Entry #1  

Late30sSexplorer 51F
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5/5/2005 9:29 pm

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Entry #1

Writing nasty poems gets me hot. Writing nasty gets me hot. Writing gets me hot.
I work at the computer, naked, relaxed. I focus on the task at hand. Writing porn, erotica, whatever label your crotch and head prefers.
I work in a consistently aroused state. How can I go step-by-step through these sexual thoughts without feeling even the slightest tingle in my jingle? I love this work.
I present to you, REAL TIME action.
Right now, I am here, naked and excited.
At the computer, I am free. I am invisible and still seen. I can be unabashedly and still legally sexual.
There is nothing wrong with this creative sex drive of mine!
My snatch is dripping.
Tonight I satiate my aching need with four fingers followed by a pylon stolen last night from Main Street. I've been watching that pylon with a naughty eye for almost a week now.
Last night I cleaned the bright orange cone, planning for tonight's BLOG entry. I have plenty of KY Jelly.
First, I write porn. Next, I diddle my tingling button. Then, I write more porn. Then I update my AdultFriendFinder Profile and answer my messages. Then I eat sushi left-overs. Next, I diddle and finger my snatch. Then I write in my BLOG- and now, I am sliding my wet hole down over the pointy end of a DMV pylon.
I try to bring play-by-play action, but it is hard to type so perched.
Back again. I can't seem to do it and write about it at the same time. The best I can do is to report back immediately. Here goes:
My Pylon Riding Instructions and Highlights-
First off, let me say that the DMV isn't all that bad. That cone held up like a Carolina State Trooper. Lube it up real good, like sloppy with KY, and squat down onto it. Place a foot on opposite ends of the cone's base. Wiggle either hole down over the first few inches of pylon. Take a deep breath, exhale and slowly ride the thing. Be mindful of potential collapse; pylons are made of hard rubber but still bend. Don't squeeze too tight with your hole. Find a comfortable but slightly painful pressure and ride it.
As you ride up and down, push and twist your hole harder down onto the cone. With each downward drive, cram the pylon deeper up into your body.
Keep feet firm at base of pylon.
Twist and wiggle it up into your warm body.
Ride the pylon as far down as you can go.
As you open up, take in even more.
You should be slushy by now.
Grind down into maximum foriegn-object capacity. Sit on that pylon.
Squating, knees bent, relax your body weight down onto the slippery, fat cone. Take it in.
Now- and only now- start to finger your ass' hole. Finger your ass' hole with that fat cone up your front hole. Feel the hard-rubber pushing against your anal cavity. In and out. One then two fingers up your ass while you do deep knee bends onto a slick neon pylon. Three fingers up your diamond-tight shit hole. Slide down hard on it. Shove up hard with your fingers. Claw at the inside of your anus as you drag your three fingers out. Drop, full weight, onto the pylon; let it divide your body. Envelope that hard rubber and then shove your fingers up your butt.
You will cross over into the realm of oblivion.
Enjoy yourself!
I had a great time and intend on returning the pylon to Main Street. Maybe you will smell me as you drive by!

rm_frogbone4u 54M
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5/6/2005 12:52 pm

one word awsome

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