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4/13/2006 2:23 pm

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Men seem to think that advertising their crotch is going to land them a hot date. Perhaps, some do manage to get a hot date out of that, but it begs the question, "how many" My guess is NOT MANY.

I had a wink today from a 25 year old fella, he was standard, so I figure he couldn't read my profile if he had he may not have winked. At any rate, when I looked at it, I noticed his pic and I simply could NOT resist. I confess, I peeked!!

Then I sat here laughing so hard. Here is this guy, buck naked, lounging in a chair, and I kid you not, his penis had to be a minimum of 2 feet long, and at least as big around as a coke can.

This isn't the first one of those either, I have seen so many of them, gosh some men are really creative and dress theirs up, like a toy, tape measures, watches, compared to the width of their wrist. I am honestly waiting for the one with a smiley face painted on it, just below the crown so it looks like he is wearing a helmet.

Good god, can you men be so totally stupid that you honestly believe that any woman on this site, or on this planet, is going to BELIEVE that crock!!. Some are so obviously cut and pasted from some monster cock website, that the flesh is a different color than their own body, some forget to add or remove the pubic hair from one to the other. Some I have seen just simply cut theirs off at the waist and past the new one in. I know you think you are brilliant, but you certainly are dumb as a rock if you think we can't tell.

This may come as a huge surprise to you men who think a gigantic dick is going to thrill and excite a woman. NOT no woman wants to be spinal tapped, or have that thing go all the way up to her throat all at the same time. Of course that wouldn't be an all bad idea if it was possible, you get get oral at the same time as you are getting laid.

Gentlemen, I don't know how to break the news to you, but guess what, that thing DOES NOT FIT if it REALLY WERE that huge. We shall refer to it as Andy the Anaconda.

You need to take an anatomy class, or at least look in some biology book and learn a few facts. A woman has a vagina, right behind that is her uterus, and behind that miles and miles of intestines. THEY DO NOT MOVE, now just where do you think you are going to put that 2 foot penis you are so proud of!! You sure aren't going to be able to get that all in, so now even if you HAD that much, you are limited as to how far you can insert, and how much pressure you can use. If not, does the word PAIN come to mind, not for YOU but for HER.

The Guiness Book of World Records, records the largest penis as 13". ONLY ONE. Now don't you think if all the men on this site, had Andy Anaconda, they would be in the record book, my gosh, I wonder if Mr. Guiness knows that there are dozens, and dozens of these out there!!. Yeah right, and I got a bridge to sell you.

Men seem to think that if they whip it out, and post their dick and nothing more, that women are going to go "ohhhhh look at that!!! isn't it beautiful, gorgeous, handsome, I think I wanna date that. Sorry men, women do NOT date body parts, they date MEN.

A man, is made up of head, shoulders, abs, hips, legs, hair, eyes, a whole lot of things, and you can have what YOU think is a hot sexy penis, and the rest of you looks like a dog, or is unappealing and guess what, she isn't going to go out with you and you are NOT going to get laid either.

Lets turn this around and do a little thinking here. Put this nice thinking cap on top of Andy Anacondas head a minute. You see this picture, tight up of this crotch shot of a woman. Shaved, unshaved, open, shut. Nothing but her crotch. Andy starts wiggling, jiggling, and moving in your shorts, man what a hottie this one is. Andy Anaconda sends out an email, and gets a response, and oh boy, now Andy is really UP, tight. He is straining your shorts, like to bust out of your jeans, any woman within 5 miles is gonna get hit by flying metal pieces from your zipper when it goes THWANGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Andy Anaconda is very strong remember, 2 feet, and thick as that coke can.!!

You dash out the door to meet the woman that has Andy doing the pump dance, up, down, up down, and when you get there. You stop dead.!! She smiles coyly at you, bats her eyes. You are mesmerized. She has some not all her teeth, they are broken and uneven. Her eyes are crossed. She hasn't bathed in at least 2 weeks, you can tell because there is a crowd of flies hovering over her head and the odor wafting your way, she could be the linebacker for Green Bay, and must weigh at least 400lbs. Her hair is knotted, and greasy, sorta hanging seductively around her face. As you look at her face she has a series of little moles all over, and you wonder if you are suppose to join the dots, and see what happens. She is wearing sandals, because she can't get her feet into any other shoe, and her toe nails are dark brown and curved under.

