Sexual Myths and Theories  

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Sexual Myths and Theories

So your feeling lonely, need company, would like a nice romp in the sack. You find your way to the computer and surf for sex sites. You have heard all about some of the dating sites, Match, American, Harmony, and all the success stories.

Well, here is both myth and theory. In theory, what a great idea to find someone like YOU. The myth is, I personally belonged to all three of those sites, and they were not one single bit different than this one is in the responses from males. That is IFthey ever did email you. The success rate if at all is very low. I am not the goddess of the internet, but even when I did send out an email, I never even got a polite THANKS BUT NO THANKS

AdultFriendFinder the hottest swinging, sex in 24 hour site. MYTH I don't care who you are, unless you are just plain slutty trash, or a desperately hard up male with a death wish, you are NOT going to join this site, or ANYsite and be guaranteed to get laid in 24 hours. If that is what you want, then go pay for a hooker on the corner. Then you will be guaranteed sex on the spot.

Of course, who knows what else you will receive for your money. Maybe the gift that keeps on giving, an STD, but if you just grab some random female from online that you have not a clue how many men she may have serviced on the spot, or if she practiced safe sex you could still be the winner of an STD.

All I have to do is surf profiles, send her an email, here is my home phone, cell phone, fingerprints,blood type, but no pic. . MYTH

Stop and think guys/gals, you WANT to know what they really look like. If they do not appeal to you visually if you do not have SOME connection they are NOT going to respond.Email, conversation to find out if you have anything in common that would make you curious enough or interested enough to meet has to be the ground work.

Especially for women, the danger of them going out to meet a virtual stranger would be to lay their life on the line. For those of you who pooh pooh this idea, allow me to remind you, the majority of successful serial killers, are NOT ugly, do NOT wear a huge sign on their chest saying warning. They are nice looking, charismatic, that is what makes them successful.

Successful Email: Loved your profile, can fuck all night, lick for hours, will slap your ass, pull your hair, ram it up your ass. BIG MYTH

I would be very interested in knowing when in our society physical abuse became sexy. Sure it is in PORN but in the real world, don't you men EVER think about what you are writing?? Would YOU enjoy someone coming along and smacking your bare ass in the middle of sex with a hand or whip or anything else? Think it just MIGHT spoil the mood. Or while your getting close to that glorious moment, cresting, closing your eyes to let it all go, and she reaches up and pulls your hair until you have tears. Now isn't that SEXY. Yes I know there IS a life style that does enjoy those activities, but if the person you are with does NOTthose ideas are definitely MYTH

THEORYits satisfying, and sexy to pull out and spray it all over her face and body.

Alright, I know I am older than most on here, but this one really has me wondering. I can remember a time, when having to "pull out" was a form of birth control. A necessary one at that, if you didn't want her to get pregnant, and even then it really don't work.

Men UNIVERSALLY screamed, if they had to do that. They hated it, now thanks again to lovely porn movies, they think it's better than bubble gum. Have ANY of you men ever bothered to consider what that feels like? If YOU would enjoy the same treat??? Would you find it sexy and a turn on to have slimy eggs, poured over your face, oh yeah, and don't forget to keep your mouth open at the same time for the full benefit.

Spraying your cum all over is like an animal out marking their territory, they do it all the time. Deer have a musk gland, cats usually just pee as do dogs. it means this is mine don't touch, but in the case of humans, I really thought we had evolved past that point. Try something more conventional that everyone can SEE if that is what you want.

And ladies, I am sure that there has to be some of you out there, that when you are right at that crucial moment, that when he yanks it out for this activity, are left unsatisfied, and crash from that sexy high you are on, and don't even go there telling me oh, I let her have her satisfaction FIRST.

Pondering moments of theory and myths, feel free to add your own.


needsomefun04 66M
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3/26/2006 10:51 am

Dear Lady,
Just wanted to say that I REALLY enjoyed your "treatise" on human behavior. I love your glibness, your insight and most of all how well you focused on a number o timely issues. Like you, I had certin expectations and while scanning through profiles I was amazed at how may women seemed to be saying....hurry over and make me feel like the real woman I always wanted to be. Well...needless to say I was there like many other men...trying to make that connection...immediately. Have you ever scrolled though some of the female profiles? I soon realized that was NOT wha I was looking for and was just NOT my style. I was looking for some fun..I was looking for a discreet relationship...but what I really learned was that RELATIONSHIP was the key word in what I was looking for. I did meet a few women who had the expectation of a hot night....right now. Somehow I just wasn't looking for a one-nighter. The animal instinct for a quick romp was just not there. A few women looked at me as if I was a visitor from some other galaxy and to be quite frank...I even amazed myself initially. But...I was NOT looking for a way to put down my scent...mark my territory and prove that I wa the most macho stud on the planet...visitor or not.
So...when i read your myths and theories I became somewhat enamored by your quick wit and also your depth. Seems like age and experience really RE wonderful things to be appreciated and even savored. If you care to discuss these topics and compare notes I would really like to hear from you. Keep up the thoughful way you express yourself and keep sharing your insight with the rest of us.
Sign me......
Thankful for your insight.

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crazygurl2xx 57F

4/25/2006 4:43 pm

it's ok, and sometimes i ask my boyfriend to pull out as he is cumming and finish in my mouth.
but on my face?'s ok, not a fantasy. have done it though...

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