as I had looked away in embarrassment) "I'm sorry if I embarrassed you, but I would think you were use to hearing things like that." My eyes close for a second as I then find him leaning towards me to kiss me. I do not turn away, I do not stop him...actually I return his kiss, all the while thinking to myself (What are you doing? You're in a car with a total stranger and now your kissing him? OMG!!) Now, more embarrassed than before I casually tell him the light has changed. He pulls off and as he drives he begins to play with the back of my neck, telling me how this is something you would read in a magazine about weird coincidences. Once again we find ourselves at a light and he invites me closer to him. We begin to passionately kiss as his hands leave the steering wheel and begin to undo my shirt and unhook my bra. He reaches for my hand and leads it over to his lap. I reach down and realize he is completely aroused. At this point all of this is so far fetched, but I can't stop myself, I begin to undo his belt and pants and reach under his boxer briefs. He begins to kiss down my neck and shoulders working his way down to my breast. Just as we are really getting into each other a car beeps as it is whizzing by¡Khe realizes he needs to drive. I on the other hand don't, so I lean further in towards him¡Kkissing his neck as I continue to stroke his manhood.

I undo his shirt and help him completely out of it as he did for me...yes, thank heaven the road is dark because here I am in this mans car completely topless. He runs his hand through the back of my hair as I kiss my way down his chest & stomach; my mouth reaches the hand that is still wrapped firmly around him. I can hear him take a deep breath as he feels my tongue collide against his skin, hand continuing to massage him as I circle my tongue around his swollen head. I feel the car slow down some; he is not stopping, just no longer driving like he is determined to get somewhere. He is enjoying the "here" and the "now". My mouth devouring every inch of him as my hand continues to stroke his "ego"...this goes on for about 10 or 15 minutes. I then decide to sit up and remove the remaining articles of clothing on my body. He breaks away from the road every chance he gets to glance over at me...stripping in his passenger seat. I reach down between my legs in attempt to offer him a taste of my nectar. Slowly, as he moves his eyes back and forth between me and the road, I reach down and feel how "aroused"¨ he has gotten me. I can see how his eyes light up at the mere thought of what I am doing...after all its so dark all he can see is my silhouette. He hears my breathing start to change and soft subtle moans of pleasure leaving my lips. I lean towards him, taking my fingers to his mouth and he almost immediately opens and takes them in. Now sucking on my fingers like a feeding frenzy, I pull my fingers away and entering his mouth, my tongue dancing with his...he starts to glide his seat as far back as he can while still driving.

I don't know what has gotten into me...seems like a moment of insanity, but I find myself climbing over the center console and onto his lap. (Thank you Cadillac for large vehicles ) He only drives with one hand, so as my body glides down over his, he reaches for me and holds me by my waist. We simultaneously let out a deep breath...that breath of complete pleasure at the moment of full penetration. There he is looking over my shoulder, left hand on steering wheel, right hand at my hip and maintaining the vehicle on the road. I on the other hand am kissing on his neck and shoulders as my body grinds on top of hips dancing back & forth and in circles over him. The adrenaline is running high in both of us, we are probably both wondering how long can he keep from running off the road¡KLOL!! I just want to bury his face in my breast and let him lick and suck his way out of them. Just then it is as he can read my mind...he takes his eyes off the road and my breast in the hand that once rested on my hip and begins to suck on my nipple. Eventually he begins kissing me passionately as he tries to glance towards the road to make sure we are still on course. As the time passes and we have both become more aroused, I begin to accelerate the speed of my movements as he seems to accelerate the speed of the vehicle. Motioning my hips back and forth swiftly and circling my hips over him over and over again...feeling like I am close to reaching that point...point of pure ecstasy when our bodies explode. I feel that we are coming to a stop, we arrive at another traffic light in the middle of nowhere. His hands both on my hips pulling me tight and closer onto him, as if he is not already deeply penetrated in me. I begin to move faster and harder as he holds my breasts in both his hands sucking and biting gently. At that moment I feel that sensation, those chills running up my back...I'm on the verge of reaching my peak. He feels my body begin to tense up and just then the light changes so he "floors" it and my body is thrown into his and some how he begins to thrust up into me as I motion over him. I continue to ride him long and hard until I am caught completely off guard with the most mind-blowing orgasm ever. The moaning and panting coming out of me and the way my body tightened up suddenly, catches him off guard, so off guard that as I am just recuperating from that intense sensation - I feel him thrust so deep in me as he explodes inside me. I just stare deep into his eyes and face as I watch the expressions on his face as he has reached that point of ecstasy as I did. I love the look of a man enjoying an orgasm. Those looks are one of the hottest things a man can do without even trying. We have both reached our climax and this man seems to hold his erection, so I am in no hurry to leave my current "position"...we kiss in and out as he continues to drive.

As he slows down approaching the first light near "civilization" again, we kiss deeply...just as that first hot kiss that ignited our adventure. We take the advantage of the time stopped at the light to compose ourselves before we start heading into the populated areas. You would think that now the moments would be awkward...but rather more like sharing looks of passion and desire. Glancing at each other and getting caught up in stares of disbelief that what just happened actually did happen and "damn, when can we do that again". My cell phone rings, interrupting those intense stares and looks we are giving each other as he bounces back and forth between the road and my eyes. I take the call informing my family of what occurred with my car and that I was fortunate enough to find a very nice (smirking) Samaritan heading my way to assist in my hour of need and that we should be there shortly.

After ending my call, we seem to both be comfortable in the silence, no awkwardness...just mutual silence. A half-hour later, after simple directions we arrive at my families home. They are all relieved to see me arrive safe and sound, coming out to the driveway as he helps me remove my things from the back of his SUV. They greet me happily and thank him graciously. I work my way back to the front seat to grab my purse and leave a little something behind. The family invites him in for a drink or cup of coffee, but he declines. Once again, I thank him for all his kindness and help..."have a great weekend and perhaps our paths will cross again."

As I walk away, moving towards the house I hear him get into his vehicle and I smirk. I know that at that moment when he climbed into his vehicle he was going to find my phone number on a slip of paper wrapped in my thong. As I turn at the door to close it¡Khe sits there looking towards the door at me and I smile and .

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