Im sad  

Lamorenita22 33F
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3/27/2006 8:38 pm
Im sad

Im a little sad I hate feeling like this! I think its because I'm really tired but I cant go to bed till I pick up my Mom from work at 11:00 plus I have no one to blah blah with!! On top of that I'm still sexually frustrated, broke, and unemployed. I just started going to the gym last week and last Friday my sister in law moved in so that means I can't bring anybody to my place to play anymore. That complicates things a little but not much. I have 10 days to go till my husband takes his 3 week vacation to el Salvador. I can hardly wait the only thing that sucks is I will have to find things to do so I think I will try to find a job while he is gone because I wont have to worry about having the house clean and dinner cooked before he gets home so I literally get a vacation from him! I think I just feel this way because I feel neglected I think this is a part of me that would actually like to be around somebody who not only satisfies me sexually but wants to be around me and spend time with me. Sex with my husband and time with my husband feels more like one of those jobs that you hate but you go to work anyway because you have to pay your bills. I can't see myself living this life forever but if we do split up I'm never getting married again unless I honestly love the person and I know that person loves me. It would be nice to meet someone who is interested in me but doesnt throw themselves at me. I can tell when people are desperate and that just makes me put my guard up and push them away. I have never heard of anyone dying because they didnt get laid or they didnt get laid enough. Otherwise I would probably be in a coma or dead by now! In the meantime I will just stay positive, keep going to the gym and concentrate on the goals I have set for myself. Men will come and go I just would like to meet someone I actually like because some of the men I know right now are not important to me and they probably know that because when they email, call, or text message me I dont answer. Which means I dont enjoy talking to them. I know thats mean of me and I dont like to be mean but damn Im human so what can I do? Them few men I do like talking to are untouchable either because they are happily married, way older than I am or they are friends with my husband. Im still trying to avoid drama and so far I have done a damn good job of doing that! I wish everybody good luck on finding their fuck buddy, friend, or whatever it is that you are looking for!

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