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1/2/2006 8:17 pm

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***the following is actually an e-mail I mailed to a friend, after a meeting not too long ago with someone I've known for a while.....***

so, yeah ok, had a booty call with (NO NAME) who is "just" my boy toy. i left here at 830 , got home just before 1 -- told the old lady we were going to see King Kong, good reason to be gone for 3 hours --- besides, i allready know the monkey dies!
i just came upstairs here, rem. something that happened and started laughing so hard i was pissing my pants, never mind i had a lot of vodka again in the room,..... ever see someone have a bout of hysterical laughing for like.....oh 20 mins. str8??? that was me just now....... was laughing so hard i was screaming and had to hold a pillow to my face...... then when i went to wash my face, my mascara had smeared so bad i looked like a raccoon. Moose (my golden) was so worried about me , after watching all this, she came running over and climbed on me, crying. Had to tell her, i wasnt crying, "mommy saw something funny."! but she's still laying across the room with one eye following me, as I try to type this and keep ending up face down on the keyboard!)

so this cheapie sex hotel a half mile from me, has theme rooms. HE had stopped to get the room first, then comes to pick me up. so we end up with the room labeled Close Encounters.
supp. to be an alien theme...... the bed is a large saucer shape set about waist high with mattress in middle..... blue lights along the edge pointing up, large mirror over the bed. stairs are at one end to get onto the bed......
well me?? I just rolled up over the edge, HE goes up the stairs -- so he, uh, should know they're there later. (ya would think huh?) -- ok, pissing pants again now .

so doing some slap & tickle and laughing at ourselves in the mirror, i notice a long cut and bruise down his back... he said he was on a call in a building fire, part of a beam hit him, no big deal just a bruise. (he's a firefighter)

so after some nookie, i'm laying there looking at how big my boobs look in the funhouse mirror and said, hell, i shouldve put my drink on the edge of the bed.
HE says, i'll get it......... next thing i hear is a thump, then crash.
i look over, dont see him......... then sit up and he's sprawled on the floor!!
I said, are u ok? well he was looking kinda shocked, says yeah. I said, "are u sure???...... I can call the FD cuz i have the dispatch # in my cell.... just tell them "Firefighter Down!!" he started laughing and says NO. i said "are u sure (cuz he wasnt moving) --- the crew has prob. gone to bed but they'd love to have to run out for a call at the (sex hotel)."
so i said, Did u fall down the stairs? he says no, as he struggles to get up, I forgot the stairs were there.
so my hero tried to leap over the side of the bed and hit the steps halfway down which threw him about 3 ft. away from the bed! and then he so graciously limped over with my glass of vodka.
after that we had no choice but to lay there and watch t.v., talked for a long time...... oiled him up and gave him a good massage. got one myself.......
tried to get him going for round 2 after midnight.... wouldnt work, so i think he broke "something" in his fall cuz he's usually good for 2-3 times!
so now that i've been sitting here laughing for 45 minutes just writing this.......... everyone can learn a lesson from this: NEVER have sex in a bed that u need stairs to get into -- or u just may be the next story around the firehouse!"

Now keep in mind, I did NOT laugh when this happened -- wasnt till i got home, was overly tired, a little too much vodka in two days.... and the memory of the sound of the "thump" when he hit the stairs set me off.

Ah, yes, who said men weren't amusing!!?? ROTFLMFAO!!!

xkart97 60M

1/3/2006 5:51 am

And I thought I was the only one who should be on David Letterman with the top 10 Stupid Man tricks. Great Story!!

rm_hockeydad92 58M

1/8/2006 5:47 pm

Must admit I have fallen outta bed rolling over so she could ride.........was funny as all hell luckily nothing broke tho. Us guys are good at doin funny things, I definately gotta check out your blog more, it's a real day brightener.

WhiteRoseOnFire 56F
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1/24/2006 8:40 pm

This is so funny! I have had similar accidents, well the guy has. Then they try to be macho and walk it off instead of just laying there crying! LOL Guys have to think that tears will get them a little more sympathy sex.

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