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Lapkin4u 42F
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6/7/2005 8:39 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Ask Me Three Questions

Ask me 3 questions.
No more, no less.
Ask me anything you want. Emotional, personal, sexual, deep and dark.
I will answer them honestly.
Then I want you to C&P this to your journal. (See I did it just like I was asked... lol)

P.S. Honesty is a wide-ranging term. There are no limits on bluntness or tact.

Incidentaly, I stole this idea from someone who stole the idea from someone else, so feel free to "steal" the idea for your own web journals.

Okokok i had to play along....

Yes now I'm a thief too...why not....need someone to make me think

Ready, set, shoot!

rm_caseyt7 64T
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6/7/2005 9:28 pm

Do you find men in their panties a turn on?

Have you ever had sex with a male partner while he was wearing stockings or crotchless pantyhose?

How do feel about CDs, TV, TS or other members of the Transgender community?

AmberSolaire 42M

6/7/2005 10:14 pm

The virus is spreading all across Blogland.It is virulent and uncontainable.Time to call in Doctor Apolybear and his medical team before we the good citizens of Blogland lose our powers of free thought and expression to the three question epidemic.

1.Do you have a side of you that you suppress? and why is this.
2.Can you write me a poem, for my ears only.?
3.If you had had a good evening with a new date.Everything has gone well.You take him/her/it (I know this site caters for all preferances) home and rip of their clothes in lust with the intention of getting jiggy.Only to find that their personal hygiene levels leave something to be desired.How would you broach the subject?

I am off to see the containment team.

teachhotnique 52M

6/8/2005 5:43 am

Wow, the reoccuring questions post and I again have nothing as profound as Ambersolaire. But here goes.

1) I just want to find someone who can make me laugh. Myth or reality? (please explain)

2) It's not the boat on the water, its the motion of the ocean. Legit? Or small man's anthem?

3) If you had one female you had to sleep with, who would it be and why?

Lapkin4u 42F

6/8/2005 7:55 am guys arent gonna make this easy onme are ya? LOL
1. Do you find men in their panties a turn on?
The right man in a pair of boxer briefs, very in womens panties....not so much.

2. Have you ever had sex with a male partner while they were wearing stockings or crotchless pantyhose?

No I have not, nor would I ever....The thought does nothing for all.

3. How do you feel about CD's, TV, TS and other members of the transgender community?

To each is their own....I'm not on this earth to judge other people for their choices. If that is what they like and how they feel comfortable, then more power to them. I personally am not attracted to them, nor would I ever want any kind of sexual relationship with them.....just not for me.

Thanks for your playing along Casey!

ByteChaser2 53M

6/8/2005 8:14 am

Bunny, What did you start!!??

1. Your sitting in a fancy, upscale restaurant. Your date says something immesurably funny. Do you forget convention and burst out in laughter, discretely chuckle into your (apkin (sorry, couldn't resist) or suppress your glee and simply smile - (coquetishly I'm sure)?

2. Describe the manner in which you hang your "show" towels on the rack in your bathroom.

3. Fill in the blanks: The man of my dreams will _________ at the drop of a hat. And when he does, I can't help but ___________ in response.

AmberSolaire - see you at the Blogville branch of the Centers for Question Control (CQC)

ByteChaser2 53M

6/8/2005 8:15 am

Oh and could you send me the original of the picture you cose for this post hunny? I love it!

Lapkin4u 42F

6/8/2005 8:22 am

Ok are so hot by the way!

1. Do you have a side of you that you suppress? Why is this?

I dont know that I would say I have a side I suppress. I have things from my past that I choose not to talk about because most of them are painful to talk about. For instance I did not have a good home life growing up, and was sexual abused more than once in my young childhood years, then almost violently in my teen years but I managed to get away. Among other things.....the people in my life know all these things but they are just not talked about. I dont like people to feel sorry for me and that is what tends to happen when they are discussed.
After all it is these things that have shaped me into the person I am today, they have made me very strong and sensitive to peoples feelings. Everything happens for a reason and I wouldnt be the person I am today if I hadnt went through the trials and tribulations of my life.

2. Can you write a poem, for my ears only?

Yes I can and will try to have it sent to you by the end of the day.

3. If you had a good evening with a new date, everything has gone well. You take him/her home and rip their clothes off in lust with the intention of getting jiggy. Only to find that their personal hygiene levels leave something to be desired. How would you broach the subject?

