Love me, Hate me, but above all RESPECT ME.  

Ladywithatti2d 76F  
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2/11/2006 11:06 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Love me, Hate me, but above all RESPECT ME.

I am sure no one expects to be loved or adored especially being on this site. Lusted after without a doubt.

The Mag section and the Rant and Rave and even in groups, there are many members. ALL of them have opinions. Someone once said, "opinions are like assholes, we all have one". This is true, however, I would like it explained or have a spiffy comment that relates to the fact that ONES opinions when expressed, and they differ from what YOURS are, gives you the right to resort to name calling, and insults.

Apparently you value YOUR opinion or you wouldn't be giving it, consequently the opinion you disagreed with, that person also valued THEIRS.

RESPECT that they are human, with feelings, and thoughts the same as you. That does not mean that everyone on the planet has to AGREE with YOU, nor do YOU have to AGREE with everyone on the planet. But my gosh, how much nicer the world would be, if we all just plain RESPECTED the other person and didn't feel the need to send out insulting, name calling, disgusting emails to enforce our own opinion as the ONLY one that matters, or could for that matter be the ONLY one that is CORRECT. It matters to you, may be correct for you, but NOT for the other person.

Could someone kindly explain to me, how someone can casually surf along, thru profiles, and come across "accidentally" the picture or profile of a person be it male or female, that is just a total TURN OFF. You do NOT like the picture, you do NOT like the persons choices, you DO NOT agree with anything in the profile. NOW, you sit there, fingers flying, and pour out your hate, insults, and whatever else comes to mind, and EMAIL it to this person you don't even KNOW.

Do you feel better? Are you feeling superior now? Do you really believe that what you have just sent, does NOT make you look like the worlds BIGGEST ASSHOLE!!!. Trust me, it DOES make you look just like an asshole.

The person you just felt compelled to slam, insult, and degrade, you didn't want to know to begin with!! You stood NO CHANCE of a snowball in hell of having a CHANCE to meet them, ( either you or the other party preferences didn't match) Yet there you sat busy fingers typing away hate. Does it make you feel like your an avenger of what???

Do you believe that by sending these out you are actually going to make some difference in the world at large??? If you do, that one is laughable at best. Perhaps, you think that this person is going to read it, and say, "wow, they must be right, this one is a keeper". NOT!!!!!. Into the trash bin you go, where you belong. THAT or into a BLOG with your words and name there for the rest of civilization to see what you really are like.

PREFERENCES!!! that is what it boils down to. We ALL have preferences. If someones preferences do NOT match YOURS, it is NOT an INSULT to YOU. It is their personal CHOICE. The same as it is YOUR personal CHOICE. RESPECT THE CHOICES.

Love the people, hate the people, but RESPECT the people, their preferences and they will respect YOU.

rm_OneHappyDad 82M
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2/14/2006 1:27 am

Agreed !!! Respect is also so easy to wear, to own, to share. I think that it has a lot to do with how much we respect ourselves. And, for me, it follows that someone who doesn't have self-respect can't share respect with anyone, and can't value respect. I believe that it follows that such a person can't really have much confidence in self-worth - and, if there is no self-worth, how can anything from this person be worth anything at all?
... So...... any criticism from a person like this is worthless.
... Therefore, although the words may bite and have hurt at first reading, in reality, those words are meaningless. The person is without substance, without value, and is to be pitied - if we are to be gracious and give any attention to him/her.
... Perhaps we shall have respect for ourselves if we excuse their innane and cruel behaviour as being only what should be expected from such under-brained souls. We don't have to forgive them - and we are allowed to ignore them - and to respect our own integrities and own inner sophistications.
... Hugs... OHD

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