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4/25/2006 5:14 pm

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(originally posted 2/14/06)

Ok, not bad enough i've been in a flaming mood over the past several days because of shit with men...... i've been on this site for over a year and dealt with MANY MANY rude men -- more widely known as "rectums" !

Because of this behavior, my profile has changed probably a dozen times. It started as ur general "nice" profile, single gal looking for friends w/bennies. As more and more men started treating me like an idiot, a whore, etc., I have had to change one line or another, eventually a whole paragraph to the point my entire page no longer resembles what used to be the nice, friendly me.

I am really a very nice caring person, always have been, probably the reason I've ended up getting screwed over one way or another.... i trust people too much. But i have learned, ya just gotta be a frigging bitch to not only survive but get people to pay attention that you mean what u say! Sounds simple, huh?

I finally had to make alist of "Rules".... I felt if any men could get thru the whole profile, just maybe they could understand exactly who and what I was looking for. Sounds simple, huh? YA THINK??????

While I have received my share of nasty e-mails, etc., things have been good for a while with people just respecting the fact that I state WHAT i want and expect. And yes, even a few outside my age requirement, etc have tried to sweet talk their way to me, but have been polite about it.
That gets a polite refusal.

BUT now, tonight...... yes, another rectum-man has chosen to take his frustration out on me and my HONEST profile. from someone called: cmb831
i receive a letter with the

subject: NOPE!

body of letter: Too many GD rules lady.....

Ok, now, ...... what the fuck??? evidently i hit a sore spot..... someone not meeting enough "pussy"?? And my profile does state that i will blog people that piss me off!

That stupid fucking comment and matching mentality is the same as me seeing a man's profile that he is looking for someone with "...long hair.... or slim, slender, petite body...." and then having the balls to write a flaming letter to him telling him he doesnt know what he's missing because i have a few extra pounds on me. OMFG!! (and oh yeah, just chopped off my hair!)

Do people have nothing better to do with their time or energy than to harass other members??
Get a life buddy, or better yet, buy yourself a portable pussy to relieve some of that tension u got!

Blue_eyes_smile 42F

4/25/2006 7:52 pm

Don't feel bad..I had one guy go completely racial on me because I did not accept his invite in a chat room. It got so bad I had to call the abuse line for this web site and I sent them the e-mail he wrote me and they banned his sorry ass from here. That may stop him for a while, but they always seem to flock back under a different name.

rm_BigDnLady 43M/40F
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4/25/2006 8:35 pm

yep, stupid ppl, are popping up more frequently. Don't let it get u down, though, it is some really good ones here too!!


hotandhorny107 58F

4/25/2006 9:50 pm

I have also had to change my profile more than once, but they still don't get it. I know what I am looking for and have reached the point of just ignoring those that don't fit my desires. It seems like they don't read, or think that I will change my mind, just because they are interested...I may seem picky and demanding, but damn, there are things that work for me and things that don't, and I am going to take the things that work TYVM

rm_kelli4u2dew 41F
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4/25/2006 10:40 pm

I ran through a spell earlier this year where some jerks were reporting me and getting my profile deleted because they didn't like it. That's stopped, but I had to change my profile completely.

BTW, posting a handle can get you kicked off for violating "terms of use". Might want to edit your post.

Ladyblue802 58F

4/26/2006 5:58 am

gee, for blogging about someone who harrasses me??? "I" am the one who can get booted?? jeeez, thats really fair, huh?? And in my old profile/handle..... i put a notice "If u harrass me or write unsolicated nasty mail to me, u will be reported AND named in my blogs!" Yet the site APPROVED THAT too.... ??? SOmething is rotten in Denmark!

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