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4/25/2006 1:10 pm

(originally posted 10/10/05)so here i sit waiting for my meds to kick in -- dental surgery exactly a week ago. Never mind i went thru the same thing in May and ended up with severe nerve damage in the whole right side of my face... courtesy of Herr Doktor (hear the heels clicking??) For 3 weeks I was literally taking everything and anything I could find and several Rx's given -- yet no one knew WHY i was in such pain. Tried telling a 2nd dentist the first almost ripped my jaw off the hinge, so i was sent home with another Rx. For three weeks I couldnt sleep, lived on liquids, ice cream and soup and prayed for death. I was suicidal at that point until one of my FF guys literally raced over to help me. A couple days later, it took my neurologist to Rx a migraine med that cut the pain & let me pass out for 12 hours. It still took several more weeks for all the rest to get back to normal.
THEN last Monday I had no choice but to have surgery on the left side. I had been putting off the work because of the last experience and get not one but two infections again. So here i thought, no problem, different dentist (HAA!)
I was suspicious when i told he before he started that my face wasn't numb any longer. With the first of the work on my lower jaw, I looked like a puppet with my arms and legs flying around, screaming. All he kept saying was, Youre just feeling pressure. I believe I screamed something like, "Fuck that -- it's the nerves!" So a quick injection, no waiting for it to work, and back he goes -- I am not religious at all, but I prayed to pass out. Then at least a few hunky firefighters might arrive, yeah and find me drooling and covered in blood..... Thank gawd I didnt feel the work on top that involved cutting and stitches.

For some reason, anytime I get those injections into my jaw-joint, it causes nerve damage, etc. So not only am I dealing with that again, altho not as bad as May, anytime I try to eat, inflames the problem.... plus the lower jaw still hurts to touch, never mind the top OR the swollen gums.

AND of course all this had to happen as I've been trying to make plans to do the naked tango with a local guy. Told the poor fella, never mind that I'm in constant discomfort, have a puffy face and look like I need a fix cuz never mind having dark circles under my eyes, they look purple! lol And definitely no oral for him while I have open wounds in my mouth. But what a gentleman, he has so kindly offered to help with my pain by forgoing a blow job and eating me until I am numb. I think I just might take him up on that offer this week.

I wonder if doctors will start writing Rx's as "Avoid meds -- apply man's lips to vagina" LOL

Anyhow.....I've spent time off and on today browsing WHO'S ONLINE.... and its a sorry state of affairs (no pun intended) when I have run thru all the available guys over the past year, and everyone I still see, well.... have either met them, chatted and dismissed or they pissed me off and got kicked to the curb.... oh yeah, along with the players that lied from the get go.
We need some FRESH MEAT!!!

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