Sex on the Beach?? LOL  

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6/14/2006 6:57 pm

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Sex on the Beach?? LOL

Funny, I always read in people's locations for sexual adventures that "sex on the beach" always seems to be on the list. So, the beach, huh? Let me tell you from experience its not a good idea, at least not without some planning. Being sober helps too!

I grew up in Philadelphia, and actually only moved to MN last year after my divorce. Anyway, I used to spend a lot of time at the Jersey shore, and a few years ago was down there with some extended family. We were at a bar, and this attractive woman kept making eyes at me. Naturally I went over to talk to her and bought her a drink. We danced, we laughed, and oh boy, did we get lit together. My aunt and my cousin were going back to our motel, but I stayed, and my new found friend and I decided to walk on the beach. It started out with some hand holding, then some kissing and groping, before we almost forced each other to the ground to a nearly horizontal position. It sure looks a lot better in the movies! The wet sand, and the sand fleas, were just awful, getting all over us.

But then I had a bright idea, or so I thought. We were near the bay, and there was a sandbar not too far off shore, so we figured that would be a better option, more privacy and all that, we could take off our clothes and use them to lay on. So we start to wade out; the water was at most waist deep, but what we didn't know was the bay there had big rocks on the bottom, and on our way to the sandbar we both cut our legs up pretty good on the rocks. The water seemed to sober me up a bit, but it had the opposite affect on her, and as we were trying to peel off each other's wet clothes, she conked out drunk. Being a gentleman, I certainly wasn't going to take advantage of her in that condition. I wound up putting my clothes back on, getting her's back on somehow, throwing her over my shoulder and wading back to shore before walking her back to her motel. By the time I got back to where I was staying, my legs were a bloody mess and aching. I had to open the first aid kit and clean out my wounds to make sure they didn't get infected. They didn't, but I was sore for several days.

And thats my getting laid on the beach story. I always thought it sounded great too; just goes to show you, be careful what you wish for! LOL

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