Hmmm...tough question for me Amber....I hate those kind of situations, they are uncomfortable for everyone involved, and I never like to hurt anyones feelings. Honestly I would have to say I would probably get very sick immediately and have to Even though I had a great date and things were good up to that point, I would not want to see that person again. I shouldnt have to tell someone to bath properly...they should know that already. Also if they arent very tidy with their body chances are they are not very tidy with other things as thanks. So the answer is: I would run as fast as I could! LOL

Good questions Amber....and I hope you did not become infected by my blog...hopefully the containment team can help you out.

Lapkin4u 42F

6/8/2005 8:43 am


1. I just want to find someone that can make me laugh. Myth or reality?

Reality for the old addage says "laughter is the best medicine". I like to laugh alot and someone that can keep me laughing is going to keep me very happy, laughter is important to me because I believe you have to be able to see the humor in most situations or you will just be a miserable person and thats no way to live your life. I do know people that are like thanks...might as well die and get it over with if thats how its going to be.

2. It's not the boat on the water, it's the motion of the ocean. Legit? or small man's anthem?

LOL I love this question. Well I feel it is a little more complex that that for me. Most men of average size and girth would be fine with the motion. Any one smaller than that and especially thinner than that unfortunately needs a bigger boat. LOL. Here is why: Just as men vary in size and shape, women do personally, I get very, very wet and if a man is too much on the smaller side it doesnt do anything for me....once I'm that wet, I start to lose sensation and then its not much fun for me anymore. That is why I prefer men a little more endowed...more girth then length so I can still feel full when I'm that wet, rather than the guy telling me how tight I am and I cant feel a damn thing...lmao. So it depends on the woman I favorite line is....if you don't have anything to work with how are you gonna work it.

3. If you had one female you had to sleep with, who would it be and why?

Had to really think about this one......Jessica Alba...because she is absolutely gorgeous in an all natural fake boobs and made up to look like a barbie doll.

Thanks Teach! Whos next?

Lapkin4u 42F

6/8/2005 12:38 pm

Ok Byte...sent your picture, now to answer your questions.....

1.Your sitting in a fancy, upscale restaurant. Your date says something immesurably funny. Do you forget convention and burst out in laughter, discretely chuckle into your (apkin (sorry, couldn't resist) or suppress your glee and simply smile - (coquetishly I'm sure)?

Without a doubt I bust into laughter...if I have food in my mouth at the time I will cover my mouth with the (apkin, to avoid spraying everyone...I can't forget all my manners, after all it is an upscale resturant. Besides if they kick me out for being too loud and obnoxious...thats makes for a great story to be told later for another laugh and thats just great memories.

2. Describe the manner in which you hang your "show" towels on the rack in your bathroom.

I dont have show towels, how stupid...let's put out a towel that your not suppose to use...then why put it there. Duh! LOL. However my hand towels for USING are tri-folded and neatly placed over the towel bar.

3. Fill in the blanks: The man of my dreams will _________ at the drop of a hat. And when he does, I can't help but ___________ in response.

The man of my dreams will do anything for me at the drop of a hat. And when he does, I can't help but be overcome with love and respect for this great man, in response.

Thanks Byte! XXXXXX

Barbiebunny69 43F

6/12/2005 10:15 pm

Byte..*giggle* im such an instagator arent I??

Lapkin i think this is wonderful..these get to know u a bit better...

1>Whats your favorite memory and why?

2>What would be the title of a book about your life so far?

3>Whats the 1 thing people are surprised to know about you?

Lapkin4u 42F

6/13/2005 12:54 pm

LOL ok Bunny your turn..........

1>Whats your favorite memory and why?
Hmmmm...this is tough, I have so many favorite memories for different reasons. I would have to say probably the first time I ever had a trip
outside of my state. I saw so many amazing things and learned so much on that trip....I felt like I had traveled to a new world or something. I think that is when I began to look at things in general, in a different light. The world was this big beautiful place where you could be anyone you wanted to and see so many inspiring things. It really was kind of a fairy tale for me.

2>What would be the title of a book about your life so far?
LOL...i like this question. It would have to be, What the Fuck?: A Tale of Triumph Over Tribulations

3>Whats the 1 thing people are surprised to know about you?
Most people I have known and met, that have ever heard anything about my life and how I grew up are surprised at the person I am as a whole. More than one time people have told me they were impressed to see where I have come from and who I am today. My incredible inner strength and positive attitude seem to awe them in a strange sort of way, and they are constantly amazed by how much compassion I have for life given the shit I have had to endure over the years. So yeah thats probably what surprises them the most.

Barbiebunny69 43F

6/15/2005 10:40 pm

Follow up..
3a. Do u mind giving us a taste of your tribulations? I promise to have a pint of ice cream waiting...

