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Late30sSexplorer 51F
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5/6/2005 4:58 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Highly Classified #1

DADDY WANTED - All Positions Available
Strict but generous. Fair but demanding. Makes me prove loyalty. Belt thrashings upon occasion. Regular hand-spankings. Nasty, kinky. Tells me what to suck/fuck & when to do it. Loves anal, oral, fisting & filthy sex talk. His two most essential characteristics are that my Daddy has a big, fat hard cock and demands that I obey it.

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5/6/2005 6:22 pm

Oh how I love thee let me drive my cock deep inside of you and start counting the ways I love you.

whirlwind66 60M
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5/8/2005 5:30 am

The ways Life loves and support us differs in ways we, humans, love, or "love", one another. Mostly.

So, the whole referential system is different and "switched" aside, when we say "love", from the standpoint of life itself, and from the standpoint of our...ego-trips, if I can name it so. These are completely different meanings, of this word, and of this *act*!

In this regard, love is like a weather: from the standpoint of Life, there is no "good" or "bad" one, but just a process with the strict *purpose* and *sense*, which makes this planet so powerful and beautiful, and makes its existence possible at all.

But, from the standpoints of our "ego-trips", our "love" might be "good" or "bad", as the weather, depending on our sloppy conceptions, what we "accept" and value as "good" and "bad".

And all the way until we stick with such "conceptions" of ours, about "love", we'll not be satisfied.

We'll begin to taste satisfaction, and a peace, in the moment we accept life in its entirety, with *both* "good" and "bad" "weathers", as an integral, whole process, which has some *sense*, so we are here to *learn*.

Hence, no whining helps, no tiny voice, no big hesitations, no "concepts" about "acceptable" and not acceptable -- the whole life *has* to be accepted, unconditionally, and we *have* to obey, IF we want to reach this what we yearn for.

So, this is the reason I *have* to obey to the "logic" of the cunt, and you *have* to obey to the logic of the cock, if we want to get what we need to. We have to accept them as they *are*, not as some "concept" says us what is "good" and "bad".

Sucking a cock, or eating/licking a pussy, is a process of *learning*, process of surrendering, and ultimate obeying.

Our "imagination", as a messenger of our wishes, needs, can give us some hints of our real needs, leading us this way to the position(s) we need to be in.

What I see is that all characteristics of your "Daddy" are those of the Life itself. Might be I do not see correctly, but I tell this all just for one reason: I am still impressed by your courage and willingness to face the facts, and to express the things as you really feel them. That's the only way we could explore something to a satisfying level and the extent.

So, Madeline, (: if I am not mistaking a lot, judging by your texts, I could say, with my finger in your shit-hole, and my other palm over your clit, and with my cock planted into your stinking and nutritive cunt, I could say, tasting your tongue with mine, and feeling your breath, and eating your (left) ear, that you are woman I could love, in the way described shortly above. You deserve it, you need it, and you are exceptionally rarely brave and courageous one, and such is the woman I need.

It's a bit pity we are so distant, physically, but what a heck...it's still good to know you're existing, "somewhere out there", diddling yours this and that, smiling around a corner, and lurking for another state propriety to steal it for your pleasure, which is in some way mine as well.

You may accept this...missive of mine, as my Ode to Madeline. (-: And since I like it so much, and is in the same time describing me myself, in a measure, I'll put it in my blog today.

Be well and perky! And find what you need...

...What's for left-overs for today, btw? (-:

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