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Sporting Wood

Sporting Wood

Lilly was your average high school princess type. Beautiful long blond hair, blue eyes and the perfect 36-24-36 body. She had the innocence of an A+ student from a small town and none of the sexual experience one would hope for. You see Lilly was a very popular but shy girl. She was captain of the cheerleading squad, class president, validictorian of her class and of course homecoming queen. She was the girl that seemed to have it all. Her boyfriend was the star quarterback of the football team and all the girls had eyes for him. He and Lilly had dated all through high school and were always together except when there was the occasional weekend party.Lilly's parents were very conservative and would never allow their little princess to be involved in any weekend shananigans. Lilly being the straight laced girl she was would never go against her parents wishes. Time after time Lilly's boyfriend had been seen at these parties with other girls, but no one had the heart to tell poor Lilly of her boyfriends indiscretions. Graduation day finally came and Lilly couldnt have been happier. She had thought about this day all year and dreamed about the time she would be able to spend with her boyfriend before going off to college. After the graduation ceremony was over Lilly's boyfriend approached her and her parents. He kissed her on the cheek and apologized for not being able to see her that evening. He explained that his parents had made plans to take him to dinner and celebrate with the rest of his extended family. He handed her an envelope and disappeared into the crowd. Lilly could hardly contain her delight and couldnt wait to read the note from him. Surely it was a steamy message for a late night make out session, after all it was graduation night. When Lilly's parents car finally came to a halt in the drive, Lilly bolted into the house, up the stairs to her room.......throwing the door closed behind her. In one giant leap she landed on her bed, feet kicking in the air as she lay on her stomach.....she tore into the envelope. It was a card with a pink rose on the cover which brought a huge smile to Lilly's face. She opened the card and began to read it:
Dear Lilly,
Congratulations on your graduation and being the valedictorian of the class. You worked hard and deserve every honor bestowed upon you. You looked so happy up their today, with your beautiful smile radiating like the bright sunshine. We have been together for a long time and I care about you very deeply. In the fall we will go off to college and be seperated from one another.......during this time I am sure you will grow from the experiences you will have and we will become a distant memory. I'm sorry to be writing this in a card but I could think of no better way to tell you. Your best friend Sara and I have fallen in love and plan to move in together right away. I'm truely sorry if I have hurt you, but she was willing to give me what you werent and we fell in love. We both wish you luck in your future and want nothing but the best for you. Again we are sorry it had to happen this way.


Lilly's eyes filled with tears as she felt the sting of betrayal. She was absolutely heartbroken and spent the rest of the night locked in her room crying her eyes out.

The next morning Lilly was awakened by the phone ringing. "Hello", she answered. "Hi Lilly!" "It's Joanne." the caller replied. Joanne was Lilly's cousin, they were the same age but had grown up in different cities. Joanne and Lilly had always been very close, more like sisters really. She was calling to congratulate Lilly on the previous days achievements. Lilly replied with a solemn " thank you." " What's wrong Lilly?" " You don't sound very happy", asked Joanne.Lilly explained about the card and began to cry again. " I'm so sorry Lilly, that's terrible". "You need some time away to relax and get your mind off of things, why don't you come up to the cabin?" Joanne inquired. "A bunch of friends and I are going up for the week, sort of a get away and relax after graduation week. " " C'mon it'll be fun, what else do you have to do?", said Joanne. Lilly thought about it for a minute and decided, why not? She knew her parents would not mind because she was going to stay with family and she thought maybe the time away would help her forget about the pain she was feeling inside. " Sure why not, it might be fun", said Lilly. " Great I'll pick you up about eight tonight then", stated Joanne.