Is Andy Anaconda, still doing the UP, DOWN? I would be willing to bet that Andy Anaconda, has now shriveled to the size of Willie the Worm, the sickest worm in all of AdultFriendFinder.

Did you know that was how she would look when all you could see was her crotch picture? Nope. IF you had seen the rest of her, in all her glory, would you have wanted to go meet her. I bet NOT.

So, when you go posting those humungo, fake dick pics, and think you are going to have women flocking to you, perhaps you should stop and consider the fact that women do NOT date dicks. A man with a dick is just that nothing more, a man with a DICK. What matters is the REST OF YOU.

If there is NO connection, NO attraction NO stimulation from seeing your face, or the rest of your body, you are simply wasting your time.

Have you ever considered how the hell you look when you keep advertising Andy Anaconda, and when you meet the lady, and this time lets assume, it's going pretty good. You drop your shorts, and instead of 2 feet of penis unrolling from your overcrowded shorts, this 5 or 6 or even 9 inch penis is there. Do you think she isn't going to NOTICE!! that there is at least a foot missing??? That it's not as thick as a coke can, or your wrist, its about the size of a pencil!!! Uhh have you stopped to consider that YOU now look like an idiot and a liar to boot!!!.

I can't speak for other women, but I know for damn sure, if you are a liar, you not only just PROVED you are a liar, but you look like a total asshole on top of it. I don't know too many women who are willing to say, "Oh well, your here, I might as well". I for one, would kick your lying sorry ass out the door.

So guys, perhaps you should rethink that photo you have that you are so proud of, the only one proud of it is YOU.

By the way, this same theory works in reverse for women as well. If they only display that up tight and personal picture of nothing but their crotch, and the rest of them is unappealing, when they arrive, some men have been known to actually walk out, leaving some women embarassed. They should be, for lying as well. When you say "a little extra padding" that does not mean 400lbs on a 5ft woman.


rdy2try4 51F  
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4/13/2006 3:47 pm

I can say matter what dick you have...if you are the biggest asshole I ever met, it isn't going to change my mind.

Followed by more than 70% of women do NOT orgasm from penetration!! Which means that size dick is worthless. Next is that there are only nerve endings in the first 2 inches of your vagina. Yeah, there are women that like the "filled up" feeling. However, when you pop a cervix it is NOT fun. Yuu can bleed and/or worse. Most women need manual stimulation or oral stimulation because the nerve center is in the clitoris..NOT the vagina.

Amazing I find it, that men go on and on about their tongues which are about 2 inches, yet they believe we need a louisville slugger to get us off in sex.

Guys...believe in YOURSELF!! Dick size is more important to you than us *MOST* of the time. It doesn't get you a raise at work. It doesn't get you picked first for anything. YOU guys do the comparing.

Next stat....the average penis is 4-6 inches long. The average vagina is 4-6 inches long. Amazing isn't it?? Less than 10% of men are MORE than the average. Yet I have seen the 2 foot dicks on here and laughed my ass off. If you have that...please CALL Guiness Book..they would like to see you. Please..if you can throw it over your shoulder...stay the hell away from me and CALL Guiness...they need to know!!

themisskrissy 56F
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4/13/2006 10:13 pm

i wonder why it is that the best lovers i have met from this (or any other) site do not have dick pics and do not advertise their tongue talents??? hmmm

cheers lady and rdy!

Virtue Alone Ennobles

haversack_smith 40M
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4/14/2006 9:25 am

Sorry but I was ROFLMAO at this Lady. Thanks!

Some of the fake dick-pictures that have been shown to me over the years have knocked me down in how crude they are; you'd think if a guy were going to display a fake picture to hundreds of women they'd at least create a convincing fake, not (say) one with a square of different-coloured background around the second half of his dick. But I guess not.

