Meet You In Your Office?  

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10/24/2005 12:56 pm

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Meet You In Your Office?

Outside it rains like there's no tomorrow, the thunder, the lightening...all none stop.

There you are working away at your computer in your office. Fingers working diligently, very concentrated and determined to finish whatever it is you're working on. Never suspecting anyone would make it in and interrupt you.

Fortunate for me to find no one outside your office to stop me. Walking in slowly, closing the door behind me and locking it...there shall be no other visitors or interruptions while I am there. I stand there in my trench coat & stilettos...soaking wet, my hair down over my face. Your back is to the door so you never see me coming, walking up to you slowly and quietly. Suddenly you feel those warm full moist lips on the back of your neck kissing softly you feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. I continue to kiss on your neck, over to the side as I make my way around you and your chair begins to turn towards me. Surprised to see me, as we have not encountered in person before...just those hot online conversations and when possible on the phone.

I place myself on your lap as I softly & gently begin to kiss on your lips. Pulling back and deeply staring into your eyes...looking deep within you and as to capture you in my gaze. I approach you slowly, our eyes locked as I then move my eyes to your mouth...such succulent lips...tracing the outline of them with the tip of my tongue. Your mouth begins to open as to kiss me...but no...not yet. I begin to kiss on them softly, sucking on their fullness and even stealing a bite or two. Your arms begin to make their way around my waist as I plunge into your mouth. There it is the most intense and passionate kiss anyone as ever initiated on you. This kiss has completely taken over you...its as if it were sucking the air out of you except you don't want it to come to an end, even if it takes up your last breath.

Kissing, my hands going through the back of your hair...I feel you reach to untie my coat as I quickly stop you. Telling you, "No, relax...let me have you". I kiss his lips, chin, jawline...over to his ears...whispering "I want to feel and taste all of you". Nibbling on your ear as I begin to undo your tie and buttons on your shirt. Kissing down your neck till I get to "the" spot. The spot right where the neck curves into the shoulder and intensely biting that muscle...the one that sticks out especially on a man that works out. This sends quivers up your spine and in that moment you ask yourself how I knew about that...not sure if you even knew.

There standing in front of you...I help you out of your shirt, tie and undershirt. I move towards you, leaning on the arms of the chair as I motion to kiss you again. Except I slowly duck down and go back to kissing down your neck to your chest, working my way down to your nipples. I begin to circle my tongue around the nipples - teasingly, which then turns to sucking and biting (not hurtful of course). Then I continue to kiss down to your basically on my knees in front of the chair. My tongue plays with your navel as as I begin to undo your belt and pants. Feeling around, you is very aroused...bursting with excitement you could say. Once the pants are undone I can see you are already making your way out of the boxers.

Now that I have felt how excited you are to have me there...time to step it up a notch. I begin to help you out of your pants and boxers and back into the chair. I begin to run my fingers softly over the soft skin of your "monster"...teasingly...I know you want me to hold it. I take a hold of all your firmness in my right hand, slowly starting to stroke as I stare at you. Watching you watch me, as I slowly move my tongue across my lips...moistening them. Your eyes widen as you see my head moving closer to your "monster" still in my hand, my eyes don't leave yours. Just as I'm close enough to where you can feel my breath on your "monster", my tongue begins to run circles around your swollen head. I can see the deep breath you release, almost as if you were in relief...or is it the desire you so badly had of feeling me taste him. My tongue runs round and round slowly around the head of your "monster", just as you begin to get use to that feeling I change it up again. I take the head into my mouth, just the head. Sucking on it firmly, as my tongue still dances around it. I even release a hold of him to lick from the base of your balls (up slowly), up your shaft back to the very tip of your head. You lean your head into the back of the seat as I suddenly, unexpected to you take your "monster" into my mouth. Deep can feel the tip of your head hit the back of my throat. I hear that subtle moan...what pleasure I get from that. I begin sucking your "monster" slowly at first, my hand stroking right behind my mouth. Gradually picking up the pace and intensity of my mouth...after all you have the perfect combination...warm mouth cold metal stud pressed up against his hard cock.