Lilly spent the day packing for the trip. She was somewhat excited to get away and spend time with her cousin, but could still feel the pain lurking inside her. Joanne arrived at eight o'clock that evening as promised. She said hello to her aunt and uncle as she helped Lilly load her bags into the car. Lilly's parents saw the girls off and told them to have a good time. Lilly was quiet most of the car ride, thinking about all the times she had caught her boyfriend in little white lies and was to niave to see what was really going on. Lilly started to become angry. Angry that her boyfriend and best friend did this to her, angry that she was too niave, angry that her parents had sheltered her too much. She was eighteen years old, a high school graduate and hadnt experienced anything most girls her age had. She made up her mind that this summer would change all that. They finally arrived at the cabin and Joanne introduced Lilly to her friends. "Lilly, this is Allison, Brent, Kami, Jake, my boyfriend Matt and his cousin Josh." "Pleased to meet you", said Lilly. Josh was a tall rugged guy with dark hair. His body was ribbed with perfect cuts like he had been carved from granite. His face was handsome with a strong jawline and dimples, his eyes were the deepest of blues like sparkling sapphires. He was dressed like a lumberjack......sleeveless flannel jeans with big work boots. His face donning the days growth of hair in the form of a full bearded shadow. He was like no other man Lilly had ever seen, so strong, so handsome, so strange. The meeting of Josh had aroused feelings in Lilly she had never felt before, she must know more about him. That night as they sat around the fire, Lilly could not keep her eyes off of him. She watched as the flame from the fire, flickered across his face, lighting up his eyes and smile. Josh had noticed Lilly too and was awed by her beauty, he knew he must have her for his own.To taste her sweet flesh and feel her body rithe in motion with his. If only she werent so reserved and quiet, he would have to find a way to approach her.

The next morning Lilly woke before most of the others. She had always been an early riser and found solace in the early morning calm. She made her way down to the water's edge and sprawled out on a large boulder there. She was enjoying the smell of the fresh morning air, the sweet sound of the birds song and she delighted in watching the wildlife scurry about. She was so consumed by her surroundings she almost didnt hear Josh walk up beside her. "Good morning", He said. "Oh good morning", replied Lilly. Josh and Lilly began conversing about all the things they loved about the morning. They talked with such ease that before they knew it three hours had passed. "Lilly, Josh", Joanne called. Lilly and Josh turned to see Joanne making her way down to them. "Come on you guys, were going four wheelin'", said Joanne. "We only have four machines so we'll have to double up", Joanne stated.

Lilly and Josh followed Joanne up the hill and into the garage. Everyone was getting their gear on and discussing what trails to take. Since they had all paired up already Josh asked Lilly if she would like to ride with him. Lilly was feeling a bit more at ease around Josh after their lengthy conversation, that she decided she would. This would give her more time to explore that burning desire that she was feeling inside, something Lilly had never felt before. Lilly hopped on the back of the quad behind Josh. Her long slender legs parted and wrapped around his strong body like she was preparing to climb a mighty oak. She could feel that desire within her grow stronger as she stretched her arms around his rock hard abs in an effort to hold on tight. Josh could have not been more pleased to have Lilly's beautiful body glued to his. He felt his manhood tingle and plump. The quads took off in a fury creating a huge dust cloud, which hung in the air like a thick fog. Josh shot off quickly in an effort to try and catch up with the others. Lilly's body jerked back and she almost fell off the back of the quad, which made her only squeeze Josh's body tighter to hang on. Josh feeling the additional squeeze slowed down a bit, he wanted Lilly to feel safe with him. Lilly's body relaxed and she delighted in the safeness she felt with her body clinging to his. They rode for awhile, trailing back some to avoid the massive dust storm in front of them. When they came to a fork in the trail they had no way to tell which way the others had went and they could not see or hear them in the distance. So Lilly and Josh decided to pull of the trail and wait for the others to return for them.

