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2/9/2006 5:35 am

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New to the blog

You can tell I am new to the blogging. but i love that it gives you a voice, to tell how you feel, to write poetry, or just vent.

well i am home today. i have been fighting the "bug" that's going around tallahassee all week.

i think i am going to call my friend over and pass it on to him.

Now you know you love the "lunchtime" goodies. You know, the one that you sneak home and run over on the hour lunch time? lol

i am on early viewing a few cams, and doing some work from the house. coughing and sneezing are not fun.

but "free lunch" is the bomb. well i watched the grammys last night to see famu, and of course they almost came on last.

so you had to wade thru the rest of that mess. mary j, and ciara, and joss stone, all flat. even mariah didn't sing her first song, so she would have a voice left for the second.

and to sing a gospel tune in that getup. oh goodness.

i think christine aguilera had one of the best performances.

fantasia is my girl but i don't like the peacock look or that she came out screaming. she has a great singing voice she could have used it.

and was the fat "randy" from american idol playing the bass? lol

i had a good laugh. but the 100s did not disappoint me. I was so proud, just wish kanye had told everyone that the band was from famu.

come on write me back. start blogging.

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