Penis Paradise  

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6/11/2006 11:09 am

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Penis Paradise

While walking thru my garden one evening, to my great surprise I found a paradise. Yes, I had a bumper crop of Wild Penis growing.

My gosh, as I strolled thru this unexpected paradise, I began to make notes of which "blooms" I found of interest.

Hmm, there was one, that certainly resembled a German Helmet, well except it was shiny and purple. The stem was medium thickness, and the tubers beneath were a tad on the small side.

Then there was this gigantic penis blossom!! I actually took a step back due to it's size. I wasn't sure if it would begin to wiggle, waggle, undulate and then slither out of the flower bed and snake up my ankle.!! As I stood there looking, I thought, heyyy wait a minute. THIS is a fake bloom, who the heck would have thought someone would plant a fake bloom amid the real blooms. My god, the stem was at least 6 or 8 inches around, and the head blossom was like a one eyed lizard with no eyeball!!! Ohhh scarey!!

Continuing my stroll, I viewed so many lovely Penis blossoms and stems. Some were average, some had lovely tapered heads, smooth and shiny, some a lovely purple color. Others had a hood covering the head, sorta like a monks hood or a surprise package waiting to be opened. Some had stems ranging from 5 or 6 inches which appeared to be the normal range, to those humungo ones, that stood 9 10 and even 13 inches tall!!!!Which of course included the phony penis flowers. Some were covered in fuzzy moss, others were in a totally void of anything spot, like a sterilized area. No moss anywhere.

Then again, there was the thickness of the stems. My gosh, some were so thin it didn't look like they would be able to hold the head up, others were so thick they resembled a tree trunk.

Amazed that so many penis blossoms of every size, shape and color were at my disposal, I decided to pick myself a boquet. Wearing a secret smile, I selected only the penis boquet that I thought were the best in this paradise.

I placed them in a lovely, warm, wet container and settled in to enjoy the view and the longevity of the blossoms.

As I sat there admiring my pick of the boquet, the strongest, longest, and smoothest of all, it rapidly began to wilt before my eyes?? HEY wait, I just got comfy to enjoy the pleasure of you.!! Whoops sorry gone in a flash.

Well, thats alright, I still have the rest to enjoy. As I selected the next blossom, I noticed that since the time I picked it in the garden, the stem as well as the head had amazingly shrunk from 10 inches to a mere 6 inches long, and only a couple inches in girth. What the heck is happening here?

As I sat there, watching the rest of the penis boquet, they all began to have different traits that I had overlooked. One lost it's head and pollen immediately, shriveling up to nothing. One other, a stately tree trunk one, withstood the test of time and elements. That sucker was like petrified wood from the petrified forest. I had that penis bloom for 6 months, and it never wilted, never shrunk. It was about then, I realized I had been duped again. This was a phony bloom that had been planted with the expectation it would never need be replanted for it never died!!!. Everything has a life span if it is real.

I finally settled on a bud, I had picked, one that had never blossomed. It had been dressed in green leaves and completely covered when I found it. I nurtured it, admired it, and took very careful care of it. When it finally bloomed, much later, the blossom was beautiful and brilliant. Each day, I made sure I cared for that bud, each day it surprised me with something new and different to admire.

I never knew that the selection of bloom that had NOT blossomed for the world to see in the Penis Paradise, would be the one that would give me the greatest pleasure.

The moral of this story folks, is all the men out there that believe that if they wiggle a dick in front of us, that is going to be what attracts us couldn't be less true.

You may have what you think is the cutest, longest, thickest, hardest, smoothest, most ORIGINAL dick on this planet, but guess what. If that thing does not do the job that is "required" it may as well be skunk cabbage, or a weed in Penis Paradise Garden. EVERY MALE has a DICK.!!! Yours is only original, and cute and successful to YOU.

Just looking at the picture of someones dick, is NO indication of how it will perform. Premajure ejaculation, short stamina, LONG recovery time. Nope, I could care less how many dicks out there have dicks. Show me a pair of laughing eyes, a smile thats a heart stopper, and a brain that knows HOW to talk to a lady, catch her interest, and stimulate HER brain, which is truly the largest sexual organ in the body, and I will show you a SUCCESSFUL MAN!!.

With that said, I leave each and everyone to stroll thru the AdultFriendFinder Penis Paradise, and YOU figure out which one, just from looking at it is going to give you "everything" you want and need.!!

We will talk about the flower garden that has a bumper crop of "Dragons Tongues" blooming at a later time.


redrobin012057 59F

6/11/2006 10:53 pm

An excellant choice of words Lady....and what of your Penis garden?Are you ready to plant sweet peas and Roses?

Your so right about cock shots,there so in ya face...yuck.Keep it in your pants guys or keep those pics in your network.An excellent post.

bigknob1958 52M

6/13/2006 11:38 am

In the words of the old song "You were always on my mind,you were always on my mind!"

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6/24/2006 11:30 am

This is cute piece that reflects how the author views the male species. And I would contain that she probabaly has some very valid points.

I for one really liked the piece for its content and the pose that it was in. The lady, in my opinion is a gifted writter who thinks through what she wants to say and then says.

Good Job Lady.

lovetokiss692 58M

6/24/2006 1:18 pm

I only supply the pics with smiles and eyes.

Too bad you were not near

playtime44uandi 52M
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10/5/2006 6:39 pm

I never knew you were so creative. I wish more ladiies would write something like this to discribe what they want Instead of a list of what they dont want. (a particular turn-off to me)
Though I do understand why they make those lists.

~We'll Leave The Light On~

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