Lapkin4u 42F

6/16/2005 8:34 am

Oh Bunny there is enough of them to write a book.......but heres some of them..............

I grew up very poor in the middle of nowhere with only one friend to play with. I have six siblings I didnt get to grow up with, I was raised by my alcoholic father and stepmother who hated me. My father was physically abusive to my stepmother and I had to listen to the beatings from a very early age. I was teased in school alot because I was so poor and very shy....I never had the right clothes and was very tall and thin, so I was kind of dorky. My real mother was hardly ever around I was lucky to get to see her once every couple years and that was usually because I would seek her out. My mother was also a alcoholic and drug addict. I was sexually abused by a friend of my dads and by my step brother for a span of two years. At 13 I had enough and ran away....spent time in juvenile hall....then in a foster care home where there were mean to just me....not the other three girls. I got grounded all the time for things I didnt I ran from there. Finally after becoming a ward of the court then sent me to California to live with my Mom....she had been clean and sober for three years at that time. Two weeks after arriving, she started drinking and doing drugs again, by the end of the following month we were homeless, my mother and I had a fight due to her trying to slap me while drunk over something I had not I left, now at age 15 I began to live on my own.....working paying rent. During this time I was almost , which I mentioned in amber's questions. I tried to commit suicide and almost died, waking in ICU to discover I had also been pregnant and lost my child. At 16 I was homeless again and living on the streets, literally sleeping on the ground with no food. I sold everything I owned to get $60.00 to buy a bus ticket and rode three days on a bus to get back to michigan. Once back here i got a job and an apartment. I wanted to go back to school, so I moved back in with my dad...that lasted about three months.....age 17 now...I moved back out. Muttled through the next couple years with a loser for a boyfriend.....Had my daughter when I was 18...her dad and I split after I could take no more. Lived in a shack and worked my ass off to care for my daughter and had absolutlely nothing. Met my husband who I thought would be the one to save me from everything. Married him less than a year later at age 21. First couple years for the most part were happy, the rest have been 9 years in I have another daughter. I did eventually go back to school and got my GED, then on to college and got my Medical Assitant Cert, now am returning in the fall for another degree, so I can move out and care for my children on my own. My family is coming back together now and in two weeks I will attend my sisters wedding and meet her for the first time, as well as one of my brothers, I have never met. I still have a sister that is lost...that I have never met and another sister thats missing, havent seen her since she was a year and a half, she is 15 now. Of course I have left out some little things, because I could be here all day if I typed it all out. Thats my life in a nutshell thusfar. Now you see why I dont like to talk about it, people always feel sorry for me and that is never my objective to telling my story, I paving my golden road one brick at a time, sure if I look back there are some lead bricks in the path, but they only make the golden ones more beautiful. My life has taught me that you can really only truly count on one person in life and that is it will only be my fault if I fail and I am not accustomed to failing....has never been an option for me, since I woke in ICU. Amazing what a touch of death will do to a broken spirit.


wanakissuallover 57M
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10/5/2005 4:09 am

Geez, just about anything you could ever want to know: about Lapkin; or: What the Fuck?: A Tale of Triumph Over Tribulations

1) Besides yourelf and your own amazing and inspiring grip on reality and sanity (you are my new, and current all time, favorite, hero/Pity my big fat hairy white ass...You just amaze me luv!!!); Who or What inspires you?

2) If you could be famous, what would it be for?

3) Will you Marry Me?!?...ok, just joking...mostly...What are you looking for when "sizing" (pun intended) up someone as a potential "permanant partner"?

Ok! That's my 3, i'm e-mailing you so that you come back to this blog and i can see your responses.

Lapkin4u 42F

10/5/2005 9:43 am

For Wana:

1) Who or What inspires me?
Life is what inspires me. All I have to do is wake in the morning and take a look around and I am inspired. Whether it be a sunny sky or cloudy I have learned to see beauty in all things, and have learned to appreciate them for what they are. I often write down by the river or staring out a window......I am sometimes inspired by people too. Sometimes I am amazed at peoples strengths and their ability to know everything will always be ok. I try to be a positive person but I too have moments of despair and hopelessness because I have struggled so much....but life always reminds me it is my choice to make a difference in this world somehow, someway and I just won't feel complete until I do so.

2)If you could be famous, what would it be for?
I would choose to be famous for making a difference in someones life....preferably someone who has come from a background such as mine, but has failed to find their golden path as of yet. I would like to help them find it and become someone important themselves. Just because someone may have been dealt a bad hand doesn't mean that they still can't win the game.

