Dumpster Fantasy  

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5/6/2005 4:49 pm

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Dumpster Fantasy

Jogging at 4 a.m., I pass an alley between the post-office and city hall when something crosses my periferal vision. There is a large, bulky man taking an absent-minded, long, hard pee against the brick wall. I slow my gate, my eyes lowering to his tremendous, glowing schlong, that briliant stream of sparkling yellow piss. I stop in front of him and approach, still unnoticed.
"Excuse me."
The man jumps, pee flies willy-nilly in the artificial light. I fumble an apology; he grabs his cock and folds it back into his pants, catching his weight with one arm against the wall.
"I'm so sorry" I say. "I was just jogging along..."
I can't take my mind off the sight of his giant cock.
He growls at me like a rabid dog. "Grrrrrrr."
He smells of booze and rotten food. I step back.

For the first time, I see more than his glorious cock; I look into his face. I cannot make-out teeth, but a gaping hole with flashes of bright, stringy spit. He is either black or white, I can't tell. It is still very dark, and I have stepped into the alley to offer my apology. His eyes are in shadow. Only a prominent, bumpy nose is slightly visable. That and the terrible sucking, toothless hole where his mouth should be. He is over 6 feet tall, very broad and wearing tattered clothing which casts a jagged shadow againt the street and brick.
"Sorry. I'm so sorry." I plead.
The man in the dark stops growling, begins sniffing. He snorts and continues, his nose inhaling my scent in quick bursts. I am in laytex shorts and haven't bathed for two days. I am suddenly aware of my cunt. Before I can speak again, my wrist is seized.

I am pulled into the darkness of the alley. I do not resist. I land on a stack of flattened cardboard boxes and roll over onto the sticky cobblestone.
"What'er you looking at?"
The man rubs his crotch with a gloved hand.
I respond with a rub of my crotch, direct my voice to his and explain that I was just jogging by and caught glimpse of his beautiful cock, didn't mean to intrude.

The man holds out his gloved hand, helps me to my feet, then turns me around to face a cold, metal dumpster. Soggy boxes and the stench of rotting produce rise above the open side-panel. The man climbs inside the dumpster.
I follow him.

I recline on the heap of stinking filth and lift my pussy to his darkened face. He responds quickly, his tongue divides my cunt flaps with one determined lick upward. The tongue darts in and out of my vagina, across my ass'hole. Finds my clit and picks up speed.
I feel pressure around my meaty bits and look down. The man is trying to shove a brown wing-tipped shoe up my snatch. I wriggle to break loose.

He holds me down with one arm stretched over my chest, the other forces a men's size 8 dress shoe up my pussy. the side of my face is against decaying apple, coffe grinds. I shift my pelvis to accomidate the awkward dimensions of the shoe. I thrash my head in pain. My face lands on puke-soaked boxers. I beg the man not to fuck my with the worn, filthy shoe. Beg him between moans and deep breaths as I accomadate the strange angles of the wing-tip. The man makes no sound, only pushes and turns that shoe up inside me. I scream, beg. The shoe is scraping and stretching my tender cunt.

I want it. I want it out. Finally, I retreat, pulling my flesh glove from the old shoe, and then turn onto all fours. My face hangs out the side of the dumpster. My tits dangle over the edge of the jagged sliding door. I press my rib-cage into the side-door, head drooping, tits flopping, ass gyrating.
"Now, I'm ready. Fuck me with it now!"
Instead, the man slowly grinds a fist up in my hungry cunt. He works his arm up in there, elbow almost to cunt and pumps regularly. My body lurches back and forward out the dumpster's side-door. The man punchs at the depth of my cunt. He glides his arm, wrist, hand out of my tight, wet sleeve and thrusts it in again.

I watch outside the dumpster, my head bobbing with each hard ram. The sun is coming up. People are walking past the alley. Relaxing outside the dumpster, a woman is drinking a can of beer and scratching her crotch through her dress and pantyhose. I grunt as the man suddenly withdraws his arm and fist from my cunt. The scratching woman looks up. Scratches her crotch, then sniffs her fingers and begins scratching again.

I feel something slide into the slick meat of my pussy. I am so open, I can't tell what it is. More fisting? I turn to ask, but the man is gone. My pussy is taut around something, not fist or dick, but an object fairly large and inflexable. I can't discern any specific shape, my pussy is numb and loose. The sun is up. I listen to the morning traffic, hear fragments of a muddled weather reoprt. I twist around to remove what ever it is up my pussy and begin the day. A dark heel peeks out from behind my butt-cheeks. I can read the inside label, size eight. A dark, mens shoe protrudes from my cunt, shoved in up to it's heel.

So that's where he put it.

AughtMusedSpill 48M

5/10/2005 9:24 pm

wow that's really sick.

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