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12/10/2005 6:28 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I have read in the mag section hundreds of complaints from men about why they never get a response to an email.

I also read the hundreds of replies from the ladies, however, it does not appear that the male populace is listening or paying attention.

Sending a one liner, or a form email, and yes those form spamming emails from men are very easy to pick out, is going to get you exactly NO WHRE.

Some of you seem to think that being as this is a sex site, your manners can be left at home. That isn't quite correct.

If you don't have the time to formulate an intelligent, pleasant email to send to someone other than, here is my phone number CALL ME!! then they ladies don't have the time to reply. Why should we CALL YOU!! are you so lame or lazy that you cannot take the time and effort to present yourself as an acceptable individual?

You should remember, the email you send OUT, is indicative of the person you are, or are trying to be. It is the clothing that dresses you for a first meeting. Would you go to work dressed like a bum? Would you go to a business meeting in rags and dirt? Nope to both, yet you seem to believe that you don't have to dress yourself in an email.

You men may have not noticed, ( some sure do, ) that there are so many dick pics out there that we could go blind by being stabbed in the eye when opening an email. MOST not ALL women could give a care less about seeing your dick immediately.

Would you walk into a bar, or meeting place with your dick hanging out, hell no!! Could a woman you have been emailing or chatting with, identify you, pick you out of a crowd when meeting you if all she has seen is your dick? NOT!!!. She would have to ask everyone to whip it out and then do an inspection, and even then unless your dick is decorated or tattooed with an identity number she won't know it's YOU.

Your face!! is what she will be looking for, you may be proud of that dick but trust me, for first meetings she really needs to see the rest of you, that is the important part!!. So if you think waving your dick around this site, like a worm to a fish is going to be the bait that catches her you are going to go home empty handed.

Desensitizing, yep, men that is exactly what posting dozens of dick pics does, it desensitizes women, as the saying goes, once you seen one you seen them all. Yes it really does apply, some may be longer, thicker, cut uncut, but basically they are all the same.

THAT works for women as well!!!. I am sure some men love to look at the females with their legs spread wide, holding the garage door open so you can drive a truck thru, or walk in wearing a miners hat with a light! some shaved, not shaved, but in the long run, it is NOT just the genital they are looking for.

Think carefully and compose your emails, first contact, in a manner that is going to catch someones attention. Make it intelligent, humorous, polite, define your best assets. NO being able to do oral, or last for hours in bed is NOT your best asset.

With these few thoughts, try it, you may find you receive a lot more responses than the ones you are NOT getting now.


rm_texasmermaid 46F
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12/10/2005 10:12 pm

ya know what?..............I dont like you...........but I find myself reading your words ..........and I come back for more......I think I respect you...........but I dont like you.....

oh well.......I know..........
I will be back read more.............

because I resect you.............

Ladywithatti2d 76F  
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12/11/2005 8:51 am

You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can NEVER please all the people all the time!!!.

Having someone respect you far better than having someone "like" you.


SitesArabsPipet 41

12/11/2005 3:10 pm

Hello, Your right about that us guys think this is a sex hospital that we can check in any time we want to but I do believe that woman on this site also think the same. Peolpe should take the time and get to know each other so that when they do hook up they will know more about the person they trying to hook up with I'm glad I read this so next time i email someone it will be with the up most respect to the woman I'm trying to hook up with. Mr.Worlds

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