Lilly hopped off the quad and started to wander through the Queen Anne's lace and goldenrod which was abundant along the trails.Josh watched as Lilly's hips swung side to side while she walked, appreciating every curve of her exquisite form. He couldnt help but be aroused by her beauty after riding the quad. Her long legs spread open and stretched behind him, her beautiful perky breasts pressing into his back. he could feel the heat radiating from her sweet virginal box as they rode together. The entire ride it seemed was nothing but a fantasy for Josh, he was so consumed by his lust for Lilly he could take it no more, he must devour her innocence. Lilly had stopped near a small grouping of trees and began to lean against one. Josh approached Lilly from behind, she was still preoccupied with looking at the wildflowers. He extended his arm as he crept up on her and once within distance of her he slid his hand down the seam of her shorts, grabbing a handful of her young firm ass. He pressed his body into hers, wrapping his other arm across her chest and shoulders. His lust filled lips finding their way to Lilly's neck. Her body trembled with his touch and gave her a warm gushing feeling that her sweet little pussy had long been denying. She was so shocked by Josh's assertivness, she couldnt speak. Josh lowered his arm from her shoulder to her breast and began to knead it firmly giving Lilly another new sensation. She liked it and wanted to feel more, so she closed her eyes and began to drink in the lust and let it get her drunk. The flame of Lilly's passion had been lit and Josh knew exactly how to start an inferno in her.

Josh continued to grab and paw at Lilly's ass, sliding his hand further forward with each pass. He could feel the heat radiate from Lilly's hot pussy through her shorts and right into his hand. Lilly still had not spoke a word but he could feel her body giving him permission to continue what he had started. He turned Lilly towards him and softly licked and teased at her plumping lips. Lilly was still, as she allowed Josh to command her body what to do next. She slowly parted her lips enough that his tongue could penetrate her sweet mouth, darting in and out with precision. Lilly's head began to swoon as the burning desire began to take over her. She followed what Josh's tongue was doing and their kisses ignited into the hottest, most passionate kisses Lilly had ever experienced. Josh's hands began to to wander Lilly's body and strip it of it's clothing. First he unbuttoned her shirt and exposed her ample breasts to the gentle breeze. Taking them into his hands and squeezing them gently, suckling and caressing each pink nipple with his moist lips. The warm sun was shining brightly on them, illuminating her now glistening wet nipples. Josh moved down to Lilly's shorts, he could hardly wait to set his eyes upon her sweet snatch and it virgin offerings. He reached to undo the button but Lilly stopped him. "No wait!", Lilly exclaimed. Josh looked up into Lilly's eyes, "Please let me taste your beauty," he begged. He kissed her pussy through her shorts and nuzzled it, then looking up again, "Please" he said somberly. His words melted away Lilly's hesitation, she could no longer deny herself the desire she felt for Josh. She sucumbed to the call of the wild and he began to pleasure every inch of her body. He slid Lilly's shorts down and kissed her panties, breathing in her scent. Licking the fabric for a hint of what was to cum. It sent a wave of shivers through Lilly's body and instantly she began to shake. Josh sensed the animal that had begun to run wild in Lilly's veins and slid her panties to her ankles. He sat her down on a fallen tree and freed one of Lilly's legs from the lacey sheath. He started stroking and caressing Lilly's already swollen pussy lips, she moaned and laid her body back on the tree. Lilly could see Josh's manhood straining behind the confines of his jeans, wanting to burst free. Just the sight of it excited Lilly even more and droplets of her sweet wetness began to emerge. Josh's tongue was ready and waiting to receive every drop as he parted the outer petals of Lilly's perfect flower. He plunged his tongue into her sweet box and slowly slid it along her lips to the top where he found her eager love button waiting for him. Lilly groaned in recognition of his findings and he began to ravage her pussy. Licking it, sucking it.....kissing her thighs and licking his way back to her honey hole. Tongue fucking her into an almost orgasm induced coma. She tried to wriggle away but Josh grabbed her hips and pulled her snatch back into his mouth. Lilly felt powerless, she had been caught under his spell. Her head still swooning, she began to cry out like a wolf in heat as Josh ate her pussy like it was an all night buffett. Lilly came over and over again....her body shuddering with each new wave of tremors. Josh stuck his finger into Lilly's wet hole coating it with her sweetness, then slipped it into her mouth making her taste what he had done to her.Lilly looked up into Josh's eyes as she took his finger into her mouth.....licking it and sucking it clean....Josh could take no more.