...And I've often wondered what they think will happen if they actually meet someone too. Maybe they figure that after she's driven five hundred miles and waited outside until his wife was asleep, the woman will figure she might as well have at it given she'd put in so much effort...

Ladywithatti2d 76F  
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4/14/2006 9:53 am

I agree Haver, what inspired me to write this, was I had received this dick pic that I am sure he thought was going to pop my eyes!!! or make me drool. Fact is, it made me sit here laughing.

He was leaned back a bit, and that thing was at least 24 inches long, and it curved UP, like a cobra, ready to strike, but it was pointed at his face lol. What a ski slope that would have made!!! I would have given a months pay to see him put that thing in a pair of shorts or pants if it truly had been that long.

Lord, he could have stood at a urinal, and had to stand on his tip toes, so he didn't dunk it in the water. It was clearly a cut and paste, enhanced shot to say the least. Little did this idiot know, I have seen the same shot so far on 3 men all claiming it was theirs.

I honestly had no idea men were so penis obsessed with the pictures of it, and the all holy grail question. About DICK SIZE. Like who gives a flying rats ass. It definitely isn't the size, for god sakes a vibrator isn't as long or thick as some of these idiots try and make you believe theirs is. And guess what, WOMEN LOVE THEM. The bullet is only about 2 inches, and it's the best seller.


bigknob1958 52M

4/16/2006 11:50 am

What a searing blog, going as usual straight to the heart of the male insecurity debate..but think on this, women must be bolstering up this attitude by playing up to it......even you lady are in a sense pandering to male ego's by talking about 'fake huge dicks' and saying 'look how clever I am to have noticed they are pasted on'...don't you stop to think that, we are, all of us playing some kind of game/not being real on this site,or indeed in life in general? No one has the 'indian sign' over anyone in the knowledge department in life,we are all trying to impress in one way or another,you by showing intelligence,some man by showing a fake knob,all it comes down to therefore is 'who am I fooling?' and the answer has to truly be 'No one,but yourself'.....still I do enjoy reading your blog and you are still hottttttttttttttttttttttttt x

Ladywithatti2d 76F  
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4/16/2006 7:40 pm

Nay, I am not pandering at all bigknob. However, as I said, I had no idea men were so totally penis posessed. If they are not asking about the perfect size, (Uh if it's too short, think they are going to stretch it? If it's too long, they gonna lop off a few inches. If its too thin, think they can fatten it up by eating more?) They are asking, should I shave it? let it be natural.

Ok, you shave, and then the next lady looks at you and says, what the hell did you do? I hate that, how fast can it grow back for you?

You have what you HAVE. It isn't the length, or girth that makes the difference, it's the man walking around with it!! regardless of the size.

The point is, it is a matter of PERSONAL PREFERENCE!! and everyone has a different preference, there is NO perfect equasion!!

As for everyone on here being fake, playing games, I answer you a SOLID NO.

There are many people on here, myself included that is as honest as the day is long. I play no game, I have no need to play any games. I am who and what I am, and quite contente with the finished product.

I will settle for nothing less than my expectations, and no one else should either. I state clearly, and up front my likes, dislikes.

If ANYONE has the need to play games, or LIE about who they are, or what their anatomy is like, then they are flat out a LIAR, and if you begin any relationship based on a LIE, it is doomed before it begins. If you would lie about something like your penis, what the hell else are you going to lie about.

Men, and YES WOMEN who DO play games, and lord knows there is a plethora of them on the internet, and in real life, wind up exactly as you said. Fooling only themself, and destined to never know real happiness in any field for only in honesty, can an honest relationship ever be birthed.

As for my pointing out the idiots, perhaps, one day one will read it, look at that stupid picture, and say, "WHAT WAS I THINKING".

There is ONE photo that has been seen on 10 different men, in 3 different countries. ALL at the same time. Yet these men are dumb enough to think all women are the proverbial, deaf, dumb and blind blond and will never notice.

