So sweet, so sexy  

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2/7/2006 10:09 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

So sweet, so sexy

You have meet someone on line. In a chat room, in email, he/she is so funny, so entertaining. What a delight. You can't wait to check your emails to see if you have something from that person.

Everyone in the room knows this person is a real popular sort. A real special person. They have picked you for their attention. You are flattered, enamoured. Makes the heart beat faster and the imagination fly as to all the possibilities.

Phone numbers are exchanged, and calls made, so much in common. Time to take it that one step farther. To meet in real life.

A mutual spot is selected. If you are a lady, you prepare yourself for just about anything and want everything to be just perfect. You know so much about this guy, and he is so wonderful. His pictures were like awesome.

Upon meeting, he seems a bit older than he said, a little heavier, and not quite as much hair as his photo. But he is still nice. After a little edge, you settle in to conversation, and soon are at your ease.

Perhaps he suggests they go to your place, or some other location, maybe a motel for some more personal one on one, intimate time. You are comfortable with who he says he is.

He says, why don't you just leave your car here, or if you wish you can follow me, but it would really be so much nicer and easier if we went together. So seeing the logic in that, you smile and get into his car.

YOU are now at his MERCY.!!! There is one case out of many! where once he got the willing female in his car, he pulled a weapon, and then duct taped her wrists, removed his leather belt with a very large buckle and proceeded to beat her mercilessly with it. Leaving huge gouges in her flesh and imprints of the buckle, then he simply her, and tossed her out.

Yes, eventually he got caught, but ever wonder how many women these things or similar things happen to DAILY!! but they are so ashamed or embarassed at what they now believe is their own ignorance or stupidity for trusing this man and DO NOT report it!!.

Trust me MANY!! A woman is every 6 seconds. The is USUALLY someone they know or have known for a while.

Dateline just did a Perverted Justice III last Friday. Once again an eye opener of information for those who watched and LEARNED.

There were at least 3 CONVICTED or FELONS that showed up. The most disturbing of all was the one man whos VICTIM when she was 9 years old appeared and told HER story.

This man had been working with an organization for children. He was like the Big Brother type organization, that supplied men for families that had no Father Figure!!!. He was suppose to be like an interested Dad, and guide them. Oh he did that. He began by molesting her older, mentally challenged brother, then he molested her starting at the age of 9 by sneaking into her bedroom, french kissing her, and fondling her before he actually did her. Then he moved on to her younger brother. In a word, he , molested all three children in ONE family. The MOM thought he was wonderful, until her daughter told her this. They did go to the police, he admitted it, and he was convicted.

The female as she watched him on perverted justice said it was totally scarey for her to see him out there ruining yet again how many lives before he is stopped. She also said, how WONDERFUL he was as a person, he was loved, and respected by everyone who knew him!!! Well, unless you were an unsuspecting child.

Another man had been convicted of ADW, Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Also a felony. Yet there he was smiling, and looking like the nice clean man next door. Imagine being on a date with him and pissing him off what the consequences would or could be!!!.

Point of this blog people is to also give you some very helpful HINTS as to what steps you really NEED to take to make yourself SAFER.

If you finally decide you are going to meet this man in real life, make sure it is in a VERY PUBLIC place.

Make VERY SURE, that someone, has your cell phone# your vehicle, make, model,color and license plate. Also, the EXACT location you are going to be at. Sure it sounds extreme, but suppose you go missing, don't you think it might help the local pd to know WHAT to look for, or where you may have been LAST.

Also make sure they have the screen name, his alleged REAL NAME, both first and last if you have it. The chat rooms, he frequents, other people will have chatted with him also, and the story he tells them may differ from yours.

When you finally arrive for the meeting, smile, and say that you have a very anxious friend that insists you call and let them know you arrived safely. MAKE THAT CALL in FRONT OF HIM, use his NAME. That way he KNOWS someone knows WHERE YOU ARE. If he objects, or does not like this, that should send a RED FLAG UP, why wouldn't he be as concerned about YOUR safety as you are. He darn well SHOULD BE.

If you change locations, again make that call, and tell someone exactly where you are going. If at all possible, let them know for approximately how long. Also, AGREE with that friend to CALL THEM when you LEAVE for home.

I am sure there are many of you out there sitting and saying, "oh my god you gotta be kidding, how stupid". Well, being this stupid may save your life, or some other trauma. It could also aid you in ending a disastrous evening sooner, politely.

If you find yourself in a compromised situation, with your health or life in jeopardy, would you still consider these steps over board!! OVER cautious?? I bet not!! right that minute you will be praying to God someone finds you, or gets you out of there.

