Hard Day's Night  

LateralPhantasm 35M
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4/30/2006 6:09 pm
Hard Day's Night

Ahh...yet another work day winding down, and then my weekend starts. Most people are lucky to have that sat-sun weekend thing going on, but not me. I do not even realy get a weekend because when my weekend from my store is on, my classes require that I be there. Oh well. Tonight I want to have fun. I wsh I could find some beautiful young couple, watch ten make love for awhile, then join in and bringing both beautiful people to a lovely orgasm. That would be a great night right now...top it all off with a Davidoff Magnum cigarette and a sip of absinthe. Ahhh...dreams and fantasies. I have this same fantasy almost everynight when I get of of work...(I am on my laptop here at the store...but, alas, most of the time it oes not happen, or it happens, but half-assed. Tonight is one of those nights that the meloncholy numberal that is 0 is on my messeges, and my cell phone, and no one seems to be doing anything. May be tonight is one of thse sit-at-home-and-jerk-off nights. Oh well. Maybe writing is what I need to be doing tonight. Actually, I know I need to be practicing for a show I have coming up, but I am holding it off because Last-Minute-Panic is the greatest motivator. Hmmm...I will sgn off now. Comment if you want, call me an asshole if you would like, whatever. Just do something positive with everything you may read and/or learn. Goodnight now.

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