The Human Zoo  

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12/5/2005 6:50 am

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The Human Zoo

I thought a very long time before I decided to create a blog. Several things have contributed to my decision to do so.

The internet has millions of people that belong in one way or another. Some in groups, some for chat, some for the Magazine. All are online for one basic thing. Entertainment.

I am not a great long standing member of AdultFriendFinder I have also been in several other internet forums. however, I have been around long enough to have observed a few things. Some things never change.

There are pictures, profiles, and people. Some of the pictures are fake as are the people who create them. Some are honest and sincere, others just downright rude, destructive and insulting. A melting pot of humanity in one spot.

There are strong people, and weak people, and generally the stronger ones seek out the weak, and the weak follow where they are led, never even realizing they are being led.

All people have needs, wants and desires. Foremost is the encompassing urge to be liked, admired, and recognized. At what cost and sacrifice to yourself will you go for the acceptance?

For some people even bad attention is good, because they are getting attention. For others that don't float. Then there are people that just cannot stand to just leave others alone, and go out of their way to be just plain miserable. They cannot stay in their own world, but have to invade other places making them as unpleasant as they are themself.

I recently read a comment where it was the opinion of the writer that a group of people were as follows: "they think they are so different and they are all nothing but a bunch of sheep".

Think about that for a while. Once again, those who DO dare to be different are singled out by those who are the followers and held up for castigation. They never seem to realize that it is themself that are the sheep, not the ones they are talking about, generally behind their back. It takes courage to face your adversary and speak your mind, any coward can take the behind the back route and try and remain unknown.

Unfortunately, that rarely works, they DO become known, for all things posted on the internet is public domain, there for the world to read and see. Do they never wonder how the hell they look to the world in general when they are spouting crap and running people down, people who are not present?

Of course immediately in a group setting those in the group with absolutely NO knowledge of anything, but a one sided story, buy into the story they are fed, and leap on the band wagon so they can also throw stones, even when they have never even met or spoken one word to the person in question, they feel qualified to run them down.

How can they speak effectively?? How can they speak with any degree of honesty, and knowledge. They cannot!!! Yet they do. Why? because it's their "friend" and they have to dash to the defense even if they are wrong. Now how big a sheep herd is that? If you never studied nuclear fission would you sit and nay say the theory as if you were a professional in that field? I highly doubt it.

I did have a good laugh, as I read, "judge ye not, lest ye be judged" and that was coming from a person that was sitting judge and jury on others!!

I have found that there are people who can surf thru profiles, and for some ungodly reason, if they see one they don't find appealing, they are compelled to send the person as insulting an email as you could possibly read. Why? just because the profile did not meet "their requirements".

Have any of you that do that ever considered just moving along to the next profile, and keeping your mouth shut, and your fingers off the keyboard!!! NO ONE wants to sit and read the insults you send. Would you like to receive an unasked for email, filled with trash? I doubt it, so why are you sending it??

Then again, there are people who invite you to contact them, especially if you are having a problem with them, you do, and the end result is they tell everyone that "YOU" sent them an unasked for, unsolicited email. They don't bother to tell anyone that they sent that invitation first. Why? because they didn't like the email they received. Once again, a one sided story. Did anyone ever ask the email sender why they sent it? Bettcha not.

Then there are the people who just flat out lie about things to further their own cause. It's the woe is me, poor me, syndrom. They wail, and moan, and play the wounded party, so they can generate all the sympathy, ego stroking, and backing from others, just to make themself feel good. They truly need to be the center of all attention everywhere and will go to any length to get it. They just never question their OWN behavior. How sad is THAT.

Folks, remember that name you see on your monitor, has a real live person sitting on the other side. That person has feelings and can be hurt by words you throw about carelessly.

No one out there, has a clue what the mental state is of someone they have never met, or have only talked with, regardless if they have actually talked with them by phone. You still do not know EVERYTHING about this person. Would you like to be informed that something you said, or wrote, caused some dire action that cannot be reversed? I sure wouldn't. Temper your words with a bit of manners, and kindness, it sure goes a lot farther than insults and hurt.

One other group of people, are the ones who sit around condemming others, calling them names, in self righteous indignation. Yet, when they have finally stepped on someones toes hard enough that the person rebels, and bites back, they run screaming to the powers that be, that they are being talked about, and bad things said about them. Uhhh, did you forget YOU were the one who said all the bad things that pushed this person to the limit. But then, rules do not apply to these people. They are a law unto themself. It is a case of do not do what I do, instead, do what I say.

Lastly there is the silent majority. Perhaps, not a majority, but those who claim "friendship". Yet they will be a part and parcel of a group that is sitting there, methodically destroying a person they call "friend" read all the crap about them, even knowing it isn't true, and never say one word to end it. By remaining silent you are as culpable as the one writing and destroying. Your silence condones the bad behavior and perpetuates it. You definitely are no friend to the one being hurt by being silent.

Just a few thoughts about people and how readily that humanity can fall into the human zoo of following the herd.


sleeplessknight1 68M

12/5/2005 9:23 am

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MsLoveRose 33F  
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12/5/2005 9:03 pm

welcome to blogland!!!! hope you find your stay here to be wonderful!!!!

great post...all you have to do is be lady!!!! is there any other way????

live more, laugh often, love much

Ladywithatti2d 76F  
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12/5/2005 9:17 pm

Thanks both of you for the welcome to blog land lol.

Nope sunrise you nailed it, there is absolutely no other way to be.


redrobin012057 60F

12/15/2005 5:51 am

Well here is a *Lady* we all want to aspire too.Great read Lady and so true with every word that is written.

I remain your true friend.

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