Married, Not Dead!!!  

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10/24/2005 12:52 pm

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Married, Not Dead!!!

Married woman, but certainly not dead!! I can still look around at a traffic light to see who is around and catch the attention of an attractive man. Better yet to feel as if you are being watched and come to notice that indeed there is that fellow driver admiring you in your you adjust your hair, make-up, sing along with the music and/or (more to their pleasure) subconsciously playing with your tongue stud.

How intense and exciting for strange eyes to cross and feel that attraction that only a stolen kiss and/or touch without any warning. I've never been the submissive type nor could see myself me, being submissive is succumbing to all the "dominant" person inflicts on me and I can't. I am very strong willed and stubborn, to feel humiliated or belittled.

Can you "take me over" MOST DEFINITELY!!! Just think of it...approaching me...eyes lock. He reaches for me not seeking approval, just knowing he will because/he wants to and can...pulls me close and steals that which is the most intimate. The kiss!!! A long succulent passionate intense electrifying kiss...tracing the outline of my lips with his tongue, biting on the lower lip and almost magically waving his tongue around inside my mouth. AYAYAYAY - QUE CALIENTE!!!

His hands exploring my body, firm but not forceful...I'm so taken away I want to almost try and resist to see what he will do. He will hold me back from fighting him he proves to me that I want it...I want it badly. Touching and tasting my body like he owns it and I slip deeper and deeper into ecstasy.

Always firm, but never hurtful...pulling at the back of my hair leaving my neck open and susceptible to his mouth...kisses, licking, biting, sucking...mmmmm!!! Wet just thinking of it...

It's as if he keeps control of me with his eyes...that deep stare into mine as he undresses me and I feel as if I can't move or look away. Foundling my breast...a still stare as he makes his way to my breast. Taking them into his mouth, devouring them, toying with my nipples...OMG. His hands massaging my most precious and delicate flower...working her over with his large strong but soft hands. His sole purpose now is to make sure she is comfortable...just the right amount of warmth, moisture and "touch"...diving deep inside her to find out her deepest darkest pleasures and desires.

I'm at his mercy, laying flat on my back as he works his tongue over my body...going lower and lower. Arriving where he had intended all along...smelling my succulent flower wanting to know if she taste as sweet as she smells. I start to move, attempting to change the coarse we are headed as he grabs my hands using them to spread her petals. Not only have I lost all motions but he is now using me against myself. His hands over mine holding her petals open, striking (in slow motion almost) his tongue across her from top to bottom. My back arches and what seems like my last breath breaks out of me.

Will I ever be able to break free from this power he seems to have over me? How did this happen? I seem to be paralyzed in his presence.

Almost in tears as he licks, sucks and devours my juices. Incredible that something could feel so pleasurable to make you so emotional to bring you to tears. Just then he has me so taken he releases my hands yet I'm frozen there so he begins to finger me slowly as he still works his magical tongue over me. I couldn't open my eyes even if I wanted to...I seem to be that person in hypnosis that needs the hypnotist to touch over them and release that hold in order to open my eyes and see again. Just then its as if he can read my thoughts and he moves his body over me. I can feel him lingering over my face and he comes so close I can feel his breath on me...(whispering) look at me. He can see my eyelids flickering, but yet not open. "I want you to look at me...look into my eyes and tell me how much you want me inside you". Just then its as if the hold is released...eyes open practically tear filled, but not crying...its all desire. Desire of a man whom I don't really know, yet as complete and total power over my body and mind to a certain level. "Tell me" as he leans forward and kisses me...almost as if putting the breath back into me.

Just then, I could have said no or yes I want you...but I hear the words almost as if coming from someone else's mouth. Take me, have me, do with me as you intended the very first moment you saw me...

WOW!!!! Did I say that out loud? What has he done to me?

Sliding inside me deep and slow...towering over me, holding me by my wrist. He realizes how tight and wound that flower is...he starts to become more intense and uncontrolled...penetrating deeper and faster and harder, but inflicting no harmful pain. Large and in charge...a little hard to take, but couldn't walk away even if I could move. Moving high and low and repositioning me like his little rag doll...pure control and seduction. Picking me up, holding me over him...supporting me as if I were the smallest thing in the world. My arms wrap around his neck, head falls back and he motions me as I work my hips all around. I never knew I could orgasm this many times in such a short period...

Now that he seems to be putting me down...what will he do next. Should I be worried? Is this where he crosses the line and does something to harm or humiliate me?

His eyes again locked in mine as he puts me down on bed...walking away from me - laying there is such disbelief of all that has occurred. Returning with one hand behind his back...OMG - What is he going to do now? Approaching me slowly only to reveal some added pleasure...he's adding a vibrator to the mix. Flipping me over onto all fours...spreading my, this is what the entire "rimming" thing feels like...mmmmm!!! Squeezing my butt as he licks and tongues me as he gets it all wet for his "monster". I'm still new to this, please be gentle. Sliding in me slowly but surely, until I feel we are completely skin to skin. Leaning over me and whispering in my ear how much he enjoys having me. He hands me the toy and tells me to use it as added pleasure. He sees my hesitation and with a stern tone, emphasizes how he wants me to use it on my clit and inside me as he pounds me from behind.

We've been at it for so long now...will this man ever cum? Then again how many times can I cum? Just then I feel that one urging on...yes "The One"!! The one where you feel like you have to scream into a pillow so you're not heard for blocks!! Seems as if that one is the one he was waiting for as I feel him start to go faster and holding tighter onto my hips. Suddenly he stops, pushes me over (landing on my back) and he starts to masturbate the rest of the way...standing over me...cumming all over me from flower to face...

There it is that coy smile he gave me when I noticed him in the car at the light.

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