Remember that nice looking, charming fella we just seen on perverted justice, has already been convicted of assault with deadly weapon, what makes you think you won't be the next one???

Just a few things you make you people out there more safety conscious when you do go venturing out to meet that someone.

Just because you are grown and adult, do not make the mistake of ever believing you cannot be a VICTIM or a STATISTIC.


Babel__Fish 45F

2/8/2006 1:13 am

This is great Lady!

Advice noted and taken by me. Another trick that I used when I went to meet a men, I had written all his information down on a piece of paper gave it to my friend BUT ALSO left a copy of it in my apartment as well but not next to my computer but tacked to the refrigator. I also when I met the man (side note:he was not from a site like this) I called my friend to let her know that everything was ok and then SMS'ed her his full name, adress, licence number from his drivers licence along with the make/model of his car with the tag number. The man had NO problem with me doing this and actually said that it was a very smart move on my part. So I do not find your advice at all over board.

Take her advice people!!

Thanks for this GREAT entry Lady.

Your friend Babel {=}

clameatingdog 66M

2/10/2006 10:15 pm

This is one of the most needed blog themes on the site, Lady. You are doing more than sharing a personal passion here. You are performing vital volunteer service for your country.

rm_OneHappyDad 82M
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2/14/2006 2:11 am

We, as men, have another responsibility here, too.
... Most of us know at least one woman with whom we get into conversations with depth. Often, in talking with her, we share stuff about other meetings with other people that are being planned.
... Here's where we can help to protect a woman. We can show that we care. We can let her know what we are made of.
... If we really have what we should have, are what we should be, and are interested in the safety of her, we are going to suggest strongly that she does everything that Babel has noted above.
... Happy Valentine's Day !!!!
... OHD

LeEnchantress 55F

2/20/2006 6:49 pm

Lady with attitude your blog is very justified. I had one guy, whom i'd been talking to for awhile insist that since we lived so far apart.. (like 2-3 hours drive) that he couldn't afford a motel (btw, he totally cud, he made over 70K and that's pretty good in the south) and that if i really wanted to meet him (he had cancelled our dates 2 or 3 times at least) that i would have to let him sleep at my house on OUR FIRST DATE!!!!
I repeatedly told this guy that, sorry, but NO, i don't have total strangers stay at my house, under any circumstances! Well.. he kept using that an excuse to not meet me but his son had just been arrested and charged with a violent crime and i wasn't too sure that the apple did not fall far from the tree.
Besides.. this guy was way bigger than me.. there's no way i cud fight off a guy a foot taller than me and much larger.
Needless to say I have never met him yet.. but i coud go on and on how pushy and ruthless some of the guys/and women are on this site.
I too.. have NO interest whatsoever in being with another woman but i always get these weirdo guys who put in their profile their number one fantasy is being with two women at one time.. And then they have the gaul to tell me how MUCH we have in common.. Yeah, right. sure we do fella.. in your goddamn dreams!! LOL
Wow.. we cud start a book based on our accounts with these shitheads on here.
I'm sure there are some good guys on this site. but they seem to be outnumbered by the brainless idiots.. or shud i say Ultra-Maroons!!!
LMAO.. darn.. at least if you are stupid do a spell check on your e-mail so you don't appear more stupid!!
Another thing that bothers me is putting my face in an e-mail immediately. I don't know what kind of guy i'm chatting with.. whether he's crazy.. is a or criminal.. I always get these guys who INSIST that since their pics are up there. they want to see mine too, NOW!!
Since when have i been sold into the white slave trade where i must do all that i'm told??? lol
There are some pure wackos on here..

Ladywithatti2d 76F  
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2/20/2006 7:59 pm

Anytime someone either male or female becomes very "pushey" all the alarm bells should start ringing for anyone. That is never a good sign. If they are in such a rush, and pushey and they don't even know you yet, just imagine what they will be like if you do meet them and get to know them a bit. What is the rush??? are they on a time limit? they have so many others they are meeting?

Yes, the world has some very strange men and women out there, and for some unknown reason, people seem to think they all are wearing bright flashing neon lights on their forehead to identify them. NOT!!!

My pet peeve are the ones who are in their 20's 30's and even 40's that send me an email, telling me how fantastic they are, and how they just love "OLDer" women. NOT flattering!! I have dust bunnies older than these kids. I have no interest in teaching them what they don't know. I know they really believe they are so experienced, but they don't know diddley squat, or they wouldn't be sending out that kind of email to begin with. Under the bleachers, in the back seat of their car don't equate to "lots of experience".

Yep we sure could write a book about these for sure. Peek into Rdy2try4 blog if you want a REAL eye opener to see how rude and ignorant some of the men really are on here.'


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