Wink, thanks for the compliment!!
You made me smile.


bigknob1958 52M

4/16/2006 11:53 pm

I dont think anyone can say with any degree of honesty 'I am 'honest as the day is long' without it sounding like self-glorification.That kind of judgement must ,to have any meaning, be left to others;also how do you know others are beng honest?(because they meet your criteria of honesty?which is a subjective thing anyway?)Lastly I do not believe that anyone comes on here to find a relationship or the meaning of life.If they do they are deluding themselves.Half the photos/people on here dont exsist{we are all probably talking to a team of writers,doing it as a 9-5 job).......still I do enjoy your blog and arguing like this...a wink back to lady!!!

bear6000 68M

4/19/2006 10:42 am

Great job and the truth comes out!LOL... Keep up the good work. Only wished you lived closer. A Real Woman, few and far between... Tony

Fox4aKnight1 43F

4/24/2006 12:22 pm

Lady I agree with you .......but I do have to say that one guy I told him not to change his picture as it was honestly quite funny. Its a dick pic but shows a sense of humor in that it wears a little white "pirate" hat and a drawn on eyes and smily face LOL for all it being his main picture his second pic is of his face. I did truely get a kick out of it and how much fun he was making of cock shots in general. LOL On his blog he even puts little outfits on the pic LOL .....sorry it almost alwayss cracks me up LOL.....

rdy2try4 51F  
3027 posts
4/25/2006 1:21 pm

Singing...I agree with you that women do change body parts also...HOWEVER...MOST of them are changing them because MEN want them..MEN like them!! If SOME MEN (that is to say NOT ALL men) keep going around yelling "look at those tits!!" and saying stuff like "the bigger the better" the women hear it and feel that this is what these men want. It is seen as what is "needed" to get the attention. As a larger breasted woman..I HATE IT!! I would give them away. I would look funny then so I don't. However, I personally am sick and disgusted with men and their "nice titties" comments as if it makes ME feel good. No, it is an insult to me. I don't want to be seen as a walking set of boobies and MANY men note them, stare at them, talk to them instead of my face, and worse. It is NOT a turn on at all.

Men's penis' are NOT out in the open for people to stare at. Men are more interested in size of it than women. PORN makes it seem as if it is needed. starts in the BRAIN..not between your legs. The biggest asshole has a dick..that doesn't mean it turns me on.

crazygurl2xx 56F

4/25/2006 4:59 pm

hm. i met a guy on here whose cock pic did NOT do him justice. thank god he took it easy on me. some guys are NOT lying when they say long/thick.
big dicks ARE sexy (especially if they get good and goddamned hard)... i am not gonna lie to you there IS some thrill to having huge cocks in you. i mean gawd... what's not sexy about that???

but a requirement? nah. not at all.

DEBandDON2006 71M/66F

5/18/2006 8:02 am

too bad that more women then guys are hung up on the men's looks in general, and not just his penis size. it's been proven that most ladies have old faire tales of "prince charming" in thier minds, and will hold out almost forever untill HE comes to thier rescue! sorry ladies. that PRINCE CHARMING is about as alusive as that "2 FOOT COCK". naturaly to each thier own. but a "to each thier own" attitude as it is applied today in the sexual content; is surely causing allot of frustration to people that hold on to that statement fully, when needing a good release, and a warm body and soul to be near for a little while. OR LONGER. yes. men are born more sexually driven we know. imagine if all the women had the SAME sex drive???lol SODOM AND GOMMORA!!!LOL so i just suppose it's going to be cat and mouse forever on. the women KNOW they have the UPPER hand in the sex play stuff; but certanly allot of times they are for sure MISSING out on the ONE'S THAT GOT AWAY BY BEING TOO "GOD AWLFULL CHOOSIE"! most people on a swingers site don't want or need a full time LIFE'S PARTNER. just a little skin on skin, a few different friends etc.etc.. BOTTOM LINE??>>> BE NICE IF FOLKS ON AdultFriendFinder OR OTHER SITES; GAVE A LITTLE LESS TALK AND MORE ACTION!! ME INCLUDED AFTER TYPING ALL THE ABOVE!!LOLLOL GOING SEARCHING NOW. HOW ABOUT YOU ALL!! BYE.

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