Smokers vs. None Smokers  

Ladymysterious48 58F
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9/8/2006 9:21 pm

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10/20/2007 12:18 am

Smokers vs. None Smokers

Personally, I can’t deal with it. I smoked for 28 years and tried quitting too many times to count before I was finally able to quit 8 years ago using Zyban (generic Wellbutrin). At the time I quit smoking I had problems breathing, bronchitis multiple times a year, was coughing up stuff every day, my hands and feet were continually cold and my skin looked gray.

Eight years later and I’m happy to say all the symptoms are gone. I hope I was able to quit in time to have escaped the possibility of getting Lung Cancer.

Since I quit, I can’t be around smokers and when ever I smell smoke I feel sick to my stomach.
I can’t begin to say how happy it made me when Colorado voted into law a state wide smoke ban for all public places with few exceptions. I truly wish this smoke ban could be world wide and smokers could get the medical and psychological help to quit. I believe that cigarettes smoking is as addicting as Heroin or Coke.

How do none smokers feel about meeting with or having sex with smokers?

menopausemember 51F
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9/11/2006 6:57 am

hay there, we r doing a discussion blog on legal and illegal drugs in health, I would like to share this if u don't mind...I won't say where I got it from, I will just say that a friend wrote about it in a blog...
if u don't mind! please tell me soon...

on the other hand, I don't smoke, it seems that most of the men in my life did, my husband did, my angel did, my two oldest children do too-
my dad did in the service but quit when he retired
and he like u, can't stand anyone smoking
he can smell it on clothes and he gags
I always thought that he was being dramatic
now that I have read ur story, I am able to believe him too.

eldiablo1369 52M/36F
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10/22/2006 10:46 am

actually dear nicotine isthe most addictive ssubstance man has altered in natural form it is a hallucenigenic(spelled that wrong) native americans use it for spirit walks. Studies have shown that it is harder to quit cigs that heroin or cocaine. sad state of affairs. Did u know that the american govt. actually caued the epidemic of smoking by issuing cigs to WW1 soldiers in their c-rations. It is true. yes ppl somked before that butt ti became the epidemic it is with govt approval. by the way i still smoke 32 fucking years of this shit. Something to be concerned about; after so long quitting ometime triggers the antibodies in your system to turn against your own body and create tumors. doesn't that suck!

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