He stood before Lilly and guided her hand to his own wood that had sprouted. "Pull my cock out," he told her. Lilly swallowed hard as she unzipped his pants. His cock was so hard it was pressing against the zipper and once she unbutton his pants it flopped out like a large sausage, right in Lilly's face. Josh thrusted it forward pressing it into Lilly's lips....."put it in your mouth" he said. Lilly obeyed and opened her mouth......Josh grabbed the back of Lilly's head and slowly slid her mouth down onto his cock. He moaned in ecstasy and Lilly took over and started stroking and sucking his cock like she was an old pro. Josh could feel the heat from the sun on his balls as they got tighter and tighter, bringing him that much closer to blowing his thick load into Lilly's throat. He could take no more or he was going to blow for sure so he told Lilly to stop. Lilly looked up at him a little confused as to why he made her stop.....she didnt want to stop. He held out his hand and told Lilly to stand up. He touched her face and kissed her gently and passionately igniting the flame within Lilly once again. "Turn around ," he instructed. Lilly turned around so that her back was against Josh. Josh placed his hand on Lilly's back and pushed it down. Her beautiful young firm ass rubbing on his cock almost sent him over the edge, but he maintained control and took his cock into his hand and slid it up and down her slick slit. He positioned himself and entered Lilly's hot virgin cunt, Lilly let out a scream and he pushed his massive hard on all the way into her. It was so tight it was as if his cock was being hot he thought he might melt inside her. Lilly was dripping wet now.....her sweet juices tinged pink from the shredding of her innocence. Josh worked his cock back and forth in her hot cunt...making Lilly moan and groan in pleasure. His massive stiffness filling her up completely she began to buck up against him, wishing he would fuck her harder. Josh feeling Lilly's silent cue.....started slamming his cock harder and deeper into her until he felt his pole getting coated again.........he reached between her legs finding her clit and rubbed circles around it till his finger was lubed well. Then he plunged it into her ass as he continued to fuck her sloppy. Lilly very much liked the sensation of her clit being rubbed while Josh was inside she reached for it and started making her own circles around it......around .......and around......and around.......Josh still fingering her ass....still fucking her.......around....and around......and.... "Oh Yes!," Lilly screamed. "Oh Yes Fuck My Pussy!," She shouted. Josh began to feel a major orgasm squeeze his cock tighter.....and tighter......and tighter.....he couldnt maintain it any longer and exploded inside her.......Lilly's pussy squeezed and milked every last drop from him. "Fuck!" he exclaimed.His body collapsed on top of hers.....neither one moved for what seemed like forever not wanting to break the chain that they were now bound by.

When they both had caught their breath Josh stood up pulling his meat from Lilly and grasped his jeans pulling them up. Lilly turned around and gathered her clothes and tried to regain her composture. Neither spoke a word to one another they only exchanged some ackward glances. Just as they finished getting their clothes back on they heard quads off in the distance getting closer and closer. Joanne pulled up "What are you guys doing?", she asked. "We didnt know what way you all went, so we pulled off and figured we would wait for you to come back for us.", Josh replied. Lilly didnt speak a word. "Oh well we are headed back to the cabin to grill some food, you guys hungry?", asked Joanne. "Boy are we ever!" ,said Josh as he turned and looked over his shoulder to wink at Lilly. She smirked and winked back, knowing that her hunger for Josh could never be satisfied, nor his for her.

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Wow, I don't usually read these but I tried yours out and found that I liked it.
Thanx for sharing.

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5/12/2005 12:20 pm

Wow.. that was so erotic.. I'm so aroused now... I wish stuff like that would happen to me.... Makes me want to go buy a 4 wheeler!!.... good erotic writing.. definitely...!!

LeEnchantress 55F

5/12/2005 12:36 pm

Lapkin.. you are such a good writer.. I'm surprised that no man has snapped you up for your mind alone!!! Really... really... clever.. well written definitely hot stuff... You go girl.... You should write professionally.

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I'm totally out of breath just reading that...most definitly a shower before going to bed.

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