3)What are you looking for in a potential partner?
They must be funny, witty, stable and responsible. Enjoys the same kinds of things I like and has a similar belief system to mine. Must love kids and the outdoors. Some one who would treat me like queen and be attentive to me, spoiling is nice Able to hold an intelligent conversation and find me attractive fat or thin, bad hair day or not, with or without, basically love and accept me for who I am unconditionally and never try to change me. I love to see men worship the ground their women walk it should be and vise versa.

Hope I have been imformative enough for you!

wanakissuallover 57M
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10/6/2005 6:26 am

Yes Your Royal Queenlyness, You Have Indeed! he says as he grovels and worships at her feet...would you like me to polish the paint on your toes w/my tongue? (ok, so maybe that's a little too kinky, but i do like nice toes and giving footrubs to hot sexy women)

funny?, witty?...Double Check (i hope)

stabel? to spell...No Check!

stable?...durn, i live in an apt. but even when i lived in the sticks i never had a stable (heh, heh, see above); i'm a little wobbly when i first wake up, but how stable can a currently unemployed 45 yr old college student be? I am working on that though...Durn! Partial Check!

likes same kinds of things?...Half Check?

similar beliefs?...(what are they so i can give a check/no check)

loves children?...You bettcha (so why haven't i been able to find someone to have any of my own with, dangit?!? big frown) Half Check! or maybe that should be counted as a Body Check!?! Ouch

loves outdoors?...I was a boyscout and have always loved camping/being out away from it all, surrounded by nature; but in the last few years i haven't been getting out too much (i'm fast turning into an ol' homebody); I love walks in the rain? (if it isn't too cold) playin' at the park?? (till the parents make me leave for hoggin' all the cool stuff ta play on) Durnit again, Half Check!

treat me like a queen?... I Hope i covered all this at the
be attentive?... top of this comment page; No Check? spoiling?... Quad. Check? Or somewhere in between? worship ground u walk on?...What do ya say? How'd i rate here?

Intelligent conversation?...There you go throwing in those pesky ol' modifiers again; Half Check! lol

find me attractive?...With that smile and those eyes: CHECK!
fat or thin?... Double Check-Fat!!/Single Check-Thin!
bad hair day/not?... Looks great long & thick but as above=Check!
with/without teeth?...With or W/out, you still have a beautiful smile, so come gum me baby!; now that would be an interesting Kiss, & um, uh, and whatever! lol lol; Think Randy Travis and Forever and Ever Amen! Check!

unconditional love?...As a guy i'm not sure i've figured out quite how to get there yet, but i've been working on it since my last gf and i broke up in '03' (with that as one of the main reasons); I do know Forever and Ever Amen! by Randy Travis, does that count? This doesn't affect my score on the previous 4 questions does it? Heavy Sigh! Partial Check?

never try to change me?...But then you wouldn't be the Lapkin that i know, admire & lust after, now would you?; Check!

Yikes! I just hate pop quizes. If my math is correct i counted about 21 questions...I got 8.5 points w/a possible 7 more points, waiting on your approval of my answers and my answer to the question i'm waiting on you to clarify for me. At best that's only 15.5 out of 21; i counted partials as .25 and halfs of course are .5 points. That's around 50% - 75%. I didn't do too hot did I?

Well, Lapkin Luv, i hope yer sittin' down...just don't know how to break it to ya babe...i think i'm gettin' dem weddin' bell blues...we just ain't a gonna ever be a gettin' married i'm a thinkin'!!

Now i know yer all broke up over it, but you'll be fine eventually(in a couple a years i'm sure you'll be over yer grievin'). Life does go, now, don't be a cryin' so'll find yourself someone way better than me!...eventually!...maybe! Come on my little Lapkin, cheer up, cain't we at least still be Friends?

I don't how it is for you, but you just bring out the hilarity in me. Hope it isn't too boring for you watching me fall all over myself laughing at my own silliness.

Thanks for all the giggles!

wanakissuallover 57M
411 posts
10/6/2005 6:44 am

I just got this in today and thought it dovetailed right into this:

"...basically love and accept me for who I am unconditionally..."

Word of the Day for Thursday October 6, 2005

sempiternal \sem-pih-TUR-nuhl\, adjective:
Of never ending duration; having beginning but no end;
everlasting; endless.

Sempiternal comes from Medieval Latin sempiternalis, from
Latin sempiternus, a contraction of semperaeternus, from
semper, "always" + aeternus, "eternal."

Synonyms: enduring, eternal, everlasting, perpetual.

Ok, Class dismissed!

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