We continue at this pace for as long as my mouth doesn't exhaust from being tightly wrapped around you "monster". As my hand strokes up and down your "monster" I can feel that vein pulsating the one that often fills with blood as you are about to shoot that cum of pure pleasure. I will not allow for you to cum yet, we still have so much pleasure to share. As I continue to suck and stroke your "monster", your head lays back into the chair I begin to undo the trench coat with the other hand. Of course, you are so unsuspecting right remember nothing of a trench coat. You will remember it when you see what I have revealed. I take that one long last suck of your "monster"...releasing you from my lips so tight that you can almost hear a "pop" sound. Now you sit up to see me placing your hard throbbing thick well lubricated "monster" between my "D" breast [yes natural]. You also notice the black bustier with garter belts and matching lace crotchless panties and stilettos. As I wrap my breast around your "monster"...the delight in your eyes you reache for my breast to toy with my nipples as I catch your finger in my mouth. Sucking on your finger as I did your "monster" just seconds ago. My breast squeezing and stroking and massaging your pulsating "monster". Once I let go of your finger I catch the tip of your head in my mouth every time it comes up near me. You watch in such pleasure as if you were watching your favorite can see it in your eyes - first the kiss, the way her mouth moved on my "monster" and now her large soft!!!

After a short while I release you from my hold and slowly kiss my way up the way I worked my way down...once again arriving at your mouth...except this time the kiss is animalistic, hungry like. We kiss as if we haven't eaten in days. How we devour each other and we haven't even gotten to the main course. I now stand over him where you still sit. As short as I am my kitty is practically sitting on your can feel "her" heat and moisture. Your hands start to slowly roam over my body as I climb on top of you...breast at face level. Gently pulling our face into them as your hand works its way to my inner thighs and up to pet the hairless "kitten". Your fingers near her mouth as she begins to anticipate your touch. Slowly sliding your fingers between her lips and into her back arches, feel so good. Your mouth over my breast toying with my nipples and arousing me...suddenly I grabs your hand and pull it away from my now wet and very aroused kitten, placing it on my ass. Reaching down to guide your "monster" to my "kitty". Rubbing just our head in between her lips, lubricating him with her juices. You devour my breast even more as you know that you are moments away from being deep inside me.

'monster" I begin to slowly inch my way down onto your "monster"...pulling up every so often and starting over, taking in a little more every time. Finally your "monster" is completely inside me...filling me completely. As I start to dance over you...almost like a belly dancer. I begin to move all around...back and forth...up and down...even in circles. We kiss, we moan, our breathing becoming heavier with every motion...pure ecstasy. A moment of shock and disappointment overcomes your face as I stop and begin to climb off of you. Your face almost immediately changes to delight when you realize I'm not going far, just turning to give my back to you and gliding my "kitten" right back over your "monster". Dancing on you like a stripper giving a lap dance...only difference...your not paying for me and you're inside me. Sitting on you, knees bent and my hands resting on my knees as I bump and grind you. You start to sit up as to reach around me and I lean back and lay upon your chest and your hands come around and wrap around my breast. My head laying on your shoulder as you face buries itself in my neck, kissing and sucking and not helping but to moan at the movements my hips make over you. Left hand still on my breast the right hand reaches down and begins to rub on and toy with my clit...our bodies begin to move almost perfectly synchronized. The moans get louder and deeper as our bodies begin to climb that mountain of pleasure desperately looking to reach the "peak". My hand over yours as you continue to rub over my clit as I grind over your "monster" until we both cum simultaneously!!!

In this same position we begin to kiss as our bodies enjoy those last quivers and chills from such an intense climax. Slowly then bringing myself to my feet...turning to you again and kissing. A kiss like that first one that started it all...reaching for my trench coat quickly putting it on. Working my way out the door as I make sure to lock the door behind me so you have time to compose yourself.

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