friday 28th july  

LaraFrenchMaid 42M/42F
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7/28/2006 3:56 am
friday 28th july

I'm lara and right now in my front room, my husband is filming 2 girls for a porn scene. In about half an hour i will take photos of them all an then film my husband shagging them.

Later on today I will be receiving phone calls with regards to my escorting and probably won't finish work until 8pm. My thoughts will then turn to tomorrow where in South WEst london i wil;l be taking part in an audition for guys to be part of a gang bang show. I expect we will have plenty of no-shows but I expect it will go ok. Not really thinking of whther it will be fun or not, i expect it will be a lot of limp dicks and me making the right noises in all the right places!! oh well i'll let you know tomorrow.

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